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Private Property--no Interference

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Not long ago an officer of the London School Board was Crossing Covent Gardpn at a late hour, when he found a little fellow making his bed for the iiight in a fruit basket. " Would you not like to go to school and be well cared for ?" asked the ofiioial. " No," replied the urchin. "But do you know that lam one of the people who aro authorized to take up little boys whorn I find as I find you, and take them to school ?" " I know you are old chap, if you find them in the street, but this hero is not a street. It is my private property, and if you interferes with my liberty the Duke of Bedford will be down upon you. I know the hact as well as you do." The Channel Tunnel between England and France will bo 22 miles in length, and be in gray chalk. Brunton's machine, which it is proposed to use in driving it, has driven a tunnel, 7 feet in diameter, at the rate of one yard yer hour ; but, allowing for accidents, it is estimated that two years and a half would drive a sniall heading under the channel. The cost of this is estimated at L1,000,000. The main tunnel will have a grade of 1 in 80 down to the junction with the driftways, and then a gradiƫnt of 1 in 2,640 to the center of the straights ; and the sub-driftway will rise to the centre, so as to drain tho inain tunnel. The pumping shafts on each side (to level of lower driftway) will be 450 feet below high water. The main tunnel will commence 200 feet above thia.


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