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Ank Akbob, Thcbsday, Oct. 8, 1874. Apples.- 25@30c. Botter- 32o. Cobn- 60@75c. perbu. Chiokens - Dressed 12c Eqgs- Command 20o Hat - $10@15 per ton, according to quality. Honby - In cap, 25c. Lard- The market atañas at 18c. ÜNI0N8 - $1.00. Oats- 40@4óc. PoTATOES- $90@6JC. Peaches- 50c. per basket. Tübnips- 30c. Wheat- White, $95@1.05; Amber $.S5@1.00 TüRKEYS- 13C. , Tomatoes - 25c. per buDetrolt ProduceMarket. Latest quotationa for leading articles of country produce- Oct. 8, are as followa : Wheat- white, $1.08$1.12 ; amber 1.00 @1 .09 Babley- $1.5ü@2.20 per cental. Rye- 65@75c. per bu. Cobn- 81@85c. Oats- 48@60c. Potatoes- 50055c. Hay- 13@$19. Butteb- 2530c. EGGB- 13@14c. Labd- 11@15c. Hokey- 18@22c. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. Michioan Centeal Yabds, ) Monday, Oct. 5. $ The total receipts for the last two weeks were as f ollows ; For the week ending Oct. 5. Sept. 28. Through State. ïhro. State. Horses 15 Cattle 1,932 1,327 2,241 495 Hogs 13,599 1,983 12,160 1,400 Sheep 1 car. 29 cars. 38 cars. The activity of the market, which has given operators such a field of operations tor the past few weeks, continued throughout the last seven days. It did not, however, prove so remunerativo to all concerned as the past markets. Cattle were the exception in this regard, being in good demand, with prices more compensating and firmer for Becond choice beef. Drovers found no difficulty in selling under a wholesome competition, resulting from a home and Eastern demand. Qualities were very good this week. Hogs declined from 50 to 75 cents per cwt. Operators, however, appreciated the situation, and lots were rapidly closed out. A few State lots were very choice, but as before stated, realized only $( 25, being 50c off as compared with last week 's market. There is an apprehension that prices will keep down until the packing season has fairly set in, when they will be more firmly established. Shoep had a good run, but prices also were somewhat shaded. Some very choice State lots were secured by Eastern agents. At present prices it would seem a small risk to venture in operationB. Choice lots are always in demaud at fair prices, more so than farther East. Kino's Cattle Yaeds, ) Detroit, Monday evening, Oct. ó. $ The market was rather slow to-day and last week's prices were generally shadcd. It was claimed that l-4c off was freely offered and $3 a heid from prices of two weeks ago. The greater portion of the stock was inferior, yet some good lote were offered. We quote : CATTLE. dioico beeves, shipping steers and heilers, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 Ibs U 0üa4 75 Good butchers' steers and heifers, averaging 1,000 to 1,100 Ibs. 3 00o3 80 Working oxen, well fatted, averaging 1,000 to 1,600 Ibs. . . 3 50a4 00 Cows, common to choice . . . 3 25a4 00 ötockers' and packers' medium steera and heifers, iu decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 Ibs. . . 2 50a3 50 HOOS. There were several small lots and a few larger lots chauged hands at $5 75. The market was quiet and lower. SHEEl'. The market was well supplied and prices were easier. The following sales were noted : 97, weighing 75 Ibs, at f3 25 ; 145 lambs and sheep, weighing about 70 Ibs. each at Y2 75 a head.


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