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Great Battle--late From Brazil And The River Platte

Great Battle--late From Brazil And The River Platte image
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8th of Dec, and the brig Saldana the same place, Dec. 2Oth, bring; esting advices f rom that quarter. It be seen by the nnnexed letters copied i the Baivhnoro American, that the bined Torces of the English andi ich achieved a signal victory 1 the Argentine troops, and captured" forts at the mouth of the river ana : " RioDe JAXEino,17th Dec. 1845. Fhe absorbing topic of tlbeday is thetremendous engngement bfttween thO. lo al lied forcesat the Platte, andsomeRossas' batteries at the mouth of the er Paraná. The newspapers will btlessteem with the particulars of the ceedings on both sides. On the part the English nnd Frenen the victory ; complete indeed ; not, however,withserious losses as regards life, and perty in the wny of shipping. 4 The English brig of war Dolphin ne received 1Ü7 round shot in her huil 1 rigging rJurin1he engagement ; the2nch steamer Ful ton 104 shot ; and a Drich vessel, or at leasta vessel mnnned the Buenos Ayereans, was completericldled. The total loss of the allies ounts to about 150 killed and woundwhile on the part of the cnemy no. reet statement has yet been made pub Report says that upwards of 800 n are missing. Certain jt is that in, 2 fort no less than 250 bodies ureremd, and in another 150 or 160 ; and at is still more strange, they were all icks. To account for all this, it is.saidi it as fust as a white man feil, killed or nnded, he was immediately carried ofT lile the poor blacks were kepl at it d lay where they feil. "Onceor twice these miserable wretchatteinpted to flee f rom ho forts, but na oner did they attempt it, ihan Rossa valry chnrged on them and compellod em to return to their guns ot the point the lance. Rossas seemed to havo iticipated the flight of bis men, and aced these ca valry there on purpose ta ;ep them in check ; for on the landing ' somc 450 men from the vessels of war ey met with but very little opposition. " Montevido advices to the first uit., iy : - " We have news from Paraná, ating the entire destruction of the prinpal batteries at the Tonelero. The issof the French and English amounted i about 150 killed and wounded."