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Real Estate Transactions

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The followiug real estáte transfers have been recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, uring the week ending Nov. 26. Oeorge W. Smith to Patrick Ryan all of lot 15 that lies north and west of. Poutiac street in block 4, north range 4, in the city of Ann ArborPrice, Í40. William A. Butler to James and Samuel Little, 120 acres of laud on sechou 9, in Lyudon. Price, 1920. John G. Miller to Richard W. McClain, 48 1-2 acres on section 3, and 8 2-3 acres on sec. 4, in Lima. Price, 2,200. Christian Mack and Frederick Schmid, Jr., to Eliza Partridge, lot 2, block 6, Fartridge's addition to city of Ann Arbor. Price, $70. Stephen B. Morse to Worden Woodfork, lot 42 in Morris' addition to city of Ypsilanti. Price, f200. Hiram Balcom to Elizabeth Hewett, part of ots 37 and 39, and lot 38, in Travor's addition to city of Ann Arbor. Pnce, J800. James Hopkins to Helen Hopkins, 40 acros of land, on section 12, in Lyndon. Price, $1 ,000. Helen Hopkins to James Hopkina, 20 acres of land on section 12, in Lyndon. Price, $500. Henry B. Flagler to Nancy T. Flager, a piece of land 10x16 rods on section 13, in towusliip of Sylvan. Price, S100. J ohn Geo. Klagler to Martin Eberlo, 4 acres on section 1, in Bridgewatcr. Price, . Conrad Eheinfrank to John Sautter, ó acre of land on section 13, in Bridgewater. Price, $20. Egidius Ileiser to Jobn Sautter, 100 acrcB of land" on nection 10 and 11, in Bridgewater, Price, $1,600. Egidius Beiaer to Aaron L. Feldkamp, 10 acres of land, in Bridgewater. Price, $100. Clarissa Kanouse to Edson Clark, 1 acre of land on section 28, in York. Price, 8400.