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TIEE INSURANCE. FRAZEB, HARRIMAN & HAMILTON'S OFFICE OVER SAVINGS BANK, Ann Arbor, Michigan. We can now oarrr fulllines in SAFE and TEUSTWOBTH Y Companies, and our ratee are reasonable. We ure now carrying tbe best business risks in the city. We invite the Public to examine our Registers and judge for themselves of the kind of business we are doing. We make a specialty of Dweiling House Insurance, and can grve low ratos, and good indemnity We represent the following well-known CompanieB: Í.1&CS IA V The Westchester, - Organized 1837, Assets, $655,000.00, Jan. lt 187-1. The AUemannla, of Piltsburgh, Pa. AasetB $472,000.00, Jan. lst 1&74. The Lancaster, ol Lancaster. Pa. Orgunized 18S8. Assets $337,000.00, Jan. lst 1874. The Michigan State, of Adrián, Organized 1859, Assets $304,000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The National Flre Ins. Co. ofl'hil. Assets $567,000.00, Jan. lot, 1874. lViin Fire Ins. Co., of Philadelphia, Assets $418,020.28, Jan. Ut, 1874. The Watertown Flre Insurance Conipany, of Watertown, N. Y. Assets $566,000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The Watertown was organized in Dec, 1867, since which time its premium receipts and losses have been as f ollows to wit : Premium Receipts, Losses. Jan. 1, 1868, month - -$1,204 28 " 1869 - - - 29,833 49 $1,866 00 " 1870 - - - - 45,642 69 5,297 42 ■ 1871 ... - 66,506 16 13,314 61 " 1872 ..-- 141,417 03 21,016 97 ■ 1873 . - - 214,985 19 63,169 65 .. 1874 .... 352,228 01 105,296 04 Cash premiums reeeived in 6 years - $740,695 89 Losses in 6 years - 220,946 39 Actual losses less than 30 per cent of premium receipts. Excess of premiuum receipte over losses $519,649 50 INCUBASE OF AHbHTS. Jan. 1, 1868, assets witb $100,000 capital.. $101,354 31 Uo. 1869, do 122,684 66 1)0. 1870, do. - - - 148,431 47 Do. 1871, do. - - - - 168,893 98 Do. 187:2, do. - - - 338,603 13 Do. 18TS do. - - - - 441,500 54 Do. 1874. do. - - - 656,849 54 This shows a steady average gain in aaeets of over $75,000 each year. Official statement of groBS assets and liabilities Jan. 1,1874. to wit : (Jross ofiioially admitted assets - - $656,849 90 Omcially calculated Hubilities, including reinsurancefuud - - 217,104 61 Suiplus asto policy holders - - $340,745 29 If this record is evidence of bad management, safety and proflt to policy and stockholders would wish that other companies had a little of it. The policy and practice of this company have been steadily to increase its financinl solidity, by which justly to command the oonfldence of the public. To this end all surplus premium receipts have been retnined, allowing the stockholders only legal interest on the assets. The interest on iis invested funda pays all dividends, leaving all surplus premiums for the additional security of the policy-holders. All we ask is that the people shall investígate for themselves, and we do not fear the result. FIUZER, HAURIMAJi & HAMILTOS, Office over tbe si íuiík Bank, 1476m6 Ann Arbor, Mich. Cpecial INotice! FOR THE NEXT BO DAYS - THE - AJSnSJ" AEBOE TRADING Will sell their Spring and Summer stook OF DRY GO O DS, DRESS GOODS, CARPETING, At New York cost, FOR CASH ONLY. 500 nicely trimmed 16 bone Corsets at 50 cents, worth $1.00. 100 pieces Prints at 10 ets. per yard. 100 pieces Border Prints at 10 ets per yard. 50 pieces, yard wide. Bleached Muslins, fine and soft finish, at 12 ets per yard. Together with a very largo Stock of other Goods which will be sold. very cheap FOB CASH ONLY PP AND 8111 PRICB8. July 1, 1874. G. W. HAYS, Supt. ■ 000 Bushels of Wheat Wanted. I offer for Sale or Exclmnge ior farm produce, my house, containing 7 roointi. buttery and closetH, woodshed with wtjll and cistem in it, a good barn nd all necessary out buildings. Also two aerea ol and, a good bearing orehai d and garden well fruitd. PoseesHÍon giren immediutely, For particulari pply to E. STII-,raO, 28 Eaat Huron 8t., Ann Arbor. l496ml Is o Persoji enn talie Míese Bitters ftccording to curectíoñs, and remain long nnwell, provided their bonos are not destroyed by mineral poison orother means, and vital orpans wnsted beyond repair. Grateful Tiionsiiinis prockiaa Votgak Bitteks the most wondernil Invigorant thflt ever sustained the sinking systera. Bilions, Iïomilf'üt, and IiitPr111 Í1 tent ïWfTS, whioh un: so prfvalent in the valloTR of our great rivera thronghont the United States, especinlly tl'.ote oí the Mississipm, Oliio, Mjssouri, lilmoin, Tennessec, Cuml; 'Lm.!, Arkfinsas, Red, Colorado, ÍSrazoí., 11!, (runde, Peail, Al;ibninn, Mobile, Brivnn&ali, Roonoke, Ju íes, and raany others, with thcir vast tributarios, throughout ourentiro country during tlio Slimmer and, and reni'irkably so drtring BeaBonS óf nnusual ]ie:i(. and dryness, are iivy p-iably n companied by extetisiíe íératígBmflnfs bf fclie stoináeU and liver, nd ot her abdonjinal iao&si. Iii their treatment, a purgativo, éxèïting a powerful influence upon these v:rioa ; organs, .b essentially uecessary. There i i no cathartic for the ]ui7)ose equnl to D R. J. aíkeb's Vineoab Bitters, RS tuey wiii f.peedily remove the dark-dolcred riücid inatteï v.ith which the Kowels are Ioaded, ai the Bamo time stimulaiing the secretions of the liver, and genemlly rootorlng the hoaltUj functions of the digestiva organs. D.VSpe])slil 01 IlldigCsUoil, Hond aohe,Pain in thefjhoiilders,Oo;ighs,Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Buur Ernctations ,of the Stouiacij, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Uilioua Atiuvjiis, Palpitatios of the Hcart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the región of tlie Kidneys, aud a hundred other painful sytaptoms, ure the offsprings of Dyspepsia. ():ie bottle will prove a bettor guárante of its nierits than a lengthy advertisement. Scrofula, or King's Evil, White Swellings, Ulcers, ErysipeLis, Swelled Neck, üoitre, Scroiulous Inllammations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial xVffections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyos, etc., et#. In these, as in all other constitutional Diaeaaes, Walkee's Vinegab Bittees havu shown their great carative poweivs in tho most obstinate and intractable cases. For htllttiuniatory and Chronic Kheiinintisill, Gout, Bilious, Eemittent and Intermittent I'evtfrs, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidueys, and Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Sneu Diseases are caused by Vitiated Blood. Mecliailical IMsoases.- Persons engaged in Puints and Minerals, such as Plumbers. iType-settera, Oold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance in lile, are subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To ernard against, take a dose of Uauusü's Vinegak BlTTKEa occasionally. F()l' Skill Diseases, Eruptions.Tetter, Salt Bheum, Blofches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, BoJs, Carbunciea, Ringworms, Scald Head, Soi-o Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Diecolorations of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of whutever uuiiio yc nature, are literally tlng up and carried out of the Bystem in a short time by the use of these Biiters. Piu. Tape, and otber Woiins, lurking in the system of so many thousands, are effectually destroyed and removed. No system of medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelniiuitics, wil] fi'ee the system froni worms like these Bitters. For Female Coinplaints, young or old, married or single, at the dawn of womanhood or the turn of life, these ïonic Bitters display so decided an influence that ünprovement is soon perceptible. JiUllldiCf'. - In all cases of jaundice, rest assured that your liver is not doing its work. The only sensible treatment is to promote the secretiou of the bile and favor its removal. For this purpose use VlNJSGAIi BlTIEBS. Cleanse tlie Vitiated Blood -wheHever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul ; your feelings will teli you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. lL. H. -Vli-DON A I-I) tí CO., Druggists aud General Agents. Sau Francisco, Califor nía, auü cor. WaBUinfftüu aud Charlton Sta., New York. Solil br all rnïïims iiiid Ieulem. CLOTKING! CLOTHING ! CLOTHING! The Spring Cnmpuign OPEID RIS?. BULL, THE CLOTIIIER, Has just arrived and opened the great One-Prioe ST.A_:R, CLOTHING HOUSE. IN MARTIN 'S BLOCK. Where you can now finrl the Laigest, Finest and most Complete Htock of RBADY-MADB GL0THIN6 HATS, CAPS, TRUJÍKS, AXI) Gents' Furnishing troods, Every before offered in A n Atibor. Notrouble to snow Ooods at the Star lolliinjj House, No. 33 tíouth Main St.. Eust side, An3 Arbor, Mich. GEORGE BULL. 1478tf TAM.ES McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Office in new block, North of Oourt House Money collected and promptly paid over. INSURANCE -A.GKNT. Triumph, assets, $77.0O3.11 North Mi8S"uri, " 45,417. Hl Hibernie, " 3SO,oou.oO BKAL KSTATK. I have 80 acres u f land 'í o I' a mlle trom the city mits, flnely Iocatcd for fruit or pardon purposee. Also 40 acres. Also 10 acros, with hmise and barn.and a livel tream of waterrunningtlirough the barn yard. 60 acres, a mlle out I wil] sell any or all the above cheap, or exchangr orcitproperty. 1 T4 JAMES McMAHON. ' IVE ÖEESE FEATHjükS PIRBTQTTALITY Cnïntly on hand andforsaleby B ACE fr ABEL. -A. JE3 PLET O 3ST 'S American Cyclopaedia. New Revlsed Edltion. Enürely rewritten by the ablest writers on every Bubject. l'rinted f rom new type, aud illustrated witb. Several Tuonsand Engravinge aud Mapa. Tiik work originally published nnder the tille of The New American Cycxopücdia was completed ni 1868, fiíice whicli timo the wille circulntiou which it lias aKaiüed m al] parts of the United S tu tes, and the signal devolopinents whieh have takon plttce 111 every Iniinth of eienee, literatuie, and art, have mduced the editora aud publiehers to subiuit it to au exact and thorouf;h revisión, aud to istsue a new editiou entitled The Ameiucas CycloI'íedia. withm the laat ten veara tha progresa of discovery iu every depaitment of knowledge haa made a new work of refereiiee un imperativo want. 'l'he moyuraent of poliücal aifair has kept pace with the disooveries of seience, and their fruitful application to the industrial and unet'ul arts and the convenience aud reiinemetit of social lite. Great wars and consequent revolutions have occurred, involYing national chancos of peculiar moment. The civil war of our own eouuti y, which was al its height v. hen the laéfr volume ot the oldwoik ftppeared,has happily been ended, and :i new course of commercial and industrial itctivity liatí been commenced. Largc accesaioii lo our géographioal knowledge have been made by the inflelatignble oxplorers of A fries. The great political rovolutions of the last decade, with the natural result of the lapse of time, have brought into public view a multitude of new men, whose names are in every one's mouth, und of whose lives every one is curious to know the particulars. iic;tt battlea have been foupht and important sienes niíiintained, of which thedetails are as yot preserved only in the newspapers or in the trausient publications of the day, but which ought now to take their place in permanent and autlmntichistory. In preparing the presest edition for tlie prees, it has aooordingly been the aim of the editws to bring down the information to the latest possible dates, and to fu'-nish au accurato account ot the most recent discoveries in science, of everv fresh production in literature, and of the newest inveutions in the practical arts, as well as to give a succinct and original record of the progress of political and historical events. The work has been begun after long and careful prehminary labor, and with the most ampie resouroeB tor carrying it on to a Buccessful termination. None of the original stereotype platea have been used, but every page has been printed on new tjpe, forming in fact a new Cyclopsedia, with the same plan and compasa as its predecessor, but with a far greater pecuniary e.tpenditure, and with such improvements in its compoaition íih have been suggested by longer experience and enlarged knowledce. Tlie illustrations which are introduced tor the flrst time in the present edition have been added not for the sake of pictorial effect, but to give greater lucidity and force to the explanations in the text. Thoy embrace all branches of science and natura] hi&tory, and depict the most famous and remarkable features of ecenery, architecture, and art, as well as the various proceaseu of mechanica and manufactures. Although intended for instruction rather than embellishment, no pains havo been spared to insure their artistic excellence; the cost of their execution is enormous, and it is believed they will flnd a welcome reception as an admirable feature of the Cyolopwdia, and worthy of ita high charaoter. TLia work is sold to Subacribers only, payable on delivery of each volume. It will be eompleted in sixteen large octavo volumes, each containing about 800 pages, fully illustrated with aeveral thousand Wood Engravings, and with numerou&coloredLithographic Maps. Prlce and Style of Binding. In extra Cloth, per vol. $S 00 In Library Leather, per vol. 6 00 In Half Turkey Morocco, per vol. 7 00 In Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol. 8 00 In Full Morocco, antique, gilt edges, per vol. 10 00 In Full Russia, per vol. 10 00 Four volumes now ready. Suceeeding volumes, until completion, will be issued once in two months. „Specimen pages of the American Cyclopíedia, showing type, illustrations, etc., will be sent gratis, on application. Pirst-Clars Canvabsing Agents Wanted. Address the Publishers, D. APPM3TO1V Sc CO., 549 A; 501 Brvadwnr, IS. Y. C1VEN AWAY IF IT WILL NOT INSTANTLY RELIEVE Brulses, WM ,, 8lmMar WILL KILL The worst cough In qulcker time than any other preparatlon In the wond. We will will refund the money f we do not glve Immedlate relief. SOLDEVERYWHERE. ONLY HARMLESS DYE. Acts like .fl&w tho mst a charm ! Jm . natural Novorfaiis U B shades to n am of Brown ly produce H or Black BY ONE APPLICATION. 'pHE MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. OF DETROIT. J. S. PAEBAND, - - - President. W. A. MOORE, - - - Vice President JOHN T. LIGUETT, - - Secretary. L. M. THAYEB, - Gen'l Agent. Assets Junten-}' lst, 1874 $500,335.41. The people of Michig-an can no longer affortl to pay tribute tr Jfiastern otates by placing tlieir Life Liisurance with Eastern Corapanies, who by their charters are compelled to loan their moncy in their own títates, thus becominpr a heavy druin on the resources of the State, when we have so reliable and well manaed Life Company as the MICHIGAN MUTUAL. In 1873 the business of the fompany was increased Forty-eigbt and on. -hall per cent. of the total amount done the previous flve years This shows the MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE has the Confidence of the People. The loasea during the year 1873 were only PIFTYFIVE per cent of the amcunt the mortality tables cali for, great care in the seïection of ite risks. Durlnff the year 1873 there was a raacerial reduction in the ratio of expensen showing CAFEFUL MANAGEMENT. The Michipan Mutual issues all the' most desirable forms of Life and eudownient Polieies. Dividcnds Dcclared and Paid at lh end of the First l'olicy Year and each year thcreafter. All Polieies uón-forfeitlng after one Animal Premium has been paid. All TCndowmont Folidefl are convertible into Cash it the oud of any year after the lirst. Rcilable imieinnil y at luucsl ChnIi rates can be procured of the ITIicliirun II ii luul I-iie. GEO. L. FOOTE, Dis't Agent, Tpsilanti. J. Q,. A. Sessions, Agent, Ann Arbor. Gko. E. Foote, Agent at MUS. H. J. HILTON, M. I)., Pliysician and Surgeon, Office and Bqxidence No. 88 Ann Street, corner of Ingalls, Ann Arbor, Mich. fSf Office Hours- 8 to 10 a. m., aud 2 to 4 p. M."Ea Rrferences- Prof. Saoer, Prof. Palmer. l3yl


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