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Naming The Baby

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A paying hoax was played a lew daye since, saya a Clarksv├╝le correspondent of the Lonisville Courier-Journal, upon the fainily relatives of one of our young married men who had the good fortune (or bad fortune, whichever way the reader conatrues it) of having an addition to his fainily in the shape of a boy weighing nine pounda avoirdupois. A friend of the parenta directed a postal oard to each one of the unclea and aunt8 of the little chap, bearing upon the back these few linea : " G has a new baby at his house named after you." In a few days letters of congratulation began to pour in. A gentleman from our city, one of the unolea, sent by expresa a beautiful silver cup, accompanied by these words : " I thank you for an honor that my finances will not permit me to accept very often from my numerous relatives." Another, writing from Paducah, ieels " highly gratified that you should name your boy after me, and if it bears in reality my name, and is not named just forty-five years after me, you can draw upon rne for his first boots and I, will honor hia draft." He "amella a raice.' An aunt to the infant, writing from Hopkin├╝ville, Ky., says : " You know not how gratitied I am that you have named your iittle girl after me. 1 am not well now, but as soon as I am able to venture out upon the streeta I shall acknowledge the honor in a more becoming inanner." An uncle at Erin, Tenn., writes : " Kisa the baby for me. I do not know now to thank you. As soon as I can find time to dig several pounds of ginseng, I will send my Iittle namesake a present." And thus they continued to come from all sections, as the farnily is quite numerous. Tho baby is yet unnamed, and if it reoeives the name of each one who has sent a present there is a slim show for its fu' ture existence.


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