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BUSINESS DIBECTOBY. ê ■t"""!t'pt_"_- WM. tiEWITT, M. O., Physiciunand Surgoon. Otttceover Watts" Jewelry Btore,_ Mam Street, Aun Albor. 148"tï F'iftAZER, HABBUIAJI & HAMILTOiV Attorneys at Law. Office Nos. 7 and 9 South Main street, Ann Arbor, Micli. _ EHAsïïs TH1TCHEB, Attorney and Cuunselor at Luw, No. 5 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1386 ilvr ABBOn MINERAL SPBINGS. V Morris Hale, M. O., tjup-jri atondent. Office in bui'ldin., coruer Manu and Weet Hurou Streeta. WI!Vr.S & WORDE!, 20. -ont.h Main streel, Ánn Amor, Mich-, wholesale aud retail dealers in Dry Goods, Carpeta and Groceries. lSDltf .Tjicr _ SCH.niD, Dealers in Dry Gooda, 31 (irocerien, Orockory, &c. No. 64 Soath Main Struet. 17" SI. JACKSOiV, Dentlst. Bucceuaor to C. B. fV Portor. Offlce corner Maiu and riuron streets, over the store of R. VV. Ellifi & Co , Ann Arbor, nestheticsadniinistered if req.aired. _ CTHEBLAÜD 6c WIIEBON, Life and O Fire Insurance Asrents, and dealersm Keal Kstate. Ofllce on Hnrou Street ACH Sc ABEL,, Dealers in rry Goods. Groceries, 4c fcc.No Ï6 South Maiu -treet, Ann Arbor. Wj, WAKNKR, Dt-aler In R-ady MadeCloth iug.Olotbs, Cassimeres, Vestings, franks üarpet Bags, _c 21 South Main street. XIOAli W. CHEEVEK, "attorney at law ! OMoe withE. W. Morgan, Bast sideofCourt Honse 8qure. 31 W C. CA BR, Oentist, - Successor to C. C. Jenkins. -ífeísS Mitrous Oxid ' J_V öas administered ii____r ■ .N. wben necesaary. "" Oflice over _ -% Bach & A b e 1 ' e ■ -MPt'Íb'i No. 26 South JLI_JÖUJkJ Main 8tpBOCKEEY GLASSWARE & GROCERIES, J. & T Donnelly Have in s tore a 1 arge stock f Crocker j , Glass ware , Plated Ware, Cutlery Grocene, &c, ie, all tobe sold at unusaally low prices. No.12 EastHnron Street, Ann Arbor. 1128tf J. & . DOSHBLLÏ. TOHN G. GALL, _Di__vr,_3i. ixt FitESH AND SALT MEATS, I. ARO, SJUSAGFS, Etc, Orderssollcitedandpromptly llled with thebest meats in the market. Cor Huron and Fourth sts. Aun Arbor, Sept. 18th. 1869. DR. C. A. LEITER, Pliysician and Surgeon, Offlce over Watts' Jewelry Store, Main Street, Residence 58 East Huron Street, _469tf ANN ARBOR, MICH. A tt K H E Y , &$& Munufacturur of Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, AND SLEIGHS, of every style, made of the best material, and warranted. Eepairing done promptly and prices reasonnble. Detroit Street, near R. R. Depot. Ann Arbor, Mich. 1446yl wTaTlovëjöyT TOBACCONÏST 1 Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Sniaff, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST HUltOK STREET, Noxt to the Express Offlce, ANS ARBOR, MICH. lS45tf T FRED. BROSS, MAHTJFACTUHER OP C.UIRIAGES, Bl'MilKS, Ll'MBEK WMS, SPRMG A(.OS Cl'TTEBS, si,i:k;iis, kt. Allwork warrantedof the best material. EepaiTiuifdone promptly and reasonably. AU work "warranted to give perfect satisfaction. 68 South Main treet. 1422 BUSINESS COLLEGE! ANN ARBOR, MICH., Devotvd to the Practical Education of Young and Middle-Aged Men and Women. Day Classes throughnut the yenr. Eveninec Classes frum September lo June. Instruction according to the most approved pluns, and mostly individual. Student can enter at any time and receive superior instruction in Business Penmanship, Commercial Law, Business Correspondence, Business Arithmetic, Single and Duuble Eiitry Bookkeeping, Gnihnm' Standard Phonography, and Practical Telegraphy. Mftin line wire pus directly through the rooms of the Telegraphic Department, aifordinff the student every advantage of "Actual Office Praetice." The progreys of the student in Bookkeeping is trreatly facilitated by the use of ft new Ohart entitled ?. Bookkeeping at One View," just published by th8 Principal of this College. C OftU at the rooms during school hours, or address, E. POND, Ann Atbor, Micb. 1493tf


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