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-A few days sincean elderly gentleman, who had got out of business and considered that he was too advanced in age to do hard work, ooncluded to start a grocery store. He seoured a stock of goods, and yester day morning, while preparing for opening the establishment, concluded that he would tap the kegs of beer left on the previous day A friend who was present, seeing him approaoh one of the kegs with an auger, inquired what he was going to do, and learned that he intended to " tap the beer." The questioner suggested that the proper way was to place the faucet in position and drive in the cork which the revenue stamp covered ; but the old gentleman eoncluded that hia way was the best, and forthwith foroed a hole through the top of the keg. Of course the beer ascended like a fountain as he withdrew the auger, aiid he endeavored to snppre8s it by putting hie hand over the hole, and, failing in this, by inserting his finger. As a last resort he sat downupon it, calling loudly forsome one to hand him a faucet, but meanwhile the beer had torced its way through his pants, clinibed upwardand was oozingout everywhere, - einerging from his waistband, and even at his shirt collar, and the bystanders were iaughing so hard that they were unable to do anything to relieve him, even it' they had dared to venture within the area of beer-spray. It was not until every drop had left the keg that the old gentleman feit warrauted in getting up.-


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