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ANK ARBOR TKU. Ut q(j ; weather is very comfbrtablc and pleas r the seopon, und the roads are good. )at has fnllen little since laai week, Qj con liear ofiuTbuyers whn are pnyinir mm than 75 centP. The ditipiitiin to eell icreased i little iinee Uie price begtm :line. The New York market secms to settled dt,wn at i,50 to $D,(52l Tor 9lh , ■. It trt not probable thnt thee will be Rrdf rrat variation till the opening1 or nnvigoh v. the spring. relyn Bufln!o,Feb. 4, holdersaskeil $4,G5 to brort l. obsei io charter of the Wieconsin Fire tbc ic Co. hns been rcpealed by the JJJ e. How largo a circnhtion lts bilis have now not. The Chicago Citizen soya: kVhnt efiect it will havo on the circulation ( i bilis ia uncertain.of course it will restrict g ( it whcther it will deprecíate the value of A money, we are not prepared to say. Ii 1 of S edeemed in thie cily, as yet, as it haal L c 1 me