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A Gipsy Divorce

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A camp of gipsies is near Washington, and a liepublican reporter has visited il and talked with Gitana, a gipsy maiden We quote : " We suppose you are human beings and have to get divorced P" " Sometiines ; but it's a dreadful thing with us to get divoroed ! It causes griei and mourning, and blood has to be shed.' " Well, pray teil us how you get divorced." "I know I arn talking too niuch," and Gitana trembled as she spoke, but a hall dozen bright silver quarters thrown inte her lap seemed to give her assurance : " ] know I am talking too much, 111 tel] you. It is this way. When a man and his wife are to be separated it is done by the sacrifice of a horso. " One is picked out which is entirely sound and freo from a bruiso or even a scratch, and he is led out to the place and exactly at 12 o'clock. The men cast lots for the one who shall kill the horse, and for this occasion he is the priest. The priest takcs a long pole in his band and walks around the norso several times, and in a loud voioe praises his good qualities and names all the persons who have owned it. " The horse is then led to the tent of the woman who is to be divorced. If he kicks around and jumps about the woman has been very bad ; if he keeps quiet she has not been so bad. The priest then takes a large knife, and stabs the horse to the heart, and then it is stretched out on the ground, the husband takes his place on one sido of it and the wife on the other. They join hands across the horse and repeat some sentences in the gipsy language. They then walk three times around the horse opposito directions. " The last time, when at the head of the horse, they face each other and spoak and do the same thing at the tail. They again shake hands and separate one going North and the other South. She nevor rnarries again and has to wear a mourning veil, and big shoes on her feot. The heart of the horse is then taken out, roasted, sprinkled with brandy, and eaten by the husband and his friends. The tiorse is then buried on the spot. The tiusband can marry again." The Nevada Democratie State Convención at Carson adopted a platform oppos ng massed capital, subsidies and third ;erm, conderuning the back saltiry-grab, opposing Chinese hninigration, favoring a law for regulating fares and freight, endorsing the eight-hour law, arraigning he admininistration for abuse of power, and condenining acts of violence recenty perpetrated in the South.


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