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Meteorological Observations

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ilïorrespondent of tho LJoston Advcrtiser vriting from Brunswick. Me., thus v :es the amount of moiature whicb has v rollen there in the ycar 1-845. Having received from professor i land hisannual repori of the amount of rain and snow reduced to water by an t established principie, which has fallen x from January lst, 1845, to Januory lst, ( 1846, he finds that there has been ( ded sixly-eight inches and fifty nine one bundredths of an inch. Added to this the amount of snow reduced to water, we ' have sevcn inches and seventeen-one c hundredths more. Henee the total amount of moisture will be equal to 75 inches and seventy-six one hundredths of an inch. Professor C. lms now , kept his meteorological Tables very , accurately for the past forty-two years, 1 and he finds that the average amount of moisture which has fallen annually for the abovo nuniber of years is between forty and forty-two inches - though in ' one year he has recorded forty-eight inches. In the month of November lnst i we had Beventcen inches and forty -one i hundredths. i