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State Antislavery Society

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3 at flie Aun ivcrsn ry meeting, and r PP i' topics oí interest' which were prei'; bul a pressura of othcr mallers mpelled us tu post pone i tul next 1 on M e officia V procioeding-s, nnd the l )0 of llio Executive Committee, so far apted, will he found ín this pnpcr. _ c procecdings of the Yo;ing Mcn'.s en ' ty are neccssnrily laid ovcrtill next gers, Rebb ie attendance af vhe Awiiversar , not as greot as lnst at Jiockson, ülly met the public expectoiion.- " e Wlug paper at Marshall, says "ihe ( at( ítjbft' coiivcntion wos very wftll re? ' nted. Many interesting speeches e made, and some that were rathcr ulous.' s j :ie Expounder says: rhe attendance was large - about 100 jatea - comprising a large portion of i nttending ihe temperance conven" Tliere waa a respectable show of Fost it." Je