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Uardk Ütlr-UlfH"S. - Bill-Heads. Letter-Heads. Printed at the Akous office. _ In the best style and cheap. Don't order elsewhero before calling. - See new advertisement of John H. Ma ynard. - Miss Hindman, of Penn., addressed the Temperance Union, at the Baptist Church, on Monday evening last. - Joe Jelïersou appeared at the Opera House Detroit, last eveniug as " Rip Van Winklo," a uumber of our citizeus attended. Rev. H. L. Hubbell returued from hia eastern trip on Saturday last, and resumed his labors at the Congregational Church on Sunday. - A slight collision occurred at the depot on Friday night last, wrecking the way car of a standing train. Consequeuces : one leas conductor. - The ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Ypsilanti, furnished the meals at the recent Pair held in that city, from whieh they realized over $400. Miss Rosina Clark, sister-in-law of Col. S. B. Hayman, died in this city on Friday momiug last. Her remains were taken to Fredouia, N. Y., for interraent. It was Leitch, of Ypsilanti, - elected on the Peoples' ticket, who voted on his own hook for Chairman, for twenty-six successive ballots,- scnttering like blazes. The Ladies' Library Association of Ypsilanti received f180, and the Firemen $6ö, from the división of the unexpended funds raised for the Fourth ot July celebration. C. H. Millen & Son have a new advertisement in this Akous, and offer rare inducements to good buyers. In Kid Gloves especially the ladies wili tind a choice stock. -Bev. Samuel W. Duffield will deliver his lecture on " Rare Ben Jonson and his Friends," be. fore the Young Feople's Association, at the Presbyterian Church, this evening. - The Dexter Leader says that the apple erop of that vicinity is coming in very rapidly, and that over 2,500 barrels have been purchased and shipped from that station by D. Heuhing. -Prof. A. B. Palmer met with a serious accident, a few days siuce, while cutting straw, his hand getting caught in the cutter, taking off the ends of the first two fiugers of the right hand. -Bill Barry and Peter Hines were up on Friday last for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, and sent to the House of Correction, the former for ninety days and the latter one year - A Woman Suffrage Association has beeu organized at Hilan, the officers are : President, J. Smith ; Vice President, Mrs. Dr. Bessac ; Secretary, Mr. Willson ; Treasurer, Miss Nettie Palmer. - Tho annual reunión of the Twenty-sixth Michigan Infantry wil! be held at Brighton, Oct. 12, 1874. By resolution adopted at last meeting soldiers of other regiments, and their families, are invited to meet with them on that occasion. - The anniversary exercises of the Young Peoples' Association of the Presbyterian Church, advertised for last Sunday evening, was necessarily postponed on account of the sickness of Prof. Schindler, and will take place on Sunday evening, Oct. 25. - An Adrián correspondent of the Free Press saya " Hon. John J. Eobison, candidato for Congress, was in this city Friday. He received a very cordial reoeption on all hands, and made a very favorable impressiou upon the people in this part of the district." -The Woman Suffrage two-day meeting, heretofore announced to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday next, has been necessalily postponed on account of the sickness of some of the prominent speakers who had agreed to be present. The date of the meeting is not yet fixed, but timely notice will be given. - Company B remove to their new annory (Hangsterfer's Hall) on Wednesday next. The event will be celebrated with a grand ball in the evening, for which extensivo preparations are being made. A large nnmber of noted military men of the State are expected to be present. The Company will have one of the finest armories in the State. - At a meeting of the sophomore class, on Saturday last, the following class officers were chosen : President - H. C. McDougall ; Vice President- O E. Latham ; Secretary- E. H. Guyer; Treasurer - B. H. Colby; Historian - H. M. Slawson; Orator- V. J. Teft; Poet- M. J. McMahon; Marshal- J. E. McLaughlin ; Seer - J. A. Stacey ; Toastmaster- T. Cook ; Musical Directors - Miss C. M. Colman, Miss H. M. Holman, F. K. Stearns, A. A. Bennett. The Board of Supervisors met in annual session at the Court House, on Monday last. Supervisor Webb, of Saline, was elected temporary Cnainnan. The aftarnoon was spent in balloting for a Chairman. Twenty-six ballots being taken with a like result on each, - Aaron Childs, 12 ; W. I. Teckley, 12 ; Blank, 1. On Tuesday niorning a committee of six, - three from each party, -were appointed to recommend a Chairman. The committee reported the name of Aaron Childs as Chairman, and the name of W. I. Teckley, as chairman of the Committee on Equalization ; which report was adopted. The Chairman announced the standing committees, as follows : On Equalization - Messrs. Yeckley, Webb, Browu, Noyes, Annabil, Warner, and Crandall. On Criminal Claims - Messrs. Haire, Van Riper, and Galpin. On Civil Claims - Messrs. Shurtteff, Young, and Littlefield. To Settle with County Officers- Messrs. Warner, Harper, and Crandall. On Salaries of County Officers - Messrs. Wilsey, Kress, and Fleming. On Apportioumentof State and County Taxes. -Messrs. Burch, Leitch, and Renwick. On Public Buildings - Messra. Krapf, Holmes, and Whitaker. On Per Dhm Allowance - Messrs. Krapf, Fleming, and Whitaker. On Unfinished Business- Messrs. Wilsey, Warner, and Brown. To Examine Accounts of Superintendent! of the Poor - Messrs. Burch, Krapf, and Renwick. But little business has been transact ed yet. The Board yesterday adjourned to Monday next. Andrew DeForest and wife and E. W. Ellis and wife ieft our city for California on Wednesday. Mr. DeForest has lived here, say forty years more or less, hos been engaged in various branches of business, in all of which he has been euterprising and sucoessful. HÍ8 Bon-inlaw, Dr. Ellis, has been here some ten years, graduated in the Medical Department of the University, and as the business partner in the ftrm of R. W. Ellis fc Co. had built up a large and profitable trade. Mr. DeForest retired from business some few years ago, with a competency and now seeks a milder climate for his health. Mr. Ellis changes location on account of the health of his wife. They leave many friends tere who will be pleased to hear of their success m the new homes they seek. Ckiteesitt Discoueses.- A series of Religous Discourses will be given by members of the University Faculty, in university Hall; on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'cïock. The first one will be given next Sunday, by Rev. Dr. Cocker. The public are invited to attend the course.


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