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Democratic County Convention

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The Democratie County Convention, duly calledfor the nomination of candidatos for County officers and Senator, was held at the Court Honse, in this city, on Wednesday, the 7th inst. The convention was oulled to order at 1 1 o'clock A. M., by R. E. Frazer, Esq., chairman of the County Committee, and on motion, Chas. H. Richmond, of Ann Arbor, was appointed temporary Chairman, and Asa Blackney, of Sylvan, temporary Secretary. On motion of John Gilbert, of Ypsilanti, a Committee on Credentials, Permanent Organization, and Order of Business, was appointed by the Chair, after whieh the convention took a recesa until 112 o'clock p. M. AFTERNOON SESSION". The convention came to order at 1 1-2 P. M., when the Committee on Credentials and Organization reported the several towns and cities ropresented as follows : Ann Arbor City: First Ward-C. H Riehmond, J. J. Parshall, Prederick Rettich. ïd. Ward-Qeu. F. Lutz, P. McKernan, M. O'Rourk. Sd. Ward- Edward Duffy, Henry Paul, A. S. Polhemus. 4iA Ward - Richard Beahan, L. C. Risdon, Geo. Efner. 4th Ward- Wm. Porter, John F. Ortman. Glh Ward- 8. Proctor, C. Gillespie. Ann Arbor Toum - J. Warner, George Orcott, B. F. Cole. Augusta - Aaron Childs, Wm. H. Lowden, Charles Rogers, T. M. Buck. Bridgewater - H. M. Lazell, Geo. Lutz, M. McDougall, Wm. Hankee. Dexter- Wm. H. Arnold, Patrick Fleming, Byron Green. Freedom - Elias Haire, Fred Vogel, Thomas Flynn, John Shea. Lima - John S. Coy, Isaac Cooper, S. Parker. Lodi - James H. Clough, Wm. Humphrey, Philip Blum, James Sage. Lyndon - Orman Uiark, P. Watts, Thos. Young. Manchester - Munson Goodyear, Horatio Burch, J. D. Corey, Jas. S. Reynolds, B. G. English, J. C. Case. Northfleld- Thomaa Kearney, Nathan Sutton, Martin Ryan, Thomas Taylor. PitUfield - J. S. Henderson, Grove Saunders, F. E. Mills. Salem - P. C. Murray, Hiram Warner, J. H. Murray, D. D. Cook, Saline- Abram Davenport, E. W. Wallace, D. B. Sherwood, Wm. Jackson, Daniel Klem. Scio- P. Tuite, C. S. Gregory, H. E. Peters, R. P. Copeland, David Almandinger, P. Tuomy. Sharon - George R. Spaulding, J. R. Leinm, B. F. Wade. Superior - Lauren Sanford, E. M. Cole, Séneca Bagley, T. V. Quackenbush. Sylvan- Q. W. Turnbull, Asa Blackney, T. McKune, Jr., J. M. Congden, B. J. Billings, Jr. Wehtter-M.. Duffy, Philip Duffy, A. Alcott. York - Jesse Warner, Moses Kelsey, J. Doyle, Alfred Davenport, N. Waugh. Ypsilanti Town - Jas. Arnold, E. King, D. M. Uhl, John Starkweather. Ypsilanti City, lst Ward - Edgar Bogardus, Edwin Batwell. ld Ward- Walter F. Halleck, W. W. Granger. 3d Ward- D. L. Quirk, E. F. Uhl, N. K. Towner. ith Ward- George Wandless, D. O. Kelly. óth Ward- Philo Ferrier, R. Kopp, J. M. Forsytt, John Gilbert. Which report was accepted and adopted. Also the following permanent oflioers : President - C. H. Richmond. Secretary- Asa Blackney. Report adopted. v Also recommended that in nominating candidates, the convention begin at the foot of the ticket and work up, assigning as a reason that when the most important candidates are first nominated it has been found impossible to keep a convention together until the ticket is completed. The recommendatjon was adopted. The President thon appointed Messrs. J. D. Corey and E. F. Uhl as Tellers, to assist the Secretary, and the convention proceeded to ballot for candidates, with the following result : For Circuit Court Commissioners, one ballot was had, resulting : For J. Willard Babbitt, 63 " John N. Oott, 30 " P. McKernan, 4 " Richard Beahan, 23 " E. W. Morgan, 12 " E. B. Norria, 2 The name of Mr. Beahan being withdrawn, Messrs. Babbitt and Gott were, on motion, deolared unanimously nominated. Next came Prosecuting Attorney, two ballots being taken with the following result : lst. 2d. For Robert E. Frazer, 55 54 " A. E. Hewitt, 47 49 On motion, Robert E. Frazer was declared unanimously nominated. For Register of Deeds two ballots were had, as follows : lst. 2d. For Charles H. Manly, 6(i 47 " Charles S. Woodurd, 39 60 On motion, Charles S. Woodard, of Yplanti, was declared uuanimously nominated. It is but proper to say that this change of base was caused by a very effective speech by E. F. Uhl, Esq., in favor of Yp_ silanti'8 claims to the office of Register and iu favor of Mr. Woodard. For Treasurer, but one candidate being named, no ballot was taken. William Hanke, of Bridgewater, was nominated by acclamation. Three ballots were had for Clerk, resulting : lst. 2d. 3d. For E. B. Pond, 44 50 43 " Peter Tuite, 38 46 54 " Frank Joslin, 8 6 5 " Fleming, 1 Peter Tuite, of Dexter, was deelared unanimously nominated. Ono ballot sufficed to nomínate a candidate for Sheriff, as follows : For Michael Fleming, 83 " F. Whiting, 17 " James Arnold, i " James M. Forsyth, 2 Michael Fleming, of Chelsea, was unanimously declared nominated. Jeremiah D. Cerey, of Manchester, no other oandidate being presented, was nominated for Senator by acolamation. Dr. John Kapp, of this city, and Dr. C. F. Ashley, of Ypsilanti, were nominated for Coroners. No nomination was made for Surveyor. ■ On motion, the President appointed the : following County Committee, two from each Representativa District : E. B. Pond Jas. M. Forsyth, Patrick Tuomy, Win. Beuerle, Myron "Webb, Horatio Burch ; and on further motion, Chas. H. Richmond was eleoted Chairman of the Comuiittee. The couvention was then briefly addrossed by Hon. J. J. Eobison, Congressional oandidate, who planted himself squarely on the State platform, and espeoially against proteotion and for hard raoney. He also commended the candidatos nominated, as well as sorae of the defeated ones, and promised to " write a good speech" and come and deliver it if üis í'rieuds insisted on it. Eobert E. Frazer also Hiade a happy speech, after which the convention adjourned. - Four tickets are running in New York : Democratie, Eepublican, Prohibition, and Temperance. T.N Hls recent address to the farmers of Nebraska, Prof. Ferry, of Williams College, Mass., denounced " paper money " and " tariff taxes," na the two principal "foes of' the farmer," and after making good proof that his defiaitioa was correct, he said of and to the farmers: " If they come to see eye o oye, as pray God they may, that a labor-wrought dollar, and uot a printing press dollar, is the ouly dollar fit to bo exchanged against their o wn labor-wrought produce, then they can confer upon themselves and the wbole country the inestimable boon of labor wrought dollars," or gold and silver coin in lieu of greenbacks, which the speaker had previously branded as more destructiva to the farmers' interests than grassb oppers. Again, aftor showing how tariffs chcapen everything produced by the farmor, and make everything he buys dearer : ' If thoy come to see as please God they will, that what is called 'protection' is only another name for spoliation, that what is called 'fostoring' indirectly only inakes iudustry flounder ; that tariffs take but never give ; that the world's market, whether to sell in or buy in is always bettor than the market of a single country ; that natural competition is the life of business and of progress ; that restrictive tariffs keep home things in that want to go out, as well as foreign things out that want tocóme in ; that exportables are depressed in value in propor. tion as importables are artificially enhancedin value; and that God Almighty knowg better how to adjust all obstacles to international trafiles than any Congress that ever sat or ever will sit; then they can easily abolish this antiquated scheme of greed and grab, and open up for themselves and for all their fellow citizens both to sell in and to buy in, the unrestrioted markets of the world.'" To do this the farmers must vote against all candidates of that party which fathers and maintains an inflated paper currency, and against all candidates of the party of protection. The presiding officer of the Democratie Convention, on Wednesday, having in mind the little speech made the day bofore by Mr. Campbell, the Republican candidate for Senator, made a palpable hit. That is, he advised the convention, in nominating a candidate for Senator, " to select a man who could endure the odor of tobáceo and the fumes of whisky, for if elected he would be compelled to come in contact with both at Lansing." Mr. Richmoxd evidently expected that Gov. Bagley would be at the Ctpitol, (he has a retiring message to deliver), perfumed with his favorite "May-flower ;" that Zack Chandler would also be there, with a breath not always sweet as the odor of the new-mown hay from his " mash farm ;" and that other Itepublican politicians whotn our Senator might be obliged to associate with, would render over-sensitive lungs or stomach an "inconvanience." The Democr ats and the " Reformers" of the First Congressional District (Wayne County) have united in nominating Gen. Alpheus S. "Williams for Congress. The reputation, ability, and services of Gen. Williams ought to make his election certain. It will reflect disgiace upon the electora of the First district if they permit Gen. Williams to be defeated by Field. In the Third District, Hon, Fidus Livermore, of Jackson, has been nominated by the Democrats and Reformers, and has accepted the nomination. Mr. LivERMORE is an able man and a good stumper, and if he gets after Mr. Willard he will make the fur fly. He has a hard district to run in, however. Acting Gov. Talbot, of Massachusetts, was nominated for Governor, by the Republican Convention held at Worcester, on Wednesday, receiving Tüü of the 1,042 votes. Horatio G. Knight was uominated.


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