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istcned lo the story of this man s us wrongs, will regret to learn that The empts to recover his fnmily have HoW entirely frustrated. The CincinI55 ll i ij nre th' lernld snys: , tt i raoinir is hisiory is n sad ono. He has a wife and child now in slavery. - ? ?" g the lust cight years, ho has made ■■ i! atlempts to secure thcir freedom, rpPres ithout success. His recent visil to cover lace wns made wilh a view this resenl He had not seen his companion fixed I Q y car?, and eame hereall buoyant for e the hope of reoovering her.. He ,ave down to Madison, and tliere learned feor,; 3 unspeakable misery, that his wife frce[j. hild liad been boughl two years ago . :■ Frenchman, somewhere in Missisand that she, he had fondly hoped ie sene from chains, and instalas the mnJ01 mistress of his Canada home, had odd forced down lo the extremest poinl Slati ?gradation to which woman can be JYew ;ed. tncml üpe fled forever - ho gave his cause ito the hands of the Judge of all the (,rn i, and is about to return to the cold ge)a ns of the North, a heart broken q{. a( his is an illustrotion of the Divine enc0 tion of Slavery." cxtel who CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. righi