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CANTÍO? BEAT f T[ 1 E u!:?cri!cr$ would inionn iho Fubliö, tlini ti,cy cöntlniie to euppfy ibe State ut Mich - gun Wlth L. B, WALKER'S PATENT S ,12 UT M JÊCHJ .-V J0 . l'I'c lufgö luimncrs ot ihcso Machines tlial have u-i n spitl, ajnd i-u-uiily increa.eipg dbütoatfa lor i the beet tvuk-nce of ilieir real v.luc. nn'd 't " tl.cir eStïtnfuióri wi'tfi (hóse whb liave bcéoiiie fuijilljpj vviih ili"ir nieriis. WalkiÚ's Smut .M;u-liiiicis superior toollieis n the folJow ui': porïïéüitiVs: 1. As it c:mtim:s ihe Btatvttg. Stóit'riñg, and Woning l'imeuU.s. H clonns ihè fiiniiiicst 1.1 i.r.,in m ihe l'st nimmer, retnlniog 0.11 Oio fric i'mn of ilfé whea'., :iik! díscharptn'g ihoMmutaiui duaí 08 l":ist iis sepnrniffl from ilie whgnt; 2. !t S simple in conulrnrtinu. ;mil is tlicicfore Iès5 liable to liccome dcningcd, oiul costa !csí ..i üoniis. , h nii;s vcry (glit, :"] is peifectly secur4. It is os durable as any ollicr Machine ii ur-o. f. It costs considerabiy i.kss ili in oihrr kindTlióse tni'pöiiani poin'ts o' diiference Invp ■ v en Uiis Machino the preferfnee whh ihtfèö win have iiiii'y incd it. Aiiiodl' n Inrae niiinbeio I Gentl.emcji in ilu MilUng Busiticea who niiyh i he nnmo!. ihé foUpwing have ii?fed the Mnclünce Biti ; cerofied ia ñíüiv excelFoñcy ónd sapéuoffrj: 11. N llo.vAiu). Pontiac, Midi. i'.. F. Cüiiií. lÍDchosicr, do K. B. I)NroiTii. Meaon. do M. F. Fki.vk, lïinncli. do II. II. C.iM.sHK k. Coineinck. dn llcfcrciiccs mpj! ilso bc lud 10 Jo'HN 1!lo.n', Auburn, Midi. W. FvVon. do do I. C Hiick. do John Poirs, Mónroè, do II. !)oi:-iiN, (!■ (!) A. Bcach. Wnicrloo. do Gko. Kktchüm, jfnritiinll, cTp iN. i!i mi.m'. ■. v. OiJdand, do yll orders fiir Machint's will be ron;ptly al ■ tended to. Address K. O. Si. A. ORlTTF.iVro.V A mi Ailjor. ( J.owt-r Town) WjisIi Go. Miei ATiiir. 24, I-!." Iv"Crockery at Wholesale." IKCDKKK'K has cii-tainl: 1 ii n hand. liio l.iriíL'st si.rck in ihc Wc-m of' Crockrry, China, Gfasstmtre, Look in Onsacs and Piales, Tiritan nía Ware 7V.V, Lnmps and Wieking; P!i il al f Vare, China Toys, c. c. Ilis rock iiicluiUs hl) the varieiies oí Crock ,-ry and Chinii, Iróui üiu fincst China Ditfjio and Ton Sctts 10 liic ui'si Cünunqii nnd o priccd ware - from ilic ricnesi cut jilns-s to ili plaiiH'St {il.'iss wnre. lïritnnnin Cnsioisol'evei; kind. Brjtnnnia 'J'cn Sene, Coífce l'ots, Te L'oi?. L;imps. Cnndlcslicks. Ac.; UakD Ia.-iis of every dtsfripiion fron the inobt cosily cui Tui lor Lamp to the cliegpet Store lamp. All the abovc articlcs are impoited by himsel directjy froni t lic mniuifiicturcts nnd will be sol at Wholesale, af low as at aiiy Wholesale Ilousc expenses rom seaboard addod only. A liberal discount glve.U for cash. Merchants nnd others nre invited to cal] nn exnniine the nliove; ar lícita at the oíd stand, No 125, JeiFerson Avenue (Kldrcd's Block.) De troit. S4S-ly "■TËAIPERANCË II OUS E. PB. R1PLKY would s:iy to his friends nn ■ the Jrienda of Tempert nee, that he hn t;tken the Tcmperanco House, latcly kept b Wm. G. Wheaton. where lio would le glad ti rail upon them. Hay nnd Oata nnd Stibblinj to accominodate teams; Deiroit, January 1, 1S16. 245tf WÖödTwöödTT AVV.XV Cords of "Wond waiifed immcdiateh in ptymeni for the Signal of Liborty.I WsiI ' i j v '-- '■- - J XMK pr.-cnliiT-í fifinc i's glvéñ ró'roprÓMíii lnsei:Ml.lí Per-pirniion. It is ilie i ■vii.-iütion lur ÍUc iinpimties o! llu; bnily It .! .k.iichI Ü.Jtri ihick cloiifly inisi ssiirs fn.m ,11 poiíijfi .)i lie suriocej which ín'diuniVa ilini bis p'cfsiiirhiii'.n flovü iminicrniptciliy wheïi wint- in lu'.ilili. liul eeiiöèi lien we nte sick. Li b üiliiot I.C sns::iinl wiiliout it, ll is llili'Wii .(l rom i!io Í)Uod &nl otlicr j-iict-a i ijjfi Iwdy.. io( di !pc by itiis meimüi öf'nenrly íili i!i-' "nniriiica vyiihin ns. The hlo..d. by ihiü mean? jnly. woiks ll.clt puic Tlit: liiPUiiign ('f Scripinicia. "ín (fie Blood is :lic LüV." II l ever ■ ■. ptpei in puit. it n. ny he tnicinl .Jnecily irt (Iip 9iuppii(! "I ''" liwensiblc lVrspirniio. lmcvci reqiiiros hhy íitorinij medicines Yoclcnftre N n.s i! ■„;■■;? piirifi.'siill" by ii8 own heatnndaolion; and Úítohxb ff(nl tho pffending hnmors. iIíhmk'Ii iho lnci-sil'!i' I'crspir.-.tir.n. Tliiiö wc si-c ill ili.ii ia oocOfsnry wliefi ihe I!"'1"! is stngnoiii. 'i iulocieil. is robperi fie poros, nn.lit relievesitWlffróm uil iu.purity nsi.-mtly. Iihowii !,. :ii nal vimlnv are Bullicient, wiihout one prlide l int iliemo. cxcepi lo op(?.n tlie poro upon the fui ficèi we the follv ol takiog pü mncli liiernnl remedies. All prae Stíoners, liow ver. d:rcct tlu-ir ffl'jriH io restore thu Tnsi-náible peippiration, hut i lo bc nol always the proper one. TLe Tliompsonian. lor insinncc. steam.s. i lie H'ydropni hiél ehrouils "sin wpt blankets the 11-iaiopntli st tleals out infin itiss: ni:il, UnAllonailrsi blecíisnnd dnsosus with Riercury.nud i!i blusteiing Quack gorges us with [?hIb, pills. pills. To írive someitleaof ihcnmnunt o! thc Insen siMc Porsriration. we wiü state llint tholfiaraed l)r. l.owcnli"k. ;md tho rent Boeilu.rivo. asccrinincil ihni fhcoightlisoí n!I e rreeive intp thc sromnch. pRSsed ofV b this mi-nns ín othor wonls. if wc cpJ nnd drink eight pounds per day. WnñfiiA íive noundsof it by thc Insensible['rrnpiraiion. . This is none othcr ihnn the used up pnriiclcs nf thé I.U..I. nn'd othcr jnici; grving'pjacei to ilie ncw and frceh ones. To check ihis; ibereTore, is ïo ici.iin ri ilié svsiem fiv -èightto oi ui the viiulcnt inutier ihnl minne demanda thould !c.iv the tiody. And even when this is tlic etiso. ilu l.ljod 8 of so activo a principie, that it deiorr inintsj'ose pariiclcs to the ski i, where tlic lorm seftbb, pimples, ulcers, mul othor spots. ]]y a siulilen ironsilion (rorn licnt to cola. lh ppceiare etöppcdjiho pbrspirafion ceases, hik dioeaae beciijfl al once to devclcpe itself. Henee, a stopp.igo of iliis flow of the juices, onginutet so numy eoinplninis. It is' by stopping the pores, nat nvervlumi innnkiiul cuiylis. Coids, and oonsumptions. Nine-tcnihs of the world die from disenses induced by u sioipage ot iho Insensible Pcrsipir:. It is cnsily s'ceii.hcrefore, how ncccfsiry is the flow of i'his subilejiumor to the surl.iio. ti preserve henlth. Il ennnot bc stoppcd: it ennnot bc even checkcd, without inducihg desease. Lel me ask now, evcry enndid niind. whaj couisc secnis the most reaeowtble to jiursup. ir unpp the pores, alter thoy ore closcd? Wou yon eivo physic to imstop tiie pores? Or vvouk you npply Bomethiñg that would dh t'.ns üpon ih sü'rfoce, whcic the clbffgrUg nctunlly is? Wouk 'not this bc cominon sense? And yctlknowo no physiciüii who malies any cxterndl npplicatioi to efrÓM it. The reason I assign is. that no medí cine within their knowledge. is co fiable ol öörrtf t Under thffce dreumstances, I present U physicii.ns. nnd toall others. a preparntion iha hna t'iis uowerifl ítsfúllest.exleñt. It tsnir.iLISTER'8 ALL 11EAUNG UWLM.í i. or ihe WORLV'S SALVE! h has power to rcsiorc perepiration on tho Teef, on ihc hcnd, a round oíd sores, upon the chcst. in short, upon ;!liy ,,,-hm.I the body, whether dtseaeed sligluly orscvorely. 1i hns power to cause all extcmal srres. seroiulmishumors. kin distases, poisunous woniuis. todisdiargc th'cir putr.d matter, and ihcn hta 'h 'i's a rerne.dy that swecps ofT the wholc catnlo'Mio of eutnncoiis disorders, and restores thetítíre c'úticlo to itsheahhy lunciions. It is a rcMiedy tliat lorbid; the npcps.ny of sn mnpyand delulciious drugs taken intu the sloinnch.. . , . . h is n ierhéoy thnt neither sicKcns. gives ineOriVCniencej or is dnngerous to the 'nies íiUís. Itprcscrjtca imd defends the turface [rom all (leran'ement of ts functions. while it keops opcr. the etninnels fr the blond to void uil It mipuuiios aml dispose of all its usdess patiittea The Mirlareis he OUtlei Of fivo-fij..lit!is of tluhile nul ustd up fnattêr wilhin. II is pieréed wi'h milüoiis ol openiiiiis-to relieve rhe intcstipeè. Stop up tbeae pores, and death kno.cHs at y;ir door. It is phily termed AIIHf-iürr.' lor there is ecarcily a diseaae, éxterriál or ínter m, thatit will tioli)fMufi'. 1 have usd il fot liist fnnrtOLii yr-iirs. for all (Jisenses ol i!i clusi: i-iiMsiimpiion. liveV, inyplvjljg ihc uiino.s! iliiriger ftrid róspon'iil)liity,"Qnd 1 declare beforp H-enven nn rnon. thnt n;t in one sinffle ease ha? it lailcd to hem fi', wIkmi ihe païicnt was wi:liin the reaeb of mortal rrienns. I hnvp had phypicians. Icnrncd in the profpssion; 1 havo bad ministers of the Gospel. Judgosoii tin; lï' Aldurmon and Lawyors. gen tlemen of the highest erndition nnd multitudes of the poor, uso it in every variety of way. and iherc has been hut one voice, onc united. universal voicc, saying, "McAlister, your Ointment ie good!" COlfStoMPTIOS. Tt enn liardly be credited thnt a salve can have any eflect upon tlic lungs. fated as thoy are witliin the syetcm. Bat wosay onee for all, m6l this Ointnient will reach the lunes quieker than any medicine thatcan be give iniernaüy. Thus. " U' t!ared upon the chcst. it penetratcs dircctly to ili3 lungs. Beparnibü the poiaonoua particlea Ihol are iroiiöUiiung them, and cxpels them froni the sj:.;n I need not eny thnt it is curins persons ol vonsuoiption coirinually. nlihough we are told it is loolishncss. I care nút v, lint is said, eo long is ' [ r-m run; several thousatul persons ycarlv.HKAB ACHK. ThLs Salve hnsciireil persons of tlie Hcad Adhe ot 12 yenis standing, and who lind il regnlnrly. eery weck, so thnt yomitfng took place. Dcafnfss oud Ear Ache are hlped with the like success. aa'also Ague in the Face. COI.D F EET. CoiVsumption, Livcr cmiplnin:, pninfi fl ihr clicst r de, fu 11 iris of the hair. oneor tho othci iilwav-i Mccoii-panics cold fcet. It is a siire sign of disenso in the syatcm to have cold feet. TfTe Siilve will resKx-e the Insensible Pcrspirètion nml tlms cure every enfo. In Scrofuln, Krysipelas and Salt Riirum, and other disensos of this nature, no interna! reinedy lias yet heen discovered thnt is so good. Tlxsnme mny bc eatd of Bronchitis, Quincy, Soro Tliroat, PilcB, Siiinal Diseascs, Broken or Sorc I'ie.'is;. aft. And e for tlic Cliest Disensep, such as Asthma. Pnin. Oppression and the like, it is the most wondcrfnl antidote in the World. For Livor Complaint it is eqOolly eilicncious: for Burns it haa nnt has tsequal in the World; also. Excrc8cncés of cvery kind. such as Wnrts, Tumor?. Pimples, &c.', it makes cjean work oí them aiï. SORE KYK8. The inflnmmation and disease alwnys licsback of the bnll of the oye in the socket. Henee the virtue of nny medicine nmst rpnch tho scat ol the inllnmation or it will do littlc good. The Salve, if rubbeu on the temples, will penétrate direclly into the socket. The pores will be open cd, n proper perspirotion will becroated and the disease will soon pass off to the suriacc. l'IMri.KS ON THE FACE) l"RECKr.ES, TAN, ÍASCUI.ISK SKIS, CKOï-S I'IUACK. Itsfirst acltn isto cxoel all humor. ItwilJlot ceaac drawing lili the face 's free from nny natter that inay be lodged imdcr the skin and requentlybreaking uut 10 the surleoe. It then j icnls. Wheu tliere is nothing but grossnesa. or Juli rfp'ilsive surface, it begin? to sottcn and jöfteh uutil the skin bicornes a30mo.Ml1 and " cate as n child's. li thfowa a freshness anri lifiiahing color upon the npw white, transpaient " skin. ihat is pcrfectly biièhonlihg. Son. time P n case oí Frecklr.s it wiil üret Start onttliose tluii li.ivu (nin liiddeii énñ s e hut eeldoni. Purmis iho s5.ilvc and all will soou disappear. WOEMS. ■■". s I''nnrcnis knew faow 'nial most medicines wcre 10 ciiilJrcn laken inwnrdly. tluy would bc Blow g to r?soit to tluMii. Espcciííüy 'mercurial r 9." o! led "medicaied lozenpes," piüs, &C. , The triith Í3. m 011e enn teil, invarinbly, when g wdr.ina rf present; Npw lé! me si;y toparentB, t i!nii!iis Snlyo willalwiys teil if a cliild hafl wiiriti!. Tt will drive every vestige of the:u a u iv 'J'lus is n himple and safe cure. ThowïWprobabiy no medicina on the face of [iiecnnh r,t once so surc and to safo in the ex pu'aiuii of worn.s. It w.inld he cruel, nny winked. to irive ïnïernnl. d.'ul.ttiil medicines, so long as a hannltss, -.■tri-iol rtnj rnnlil hf I M 1. t i I Mthonch I h.n-e sairl nbout t as in hnir eforariVÏ , yfet I will fcbK ii tf3rüVn8i 'lic V orH v iiey tnay hrins iheii'Oils Itir ml nes. Bnd ,( ris wijl restore the hair two caaes to llieir one p OI.l) SORKS, MOKTIFICVTIOXS. tT.CKKS. KTC. ,. Thnt soinc Sores are an omlet to ilie impuri„ rj of the sfi;'in, s bpciniSH iliey eannot pass T ihfóu'ih the ii-i'ii "1 channelè of the Inseiisiu . PeffpiraiiOB. I' Mtóh s res nre henleil up. r, ie i.nmriiU:s raust li-ive Bom.fl othei oiitlet. or il t ÍI etuMger lifc. Tlus is i!ic reasVtfl why ij p [ npolitic to use 'lic rommon Sirtvè of tlie na .' i eiich cuses. Fr ibey hnve nn power to open v ihe .-ivonufS. io iet oiTtlii-i Mioilütl matter, and i coi?cqnences nre alwavs fátffl. Ts Salve s ïll ;lways piovide for euch emergencies. PÍSFaSKS OF CHH.DKJtS. ' [Iow rnniiy ihousnndaare wépt oíí by givinr ii nerirl ir.r.ücincs. Whflïl hcir youiig bixlifis i nd icniler frames ;ne t bcar up 0áin8 ' licin? Whr.le nTnies re ti sein to tlieir . nivrs n:oii'iy fr m poiiiirc i"1'1 ili"ir svea); toinachs powcrfnl dn. 28 ond pliyhics! It is xo ucli ili.H ibe AII-Ho.-din.? Oüntnent tenders ec i nfe. plcnsunt. and linrmlcss n cure Sjlch i es ns Croup'. Ciiol(;. Cholera Jnfnntiim. i Vöhue, nnd "H Snmmor Complninls. by hiel ■ 0 ninny childien die. the Oimment will renöv'so'speetltly nnd stirely, ihai n physicicn vul nevur be nceded. Mothcrs! throuahoui ill tliis land. we ivnv olrmnly and sacredlyde■ r.n) i yon Itmt ihe Ail-Healina Oiniinent will inve yonr chüdren f rom nn raily grave if yqii .vill use t. We nre not riow actuafed by tlio cas dcsi:e tonain; but knowing is we do thut irast bodics of int.nnis and chüdren die cariy: wliici) i& 3ipposfd to be inevitable and impossille to prevent, we hold up our wnrnins voice, and (ipchrrê u he fnce oí the whöje world, CUlLDltEN NI'ED 1V0T DIE MORE 'J'.'IAN OTHERSÜ Hut it is froin iJfe want ef proper miurisl'ment and the curiötant Üfuitt they undérgo wbich rti.uwa Uvejn down as the rank grass fallsbefore ihe sevthe. Motliers! we repeat airain. nnd if thcy wevo the last words we wcre ever lo ulter. nnd oi course past ihe rencri ol all intcicsi. we woulü .ny. "ut?t;t)ie All-llcaling Oinimcnt forsicknes among ebildren." HEOMATI'M. 1 1 remove." nlmost immediatèly ihe inflnrnftliou and sweiüiiij, when the pain oi" course eenmes. FHVKKS. [n ces of fever, the diíílculiy lies in the pores beitüT locked up, so that the heat and purp:ratinn caimot pass oli'. If the lenst moisture could be starled, the crisis ia pnpsed nnd the danpr over. Tlie All-Healing Omtn eni will in all cases of fevers idniost instantly unlock the skin and briflg foith the perspiratioi). ii.m t.r. coitri a:n is. Ioflflrnótidn of the kidneys, ot ihe ivoñib. nn' itslallni:: down. wrnkiu-ss. and irn-pulaMiy ; ii short, all tlioso diHicultics whi.-h nri; fiequdi witli females, find ready and permanent i lief. We have had aged la'diès teil ;s they could nol live six munths without t. Bui to femnles ahou tobeconie niotliers. if used forsomc weeks antecedent to their eonfinemenr. vcry few of t host pains and convulsions which altend them nt tlia pciiod will be feit. This facl ougiu to be knuwi ihe orld over. 3CAI.D HKD. We have curcd cases that actuallv defied evc rythinsr known. as wel! ns the abili'v bf fTfiètel nr twenty doe:ois. One man lold us iic hai spent $500 pn lus ehildren without any benefit when a few boxes of the Onitment cured th'éïii a)itNs. People uced ncver be troubled wiih )heai i they will use it. As a FAMIÍA' MEDfCtNK; no man ca ineasurc i:s valué. So long as the stars ro alonK over the - s lonjr as man tri'ai ihe earth. Object id all the inlirniitics of ih fle9, - so long as disense ar.d sickness is know jnst so lonirwill thit; Ointmem he u?ed ai esteemed. When nrm ceases from oíTiheearlh ! then thedeniand will cease. and not lili then. 'J'o allay all oppreThonsJons on necount o( iti nsiedieuts. in possessine súch pjrwerful proper tieV. we will staie rjiát it is co npíísed Bf sumo o . ihe inost eo:ninon and hnni.lcps horha in e.Niíi once There is no inercury in it. as can be seei . from the (net that itdocs nöt iujure the skiilom ei partirle, while it will pass throtièh and pliysi ihe bowels. JA.MKS MeAI ISTER (i (O. 1(8 Soútli eiréet. N. York. 1 Solo proprielor óf ihe nbove Medicine, t , whom all coniínunietiona must bc nddiesse' il t 'post pnid}. Pricev ceñís and óO cents. (CTCAUTION.xi] f As the All Healin. Ointment íns been gre'at 5 ly countérfeited, we have g:en 'bis caution t ihe public, that ':no Ointincnt will be énuUN - unless tho ñames of James MeAlister. or Jame - McAlisier & Co.. are writtcn with a pen upo every label." The label isa steel enraviiií! f with'ilic figure of "Insensible l'crspiration" o d the face. Now we hereby offer a reward of $fPO, to I f paid on convicción, in ahy of the constitute couiis ol' the United States, of any individu; counierfeiiini,' oír nnme nnd Ointment. c MAYNAK.IVS. Ann Arbor. Wholepale A l' üoms; Siuith &. Tyrcll, Clinton: Keíchtyñ " Smiih, Tccumseh: D. C. Whitwood, Dexte 11 H. Bóvveí Manchesier: John Owen fc Co ;- Detroit: I forman Sí Cook. Brooklyn. 0 peo. 18. 185. 214- ly 1 ( - . - -WOO&! WOOL CLOTH! CLOTH?! TTWJE subscribers will conlinue to minufacX ture Fallecí CSotïi, or 'M h ets. per yard, nnd white llannel for 2:) ents per yard; or tíiey will manufacture the viR.l lor hult the clolh it wiU make. Their Facory is 2i miles Wesi of Ánrí A'rboir, on tho I uon Rivtr. Wool willalso be received nt Seio. ',Vhen sent bv Railroad it will be alicnded to in he sanie mntiner as ir me owners were to como A-id) it. Wool will be ninniifíiciured n turn as t comes inns nearly ns it can be done with referjnce to ihediflereiu qualitiesof wool. WOOL CARB1NG, vill bedone at Scio. by Thomas HosKins. S. VV. FOSTEll&CO. Scio, May 1, 1845. 10 E G. BURGER,, HAS removed hisofltee to Grane fe. lewett's Block, first room on the Second Floor, ■vhere being well prepnied lo altend to every jranch of his profeseion, would rrspcctfully saj :o all who have not bad those necesgary organs. THE TEETH, properlv atlcaded to, dehy di ionger, but coll upon hini' and experience the jase and durability of lusctperations. Tkbms iccommodating and charges inno case unreasoniblc. Ann Arbor, March fi. I845v 47-t SABBATH SCHOOI. BOOKS for solea PERRY'S BOOKSTORK. Doe. & 214-tfTry- Try- Try Again. FTER you have tricd one thousand and on L kinds of Pilis; thcn try Dr. Hahncad'a Brisk Pilis I you wiil bc l'ully satistied ibat tlicy are at icfa prelerable to cvcry other.kind as the sun'e lu mi'l lieat is prcferable, 10 bring forward and mote a Jiealihy growth in vegetables to that icli cmnnates fnuii the moon. I'hey arejust what is wnnted in this country i pill lliat operases quick. thorough ond easy, rviny all impuritics with ihem; Jeaving the mach mul bowois cleon and clear. Away with ar SL.OVV PILLS, that act SLOW- cleahsa ,OW. ond leavc ihe syslem in a SLOW state, lious matter and oiher impedimeniscollcct Ve. jöpiil in ihe eystcm when once they begin te cumúlate - and will increase as fast ns Slow lis will remove them. It in neecssary therefore; have ;i brisk opcration - that will af.ouse íli ie okgans Trom tbeir torpit! state, pive a xípy. ipctus to the blood and Becretions. Then food II digest - the stornaeh gain sirength - the sys m. stront - ihe fkin clcar - ihe appetite good, d you are well - whrn yonr elow dotes woulc ■ep you linaeiipg nlong for monilis- and thcn rhnps ou wíll sena lor a Doctor, and wlnit II he do? He will give you a powerlul cu,ir]jc nne that will i yousome goo!. Nd'w he your own dicto:s, and take Ilalstcd's pgetnble Hiisk Pilis, nnd grádente them to suit 0 patiënt. To wcak patients givc tmall dos - to rhildieii. Thev are harn;lefa and n he civon io tlic ir.ost delicate - but then tliey vc life nnd motion to ihe systcm. DISF.ASE is a slow morbid articn, clopging 1 all the small vesselp - and calis nloud lor á iiwdv tliat will aronse ihem into action hefore' i'ey bécome too weak io be kept in motion. - ï eo')le tüe ior the want of lidion - and fcaring ipy shall"ohtnin a healthy. natural action - they' ifer inking a slow medicine- ihat thty may jetor slowlv Tor years - and at lust die wilh rt ow, iinperig disense - the na'uinl cfTect of takis bIow PU'9. Awuy thon wiih ihis tlu'ory. - nature wishes to purify the aii. she calis up in hnrrv a ilmndrr shower. and with it her lightitijTS (nr plivsic) to purify. cleanse. and givc a ow ' uintion to tlir atniofplwre. and all is well. ihe does not liehten rf-ntly the year round to roduce thie inotion. Thn follow natnre,when oti nreout of benJih- have a had taste in your iruil_ini)ipc3tion - cn.Mivenrss - fevrr- colk liüls fevcr nnd apur - dysp'-pfia - pain in baci ,. limbs- tnl;in cold - or in fact out o oriïfr in ny w.-iy- rolievo your-elfinui'ediaiely by taking he RriïU Pillfl. Try them once ond you wif[ réfl no other. 2H Puls Tor S5 cents. Sold wholcsnle and retail by 3. Owen & Co,, ■)eti-ott;C. Eborbaeh, S. P. Jewelt. Lud & VlcCoüum, Ann Arbor. 237-6m SIC ICÑESS IN CHILDHEN. AND the suiTcriiig whieh they undergo from 'wor.sis" often ter.d to u latnl terminatioti, aíhIo tlie caí sr. is ncver suppected. Oficnsive ineath. pitkintr ai the nose. grinding the ïeeth liiri)) sleep, etniting in sleep with friirht and creaming. tioub!es'mecoiigh. and feverishness, re ninong som e oMhe Promiimvt S'jmftma of .ie prei-ence of wornis. A liinely use of SHEUMAN'S WORM LOZENGES Will immediotely remove all these unpleasant ymptonis. nnd restore to perfect henlth. Sietor Lnntius, Superior of the Coihulic Half Orphan Csyhim line aácfed lur testimony in tlieir favor, 0 .he thousjinls which lmve one belore. She states th;ii there are over 101) chiidien in tlie A-!um. and ihat'fhey havo been in the Habitof ising SiierinDii's Lozeníícs. nnd alio has always otind iliom t le ntiend'd wilh the most beneti■i il ëflèctV. They hnve beer. proved to be infalible ín over 400. fk)O cates. CONSUMPTION, [nfluenz:). Coughs. Oolds. Whooping Cough, Tighine88 of the Lungsor Chest may bo cured. Rev. Dnrïus Anthony wns very low !rom Con,uii(iion. Jonathan Howard, the eclebrated tetnperiince iectürer, wasieduerd to the vergeof (he rravi by nnsiny blood. Rev. Mr. Dnnbar, of New Yo'ik. ihe Rev. Mr. De Forest, Evangelist in l'liS Western part of ihis staie. Rev. Ser;ip fin Stxeter. rif Boston, the wifeof Orasmus !)ilibl(!. Ksq. in Monrovia, and hundreds of othvs. have been relieved and cured by a propor "tóHERMAN'S COt'GH LOZENGES, And no mtilicine bas ever been more effectual in ihe relief' of these discases, or which can bo reeomriiended with more Jence. They al lay all iieliing or iirimtion, rendjer the cough ea05', promoe expcctonition, remove the ciuse, and produce ihe most iiappy and Insting tfi'cts. I1EADACHE. Palpitation of the llenrt, Lown?s of Spirits, Sou sickness, Despondenc'. Faintness Cholic Spa8ins. Cra:iips of the Stoniach. Sunnner or Bowei Coniplainis, also all the distressing sympKin:s nrieing l'rotn (ree living, or a niLht of dissi:nti')ii ruc quickly and entirely relieved by using SIIERMAN'S CAMPFIOR LOZENGES. They act speeiiily and relieve in a very short spaceof time. giving tone and vigor to the system. andemiblea person usiRg them to undergo g'eal mental or bodily fatigue. RilEUMATISM, 1 Weak Hack. pain and wenkness in t'ic Breast. Back. Litnbs aiid oiber parts of ihe body ave spöèdily and eiR'Ctnallv relieved by SHERMAN'S POOR MAN.;S PLASTEIl, whieh cos'sonly láj ce nis, tuid is within the rcach of ij II. So great has breóme the reiut.ition of this arjicle that oné mijlion will not begin to supply ihe nnnuiil (ienia'h'd. It ia acknowTedeed 10 bo tho bcétStrengihomng Piaster in theworld. IHIWARE OF IMPOSITION. 1 Or. Shrniiaii's Poor Man'a Pl.ister Ims his name witb diroëiit'h.B printed on the back of the Piaster. r.nd a Ïï3ftc siniÜeJ t) ot tho Doetcr's wrilten nnmeunder the directious. None others aro ííenuine. or to be relied on. Sherman's 1 Warenouse is No. I0G iNrssau st. New York. W. S. &, J. W. MAYNAUD, Agenta for : Ann Arbor. 246IN CHANCERY- FIRST CIRCUIT. Jo8eph Clark, Complainont vs. Peter McGivrtfv. Delendnnt. BY vinuoof a decretal order issued out oftlio Court of Chnncery. of i!ic State ol Michigan, I chalí expose to snle lo the highest bidder, nt (hc Cotiri House, in the village of Ann Arhor. Washtenuw Couniy. Michigan, on the 24th nny ol F'.brunry naxt. at ono o'clock in the aflernoon of that d iy. ilie following described premisps. to wit: "The northeasU quurter of Section ihiriy. township number one souih, f Range three cast." GF.O. DANF0RTI1 Masterin Chancery. t)qifi.A$s & WAtKKR. Cotnp'8 Sol'r8. Dnted Janunrv (ih. ]H4'1, 246- 7w Fïax Secd ï THE subscriher wislies to buy a quontity of Flax Skeu, forwhtch he wi!I pay the highest innrket priee, in Goous or Cash, delivered at his Millat Mount Pleasant, Genessce County, Michigan, live miles north ol Fcntonville. D. L. L TOURETTE, Dec 15, 1845. 243- 5m' nnAKEN up by the subscribet on or nbout the .t first of November last a HKIFEIt, uipposed to be two years old. wiih bnndlesidcs, whilo back and belly nnd some white on the lcgs and tail. The owner is requested to pny chnrees nnd takehcrowny. LEVI JUNb. Bndgwater, Dec. 10.1845. 248- Hy [IAWLS. Dress stufis of all kinds, Lace Veils. Crnv.its. Ribbon, &c. &c At tho Manhattan Stokb, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. _Dec. 25; 1845. 244-611 BROAD CLOTHS, Cass.meres, Vestinge, Sntmetts, Gents. Cravats. &c. &c. cheop at the Manhattan Stokk, Detroit. VV. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25, 1845. 244- 611 FEATHERS and PAPER HANGINGS niay be found at nll times at the ManhattaK Stork. Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dec.' 25. 1844. 244- 6m TWO young men about 18 or 19 yeareof agfi as apprentices to tho Sash and Blind inaking business. Also, ono JOURNEYMAN, ai the: abovc business. n-oH. GREGORY. Ann Arbor, Lower-Town, Dec. 4.