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The Opposition To Chaadler

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The Jackson Patriot, speaking of the new paper iuovement at Grand Rápida " and the oppositiou to Chaudler whieh it synibohzes, says : This feeling of oppouition to Chandler is not by any iueans oontiued to the Republicaus of Grand Rupids or Kent Gounty, but extends throughout the; Henee in Jackson County there are hundreds of honest, intelligent Republicana who have long been couvinced that Chandler is a disgrace to the State in itg present position, and who for years have been wishing and hoping that he might be superseded by a more able citizen of the State, and one whose moral charaoter should bo above reproach. It ia irapossible, however, to bring about this result by votiug for the Eepublican legislativo candidates, every one of whom ia pledged in advance of his nomination to the re-election of Chandler to the United States Senate. The only remedy which Republicana of this clasa hitve ín to vote for opposition candidates for nieinbers of the Legisluture - roon whom they know will use their vote and intluence against Chandler'8 re-election. The Ghandler ring in this State has becuine ao powerful that it cannot be broken up within the Republican party, or by the estfibliflhing of one or two newspapers to oppose it. It will be reinembered that six years ago the Detroit Tribune, an old ostablished and widely circulated Republican paper, undertook to defeat Chandler's re-election. For nearly a year previous to the time for holding the election by the State Legislature it made a most persistent fight against such a result ; but when the legislativo caucus was held it was very speedily demonstrated how futile were its efforts. Nearly every Republican vote was given to Chandler. As in the present case, things had been "fixed" in advance, and then as now uo man who was not known to be a " dyed-iuthe-wool " Chandlerite could get a nomination as a candidato for the State Legislature. Under these circumstances the only possible way in which a reform eau be brought about is by voting in every instance for opposition candidates foi the Legislature. London, Oct. 13. - A public meeting was held at Biriuingham to-night, at whioh resolutions were adopted protesting against the alleged use of publio raoneys to defray the expenses of illuminating the city on the occasion of the anticipated visit of the Prince of Wales. The speakers denounoed the Mayor and accused him of seeking favor with the court in order to obtain knighthood. Opprobious epithets were applied to the Prince of Wales and other violent language used which called out strong expressions of dissent. The proceedings throughout were very disorderly. On Saturday evening a girl thirteen years of age, a daughter of Frank Eldridge, a farmer near Mendon, St. Joseph County, was burned to death. She was lying on the floor near the stove asleep, when a little sister pulled some fire out, which feil on her, setting her clothes on fire and burning her ao severe-ly that she died Sunday evening. Centaur Liniments Havo eured more wonderiui caes of !gi rheumatism, aches, paina, swellings, jrí frost-bite, caked bieasts, burns, djtM 8cas salt-rheum, &c, upon the y -JÜlÊS human frame, and straina, spavin, f"" galla, &c, uopn anímala, in one year, ï"HYP than all other pretended remedies have since the world began. CertiHcates of remarkable curas acoompany each bottle, and will be sent gratis to any one. There is no pain which theae Liniments will not reliove, no swelling they will not subdue or lameness they will not cure. This is strong language, but it is truo. No family or stock-owner can afford to be without Centaur Liniments. White Wrapper for family use ; the Yellow Wrapper for animáis. Prioe, 60 ets. ; large bottles, Í1.C0. J. B. Eosk & Co. 53 Broadway, New York. Castoria is more than a substitute for Castor Uil. It la the only sae article in exlatenec whicü is certain to regúlate the bowels, cure wind-eolio and produce natural sleep. It is pleasant to take. No more sleepless mothers or crying babiea. Price 3ö cta. per bottle. 1481yl


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