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The opopsition candidatos for Congress in this State should be elected because as a general thing they are abler and better men than their Bepublican competitors, and because they are in favor of the adoption of sound principies in the administration of the affairs of the government. We have no disposition to disparage any of the Eepublican candidates for Congress, or to do any of them injustice ; yet it must be conceded that the delegation has some very weak material, and that its best is nothing to boast of. The candidates of the opposition are sound on the live issues of the day, and would have no hesitation as Congressmen in putting the knife into exereseences which the Forty-third Congress had too much pnrtisanship, too little honesty, or too little manUness to lop off. - A Democratie House in the Fortyfourth Congress would feel no compunctions at proposing to wipe out the fearful brood of sinecurists who are eating out the substance of the peeple, and could and would drive the Eepublican Senate into acquiescence in reforms and retrenchment which the Republican party would never of itself instituto. A Democratie House would mean, at least, that millions would be saved annually to the people which are now thrown to party hacks ; that the navy yards would be used for other and better purposes than that of lying comparatively idle the greater part of the year and giving employment to an astonishingly large number of Eepublican voters just about election time ; that there would be no Parson Newmaus traveling around the world, with their families, at government expense ; that the landaulets of cabinet officials would have to be purchased out of their own pockets, and not at government expense ; in short, that abuse after abuse would be summarily extinguished, and that the era of jobbery and extravagance which has so long held sway would give place to one of honesty and economy. It is certainly highly desirable to bring about such grand , results as these. The people of Michigan can do their share toward ing them about by electing the Democratie Congressional candidatos in the various diatricta. We would impresa it specially upon them that if they want an economical government they must elect men to Congreas who possesa the old-fashioned notions of economy, and whobelieve not in " republican courta" and pageantry, but in plainnesa and


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