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Ann Abbok, Thubbday, Oct. 15, 1874. Apples.- 25340o. BtJTTEll - 320. Cobn- 60@75c. perbu. Chicxïns- Dressed lic JJJJ Eqos - Command 20c Haï- $1ü15 per ton, according to quality. Honkt- In cap, 25c. Labd- The market stands at 15o. Onionb - $1.00. Oats- 40g45o. POTATOKS- $6j(g70c. Peaches- 60c. per basket. Tdbnips- SOc. Wheat- White, $B5@1.05; Amber .8e@l. 00 TUBKEYS- 13c. Detroit ProduceMarket. Latest qaotations for leading artieles ol country produce- Oot. 15, are as follows : Wheat- white, 1.08)l 12 ; amber-1.00 @1 .05 Bauleï- par cantal. Rye- 65@7Jc. per bu. Coa- 7O@8Oc. Oats- 48 3i60c. Potatoes- 6570c. Hay- 13íg$19. Botteb- 29,434c. Eqos- 17@2Oc. Labd- 12@15c. Hosey- 18@22o. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. Michiqan Centkal Yakds, Monday, Oct. 12. ) The total receipts for the last two weeks were as follows ; For the woek ending Oct. 12. Oot. 5. Through State. Thro. State. Horses 9 16 15 CM1 1,194 1,030 1,932 1,321 Hogs 12,154 2,783 13,51)9 1,!3 Sheep 5,898 aud 29 oars. 38 cara. The week'a market was devoid of any special cliange, operators dealing, perhaps, more cautiously, but with the same confidence of the previous weeks. Cattle were in good demaud, with a 8mall supply. Shippers got the bulk of car loads from the State. Prices were firm on choice grades, but on coarse grades were not so remunerativo, as the supply has exceeded in proportion to the amouut of beef cattle shipped to this market every season. Hogs are flat. Lots in market were not I bought till the latter part of the day. There were some excellent consignments, but prices are such that little coutideuce is placed in the market. In sheep there was an extraordinary influx, supplying fully two-thirds of the stock market. There was nothing lost, however, in any of the lots conaigned to this market, and drovers and shippers transacted their busiuess in this line quite bnskly. Among the sales were 199 sheep, avcraging ?3 lbs, at 4 l-2c; 101 sheep, averaging 92 Ibs, at L l-2c; 26 hogs, averaging 197 lbs., at Í5.80 ; 53 ïogs, averaging 187 lbs., at 5 1-2. Fat cattle irere scarce, bringing 4 l-2aöc. Kino's Cattle Yabds, Dktroit, Monday evening, Oct. 12. The yards were well filled, but the qualities averaged low, and prices were no better. The I demand for choice Jots was good and common lots were in fair demand for stockers and packers. Prices ranged about as foliows : Choice beeves, shipping steers and heiters, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 lbs $4 OOnfi 00 Good butchers' steers and heifers, averaging 1,000 to 1,100 lbs. 3 00a3 80 Working ozen, well fattod, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs. . . 3 50a4 25 Cows, common to choice . 3 2öa4 00 Stockers' and packers' medium steers and heifers, iu decent flash, 800 to 1,000 lbs. . . 2 50a3 50 SHEEP. There were liberal offerings of sheep, and pnces were about the same os last week. There j were sales of 20 lamba at 32 a head, and '8 fat ' iheep, avaraging 85 lbs. at f3.


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