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Types In A Newspaper

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-The number of types used in a newspaper oí the size of the Argtjs is about 700,000 ; that is, the actual nuinber of bits of metalar ranged and rearranged every week in preparing a newspaper of this size for the press. We suppose few poople think of the printing trade as one of tbe most exact and particular of all haudicrafts; but it is. In mak ing type, vanatious that might be allowed in the finest machinery would reuder the type useless. It is very rarely that type furnished by two separate íounderies can be useil together without a great deal of trouble, though they try to make it after the same Standard. We read once in a while of a wonderful piece of cabinet-work, or mosaic work, containing 10, 20, or 50,000 pieces, the maker of which has spent months, or even years of labor in producing it, and people go to see it as a great curiosity ; but the most elabórate and carefullyfitted piece of work of this kind ever made does not compare with that which the printer does every day for minuteness of detail and accuracy of fitting. The man who does the first is looked upon as an artist - a marvel of skill ; and it' 100 of his pieces are put in wrong side up, or turned the wrong way, it is not observed in the general effect ; but il' the printer, in fitting ten times as many pieces together in a single day, puts one where another should, be, or turns one the wrong way everybody sees it, and is amazed at " the stupid carelessness of those printers."


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