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Caeds. - Circulare. _ Bill-Hoads. _- Ietter-Heads. - Shipping Tags. - Printed at the AEOU8 office. - In the best style and chkap. Don't order elsewhere before calling. - The Circuit Court adjourned sine die on Saturday. - The Regenta of the University meet tomorrow evening. _. The freshmen waxed the sophomores in a game of base ball on Saturday last. _ J. A. Stewart has been elected President oí the Alpha Nu Society, vice Dillman Bullock, deceased. - H. C. Ford, of the Senior clags, has been elected President of the Studente' Lecture Association, vice Campbell deceased. - The new Chronicle editors propose to glove the ' slang-whangers claw'"in future enticisms of the faculty, etc. Good. - Hon. John J. Robison has been appoiuted Xrefisurer of the Michigan State Graoge, vice, p, B. Huil, ot Kalamazoo county, deceased. The Homeopathy mandamus case, pending in the Supreme Court uow in sesaion at Lansing, was the second case on cali yesterday. The first number of the Chronicle for the curreut University year is out, and its contents proniise an iraprovement in the tone of the paper. -Hon. Wm. P. Wells, the new Law professor, gara his firat lecture on Wednesday. Subject : Corporations. He made a favorable impression. - Prof. Tyler preached in the Congregational Church last Sunday, mom ing and evening, to largo congregatious, and to the evident satiafaction of hia hearers. - Geo. W. Hays, of the Farmers' Store, is again on hand with a large stock of goods, and just such goois as he knows how to select. See his ad. in another column. -The new Germán Lutheran Church," located on the farm of Mr. Groves, in Northfield, isto be dedicated on Sunday next, the llth nst, at 10 o'clock A. M. - Mr. J. W. Maynard returned from New York yesterday after and absence of two weeks. He reports goods very cheap, many prices being as low as before the war. -The annual aession of the Board of Super_ visors will commence on Monday next. AU parties having claims against the county should present them at an early day in the seasion. - Our attention has been called to an error in last week's Aeous. Instead of saying that the verdict in the case of Mrs. Fisher against Herz was " no cause of action," we should have said "the jury disagreed." -The Rev. G. D. Gillespie, Rector of St. Andrew's Church (Episcopal), will be absent during the month of üctober, as a Deputy to the General Convention. The Rev. M. M Dillon will supply the Church. - On Wednesday evening the ladies of the 11. E. Church of the city, preaented a handsome silver tea set to Mra. M. A. Blanchard, who is changinghei long-time residence from'this city to Los Angelos, California. A complimentary " aend off." - The northern lights played all sorts Of brilhant and fantastic tricks on Saturday evening last, flashing scintillating, waving, now in forks, next in broad belts, then in fieecy clouds. Neither pen nor pencil could do the celestial display justice. - A little bit of a mistake was made in an Abgus " brevity " last week. Instead of stating the State tax apportioned to this county in 1873 at $153,679 62, we should have said $53,679 62. But then what's a hundred thousand dollars, more or less, in these days of heavy taxes. - The first annual anniversary of the Young People's Association, of the First Presbyterian Church, will be held on Sunday evening, Oct 11. An address will be delivered by the B.ev Prof. Daniel Schindler, of Adrián College. A general invitation to attend is extended. - The jury in the Hill and Chapin vs. Hooper case, reported " out" in last week's Aeots, finally disagreed. The trial of Van Sycles, for forgery, reported in progresa, resulted in a verdict of " not guüty ." The discharged prisoner was immediately taken to Howell, to stand trial on a similar charge. - Macevoy's New Hibernicon, an Irish Comedy Company, is advertised to appear at the Opera House on Monday evening next, for one night only. The members of this company are favorities in their line, and wherever they appear are sure to gather in large audiences and provoke side-splitting laughter. - Considering that the stray colored man irom Ohio is the only political speaker who preceded the Rev. Zachariah on an Ann Arbor platform, the following compliment, bestowed by the Ann Arbor correspondent of the Detroit Tribune, is somewhat ambiguous : " Senator Chandler delivered the best speech of the faU eampaign on Saturday evening." - At the close of the Steward's books, Wednesday afternoon (the 7th inst.), the number of. students registered in the Law Department, was 260 ; at same date last year, 2o2. Number in Medical Department, 332 ; at same date last year, 267. A respectable increase. In the Literary Department the numbers are about the same. - The Detroit Tribune makes mention of the ] laet that Rev. S. W. Duffield, of this city, wil ■ nake a few lecture engagements at points not too tar distant, his subjects being, "Martin uther, the Laughing Reformer ;" " ïom Hood, Poet and Punster ; and " Bare Ben. Johnson nd Hia Friends." Mr. Duffield will average better than the stock lecturer who draws his crowd of cunosity-seekers. - By order of the Common Council a jury was called out by Justiee Clark on Monday lust, to assess the damages for land taken for the continuation of Weststreet to the city line, a distauce of 56 rods. West Btreet runs west from apoint just north of the toll gate. The damages were appraised at $300. We believe that the opening of this street Iets the Shooting Park Association out of the woods, and also that pri" 'ate parties pay the assessed damages. -The Pioneer Associati on held a meeting on Wednesday, in Firemen's Hall. S. I. Noble presented a paper on the Early Settlement of Ktsfield, prepared by E. W. Whitmore, former'y of that town ; and C. A. Chapín read some letters written in 1824 to the late Wm. S. Maynari, by his fat her, Deacon Ezra Maynard, presented to the society by Mrs. Julia Wilson. The next meeting of the society is to be held at Ypsilanti on the first Monday of December. -The Senior class of the Law Department of the Uuiversity held a meeting on Tuesday the 6th inst., and elected the following officera William R. Taggart, Wooster, O., President1 Benj. W. Child, Grand Rapids, lst Vice-Presi' dent; Miss Ellen A. Martin, Jamestown, N. Y., M Vice President ; Geo. E. Putnam, Fitchburg, Mass., Treasurer; Miss Mary F. Perry, Coldwater, Recording Secretary; Zera Snow, Salt. L&ke City, Utah, Corresponding Secretary. We invite attention to the advertisement of Hale & Tremain, druggists, successors to R. W. Ellis & Co., of the People's Drug Store, corner f Main and Hurón streets. Mr. Hale (who was sociated wirh with Mr Ellis during the last six months of the old firm), is a gradúate of the Pharmaceutical Department of the University, ni also of the Medical It is therefore, safe to say that he is a thoroughly competent druggist, and we are also pleased to introduce both Mr. Hale and Mr. Tremain to the Abgcb readers as gentlemen worthy of their patronage. The Rev. Samuel W. Duffield has lately prepared a lecture on " Beu Jonson," which he will deliver in the Presbyterian Church, Friday evening next, Oct. 16. Those who are familiar with Mr. Duffield's literary taste and ubility, and especially those who have heard his lec tures on "Luther" and "TomHood," will be prepared for a pleasant and profitable evening's entertainment. The lecture will be given for the benefit of the Young People's Association of the I'resbyterian Churoh. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw County Mutual Fire Insurance Company was held on Saturday last, and was largely attended. The Secretary's report made the following ejchibit: Number of members, 2,204 Total number ot policios, 2.084 Number of policies canceled during year, 248 Number of polioies added during Íear, 157 amount of property at risk, 86,191,232 00 Decrease during the year, 128,153 00 Total losses paid, 18,789 30 Total amount received during year, 21,219 40 Total expenditurea during year, 21,066 72 The following officera were elected: President, B. W. Waite, of Scio ; Vice-President, L. S. Wood, of Lodi ; Socretary, Newton Sheldon, of Ann Arbor ; Direstor, H. M. Mowry, of Ann Arbor Town ; Auditor, John M. Chase, of Ann Arbor Town. To save the wear and tear of steel pen and the expenditure of mk, we appropriate the fol'owing from yesterday's Detroit Tribune' Ann Arbor items : A number of the trustees of the estáte of John S. Hopkins, of Baltimore, Md-, estimated to be worth over $6,000,000, arrived in town on Tuesday, the 6th inst. Reverdy Johnson, Jr., and Judge G. W. Brown, of the Baltimore Superior Court, are the leading members of the committee. It appears that Mr. Hopkins willed that his entire property should be devoted to the founding and establishment of three institutions, as follows : The John Hopkius University, the John Hopkins Hospital and the John Hopkins Home for Colored Orphans. Three millions are given to the university alone. The trustees appointed by Mr. Hopkins have been and are still busily engaged in collecting all facts relative to the practical workiugs of universities. President Angelí, President Elliot, of Harvard, and other college presidenta have, on their invitation, visited Baltimore for the purpose of impartmg their knowledge gained from their own observation and experience. The trustrees are now on a tour of inspection. They have visited Harvard, Yale and Cornell. TJnder the escort of Dr. Angelí they made a complete examination of all the different departments, and expressed themselves as greatly pleased with the workings of this institution. The trustees left for home on üctober 7th.


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