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The Elections On Tuesday

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The election on Tuesday last made the Eepublicans feel a small earthqnake, and the shaking up loosened the long tied tongue of our gaine bird. OHIO elects the Democratie State ticket by a majority of 15,000. Thirteen of the twenty Congressmen are Democrats, with a chance for a fourteenth - in tke Ninth District. The members elect are : First District- Milton Saylor, D. Second District- H. B. Banning, D. Third District Savage, D. Fourth District- J. A. McMahon, D. Fifth District- A. V. Rice, D. Sixth District- F. H. Hurd, D. Seventh District- L T. Neal, D. Eight Diatriot- Wm. Lawrence, E. Ninth District- E. P. PDppleton, D. Tenth District- Charles Foster, E. Eleventh District - J. L. Vanee, D. Twelfth District- A. T. Walling, D. Tlrirteenth District- W. I. Soathard, D. Fourteenth District - J. P. Cowan, D. Fifteenth District- N. H. Van Vorhes, E. Sixteenth District - Lorenzo Danford, B. Seventeenth District- L. D. Wadsworth, E. Eighteenth District - James Monroe, E. Nineteenth District - J. A. Garfleld, E. Twentieth District- H, B. Payne, D. Demócrata, 13 ; Republicana, 7. Last year, Republicana, 13 ; Demócrata, 7. The tablea exactly turned. INDIANA responda nobly to Ohio. The Democratie State ticket haa from 15,000 to 20,000 majority.' and 9 of the 13 Congressmen are Demócrata. The Republicana claim the Legislature, thinka to sucoessful gerrymandering, but the Demócrata do not concede them even that consolation. The Congreaaional distriets elect : First District - Democrat. Second District- J. D. Williams, D. Third District- M. C. Kerr, D. Fourth District- J. D. New, D. Fifth District- W. S. Holman, D. Sixth District - M. S. Eobinson, D. Seventh District - Democrat. Eighth District - M. C. Hunter, K. Ninth District - Leander McGlurg, D. Tenth District- W. S. Haymond, D. Eleventh District - J. E. Evans, B. Twelfth District- A. H. Hamilton, D. Thirteeuth District- J. H. Baker, E. The present delegation stands, Retrablicans, 10 ; Demócrata, 3. IOWA. Thia State ia ohained to its idols. The Grangera and Independenta and Demócrata made but little headway. The Republicana claim 40,000 majority on the btate ticket, 'i'ne anti-monopousc candidate for Congreas in tha Third District' L. L. Ainsworth, ia reported elected. A losa of one member to the Republicana. NEBRASKA. Republican by about the usual majority. WEST VIRGINIA. The Demócrata take the Legialature and two membera of Congresa. Third' , Congressman in doubt. AEKANSAS. A Conservative viotory with the adoption of the new Constitution by a large majority. DAKOTA. Eleoted a Eepublican delégate to Congress and a Eepublioan Legislatura. Before the Ohio election, the standing joke at Cleveland was, " Parsons has a pain (Payne) in his üide." And that same Payne was the death of Parsons the same Paesons being the present member of Congiess and the Eepublican oandidate for re-eleotion. He was n't elected, not muoh. Payne's majority is over 2,500. Postmaster-General Jewell has raised a breeze about his ears by attempting to dispense with the services of claim agents in the transaotion of the business of his department. The agents and attorneys are likely to prove " too many" for him, and a retreat is intimated. Hun John J. Koblson. The Manchester Enterprise, a non-political journal, speaks the following good words for tha Domocratic nominee for Congress. It is not our desire, as an editor of a country newspaper, to deal in politics, but there are a few men in tbis vicinity who have received honors which every citizen of this and adjoining townships should be proud of, and by their united efforts, show there appreciation at the ballot box. We desire to use a little space every week in speaking of these gentlemen, and hope none inay charge us with beingimpartial. Every one in this vicinity knows Hon. Jchn J. Robison. He has lived in the township of Sharon ever since 1843, and by teaching school winters, and working the farm summers, he got his first start in the world, and gained a reputation in this vicinity which he has guurded with zealous pride. He was a war democrat during the rebeüion and labored arduously in raising men and money to fill the quota of his beloved township and save it from the draft, for which valued services his appreciative townsmen secured his election to the State Senate, and afterwards selected him as their choice for supervisor, which position he '. suscainea witn sucn ability that he was again elected. In serving the people in the various capacites he had gained a large circle of friends, and f'ormed many new acquaintances who, seeing the power he possessed, elected him to the office of County Clerk, for two terms in succession. Thus it is that step by step he has ascended the ladder, nevei for a moment losing his firm grasp and upright position, but striviug by his integrity and faithful discharge of the duties incumbent upon him, to gain fresh laméis as a gift of the people. He sternly opposes protection; and believing that a State license law is preferable to the present prohibitory law, he is in favor of regulatiug the liquor traLBc. His business transactions, both publio and private have convinced the people that he won't steal, and the the high compliment conferred upon him will not prove undeserved, and ïf elected, we have full faith in his ability to fill the office to ! ihe entire satisfactiou of his ardent ' porter and with honor to himself and the ' Distriot he represents. '


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