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Doings Of The Common Council

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Council met in regular session, on Monda; evening, Oct. 6th. Aid. Hogers appointd Presi dent pro tem. Petition of J. C. Watts, and others, asking fo further time to build sidewalk on Liberty street between Fifth and División streot, was referrec to sidewalk coramittee. Also, petition of Hobt Howard and others, for a sidewalk on the en.s side of Ingal's street, between Monroe and Hil streets, was referred to same committee. Petition of Michael Hangsterfer, asking for relief from the city for injuries reeeived from fallmg from the walk near the Huron Ei ver bridge, was referred to the Aldermen of the Fourth and Fifth Wards. Petition of J. GK Miller, asking leave to ereet a shed for storing lumber on biock 4, lot 4, on Detroit street, was referred to Aldermen Hogers Deubel, Melntyre, and City Attorney. The sidewalk committee reported, recommendiug that the sidewalk on the north side of Liberty street, between Main and Fourth street - m front of the wagon shop - be re-laid ; also, that the walk in front of Cook's Hotel barn, on the west side of Fourth street ; and the one ou the north side of Huron street between Fourth and Fifth streets- in tront of Cole's Wood Yard - were ordered rebuilt. Au amendment to section 8, Ordinance No. 1, was adopted, which amendment is published in auother column. The City Attorney was directed to serve a notice on the Gas Light Company, of the termination of their contract, if, in nis judgment, deemed advisable. Policoman Porter was ordered transferred froin day-duty to the University grounds, to serve on duty from 5 o'clock p. M., to 5 o'clock K. sr. The Fmauce Committee reported bilis, recommending their allowance, and warrants ordered drawn ou tho soveral f unds, as followe : General fund, Í625 75 " street fund, 5 00 Second Ward fund, 12 75 Third Ward fund, 34 38 Fifth " " 31 13 Sixth " " 56 00 Adjourned till Slonday evenïng, Oct. 12th. ADJOTONKD MEETING. The Council met pursuant to adjournmeut, on Monday eveniug, Oct. 12th. The Sidewalk Committee reported advereely to gianting petition oí Eobert Howard and others, for sidewalk on Iugal's street ; and also aaiust granting petition of J. C. "Watts and others. Whn;h reports were accepted and adopted. The Sidewalk Committee were ordered to see that the sidewalk between Firemen's Hall and Fourtk street be rebuilt. The street Committee were ordsred to inspeot and report on the building of the bridge on West Fourth street, and see if the same is built aocording to controct. The tax-roll for an assessment, levied against the property of Jas. Hunter, was approved, and the Recorder directed to draw the warrant for collectiuR the same. The Recorder was directed to issue a City warrant, for the expense incurred in opening West street, when the funds for the same shali have been deposited in the Uity Treasury. The City Attorney made a verbal report in regard to the contract between the city and the Gras Light Company, recommending that no action be taken in the premises for the presentWhich report was accepted and adopted. Bills were allowed and warrants ordered drawn on the several funds, as follows : General fund, $78 10 " street fund, 22 61 First Ward 15 63 Second " " 60 Third " " 36 Permission was granted to C. H. Richmond to address the Council in behalf of the Ann Arbor Water Works Company ; whereupon, on motion, the Water Works question and all subject matters pertainiug thereto, were referred back to the committee appointed to consider the same, and to report thereon at a meeting to be held next Monday evening. The Board of Registration was then organized, with Aid. Porter in the chair, and Aid. Khodes, Secretary. The following were designated as the places for holding the sessions of the Boards ot Registration in the several waids. First Ward, at F. Sorg's shop. Second " " T. W. Eoot's office. Third ' " Sheriff's office. Fourth " " M. Roger's office. Fifth " " Q. H. Rhodes' shop. Sixth " " McDonald's store. Adjourned to Monday evening next. A regular session of the Board of Regents of the University, was held on Friday evening last, all the members being present, except Regent Burt. The President presented his annual report, which wa3 read and ordered printed, with 500 extra copies. Regent Gilhert, from the Finance Committee, submitted the following statement, which does not show a superabundance of funds on hand : Balance in the treasury, July 1, 1873, $22,294 32 Received on account of State aid, 23,250 00 Received on account of University intereBt, 38,014 00 Received for students' fees, 20,210 00 Interest on Treasurer's account, 137 79 Avail of ioans negotiated, 24,423 16 Received from balance of State appropriation for new hall, 5,300 00 Interest on reseryed fund, 1,379 92 Received from sale of bonds in reserve fund, 10,200 00 Total receipts, $145,209 19 DISBUBSEMENTS. For account of general fund, $125,157 41 For account of building fund, 15,228 25 For account of reserve fund, 412 88 Total, $140,798 54 Balance in treasury July 1, 1874, 4,410 65 The total amount appropriated for contingent expenses was Y21,104 30. The receipts and disbursements for the year ending June 30, 1875, are estimated as follows : Receipts, $ 98,910 65 Disbursements, 109,360 00 Deficit, $ 10,449 35 Add amount drawn from reserve fund 13,346 71 Actual deficit, $ 23,799 06 Mr. Gilbert stated that the construction given by the Auditor-General to the State aid law, raade the Regents 87.250 short of the estimated receipts, and after some discussion, Mr. Gilbert was instructed to ascertain when the law of 1873, by proper construction, took effect, and whether there is any money in the State Treasury belonging to the University. Just here we desire tó say to the Regents, that the statutes provide that the entire receipts from the interest fund shall be paid over to the University on the first day of April in each year, ana that the aid act ot 1873 makes the entire proceeds of the 1-20 of a mili tax payable to the University at the same time. The interest and aic are both doled out quarterly and grudgingly in accordance with the " accounting act" (No. 148) of 1873, an act clearly unconstitutional, having more thau one object, and the real object not being expressed in its title. Regent Walker was appointed to prepare the annual report of the Board to the Superintend. ent of Public Instruction. A resolution, offered by Regent McGowan was adopted, declaring ït desirable to add the Ward collection of casts and fossils, restored f09 sil monsters, etc, to the museum, but that the low state of the funds prevenís. Wealthy an well-disposed gentlemen should take notice. Warrauts in the sum of $1,500 werS ordered issued to meet the oost of the new Laboratory building, above the estimatesand appropnation. The following appointmenta were made : Prof. M. C. Tyler, Professor in Euglish Language and Literature ; C. N. Jones, Instructor in Mathematica ; E. W. Curran, assistant in the Museum. The degree of Ph. B. was conferred upon C. J. Thomas, class of '74 (" hung up" last June for irregularities). The following resolution, offered by Regent Grant, was unanimously adopted: Recognizing the distinguished ability and valuable services of Henry P. Tappan, LL. D., formerly President of the University, which he rendered to the interests of the University in its early history and to the cause of education in the State, and desiring again to welcome him among us: therefore, Resolved, That we do hereby moet cordially extend to him an invitation to te present and particípate in the exercises of our next commencement. Appropriations were made as follows: For contingent expenses, Y1,000 00 For insurance, 1 ,000 00 Alterations and repairs, 500 00 Postam, 100 00 Hospital, 200 00 Incidental expenses oí' Museum, 100 00 Hegent's expenses, 105 86 A committeetwas appointed to settle with the architeot of the new hall, and with the coutractor, Mr. Goldie, The ninth annual Be-umon of the 20th Michigan Infantry took place at Jackson, on Thursday of last week, about 75 or 80 members being present. The following officers for the ensuiug year were elected : Président- Dr. S. S. French, Battle Creek ; Vice Presidenta - Company A., C. W. Duushee ; B., Henry Mellenkamp r C, Andrew Knight ; K, A. G. Price ; E., Merrit Puckliam ; F., L. Sparks; G, - ; H„ Frank thiliips; I., ZimPhelps; K., O. N. Allea. . Seoretary and Treosuror Clark S. V,,n:,v, Ypsilanti. OratorLieut. S. H. Row, Laneing. Executive Committee - Eugene Freeman, Henry Barber, Andrew Knight, Battle Creek. The oration was delivered by Dr. H. B. Baker, of Lausing. In the evening a banquet was held at the Hurd House. Aiter the supper, the followiug toasts were responded to, - Col. C. B. (rant loting as toust-inaster : " The Day we Celébrate"- Eesponse by Col. C. li-Ümut. . jf'A' yfck " Michigan- Tlio Sta+ VhoVe Wldiers never deserted their colors, and whose citizens sustained them with the sinews of war"- Kesponse by Got Blair. " Our Flag : though once torn to pioces, it was never captured." Frank Philips being called on, gave a history of the loss of the flag preseuted to the regiment }y Mrs. Gov. Blair. This flag was carried all through the war, until hs was captured, when ie tore it trom the staff and concealed it under a bridge at Petersburg, where it remains to-day, except a piece he had carried ever since. He could say truthf ully, the flag of the regiment had lever been dishonored. " The Oíd Grey Horse of the Rappahannóck" - Response A. E. Cowfes, of Lausing. " Our comrades of other regiments- We give hem a soldier's welcome to our festive board" - liöspouse by Gen. W. H. WitUington. "The Ladies. Our friends in peace and in war, and always in favor of union." Response by C. W, Maynard, the only bachelor lelt iu the regiment, rlm Mr. Maynard was glad he did not have the ad experience of his married companions to reate, told several instances of regretted matrimony, and asked at least one year's further time to oin the army of Benedicts, which was granted lim by a vote of the company - an araendment y Dr. French to reduce it to nine months beiug ost. The next meeting will be held at Battle Creek, Oct, 7th, 1875.


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