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The Earthquake At Antigua

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Panama, Bept. 26.- A eorrestondent of the Star and Ileruld, writing fiom Antigua, Guatemala, under the date of the 4th inst., gives an account of the earthquake there the previous evening. On the 3d of September at 8.30 p. m., without previous warning, a strong earthquake shook the ground violently in a direction from west to east. A wave-like undulation on the surface rose and feil at least a foot. The first strong shook lasted from 25 to .'Í0 secouds, when the content8 of a large water-tank in the eourt yard of the hotel were thrown out. Wild 8oreeche3 snd soreams continuad even after the early terror had somewhat subdued, and long after there was the noise of walls falling, more or Ibss distant, mingled with sounds of hundreds of voices'chanting a hymn for mercy. Many shocks followed duriug the night, every one of which gave rise to uew alarms and new implorations. It was intensely dark during the continuance of the shocks. An inspection iu the morning showed that about two dozen inhabited houses were destroyed, causing the loss of 32 lives. The number of houses dainaged, and which will have to be taken down, is considerable. Many of the old ruins of 1773 have suffered seriously. During the confusión incidental to the earthquake several men appeared with long knives for the purpose of stealing and murdering, but the political chief of Antigua soon repressed them. All the squares and open places are covered with tents for shelter, and even carriages and carts serve as teinporary abodes. It will take some time before the people of Antigua recover serenity of mind enough to go to sleep in their tottering houses. In Guatemala, the capitol, slight shocks were feit. Three Indian villages at the foot of the volcano Del Fuego have been destroyed.


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