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Never Say Fail

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TIip following ís a right up aml clown, good ensible orticle from the pen of Joe Neal.- f Ve recommend our young readers to c very mouthful - scmence by sntence. - [Ex. vv 'The great tncrct of succcss in lite i never ir [jgivcup. Ifwewcreto leave a legacy to w ur childrun, nnd had nothing better, wc ni hould brquenth lo Üiem as tlieir motlo, 'per . evere'. Moro ia lost tlian people eappoe j y want of wel I directed energy - we do not iean ihat energy which comes by fiis and _ tnrt-', but a ccaselcsp, untiring tenacity of urpose, assited by sound cominnn eense, in ie niTiiirs of life. Your wenk mindert men, " ho irive up ai tfie fust rebufi', are pood for o] oihing. Great 8ula only achieve immortal y by dint of untiring perseverance. Look cc t Columbu.; he was seventeen years in proni jring the Iitlle fleei which discovered a s] orld. See l)ow Washington toiled, year i "ter year, amidst conatnnlly recurrmg disnp. aintment, laboring, too under tle want of loney and the snspiciona of Congresa; but e pereevered, and our independence was :hieved. John J. Astor says it was more l'' iflicnlt to enrn hie fust thousand dollars, tlion g j amass all the rest of his twentyfour milo ons. He means, really, that the habita of s] nterprise, activity, and perseverancn, which j c found necessary tuearn his first thousann ollurs, remnined aflerwardi with him as o , labit; and asaisted by capital, easily nchieved . iid enormous for'une. Most of our rich men lave once been poor Iike him. Do not deipatr tberefore. Let your watch-word bf, k nevur fail.' Rise siiperior to your fortunes, t md you will yet be great and rich.' t