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., MT, d.oRhwr of Cleveland and _- cld, ascd 12 yenrs, 11 ntonths nnd 20da?. the deatli pf tKll yodng lady her parenware t of nn affcctionatechild, on whom ihcy were CuTr li; lor solace in their dedining thH ers and sisten, of one whom thcy lovrd am _ ] mod. But ih i no more. Her funeral J-J ple. we nttcnded on Taoiday-sermon by Rev. Mr. Simons from John 14: 27, ader h her remains wêtè committcd to the dus , Gno) to rest until the reaurrect.on of the juft. j y [Communicatcd. I this villagf, on the Sd instant, Mr. HWRT Lñw }oonicH, youngeM wn of Capt. Chauncoy SnI oodrich, aged 21 ycars. Kuil t a mcetinc of the Students of the Uiuwrmty Ca QdS3?Sid Februry 3d, 1846 on Vof Mr. Bccker, Mr. West was cnllcd to tk Br and Mr. Gray was appointed secretary. Sn n motion, n commitlee of one from each da &o , „ppointed for the purpo.eof Jl S reilrence to iho funeral of H. D. Pu rhefoUo ïin g perïons were appoinied membere cd }committee „.■_ ivr orce L. Becker of ihe Senior, IMm S. Newbury of ihe Junior, Ppe mes B. WilhereU of c Sophomore, ' ."arles Bcckwiih of the Freshman. Ar , molion, the meeting was adjoumed to meet l ani edïateiy fier ovening prayetB. W t an adjourncd meeting, Mr. Becker from ibélM mittee nppointcd to report Solutions, UUn Sfctclaie'f o'uV Lfl& student, Mr Henry conl W GÏÏdrich of the Sen.or class, dmnL Igj ,usb b. frenas and compan.ons an mg ion of Pym,athy and respect. Thejmncement of hi nudden and nexpected dUJ ;_I 3t bfl to na all, but pamcuU.rly to the "ba of that class wi.h he was for a 1 ptime so intimately connected, a aource of fe had'nearfy Sed the colkgiate conrse ch was preparing hi.n for an extended sphere sefulness in the world nround U8, and he lookupon the üfe whirh awnited him afterhis deïïr- from these walis full of bright hopes and d SticipatiobB. But suddcnly and w.thout n rning, his soul has been returned to the God ,o cave it. Withuut a murmur he was aunchfrom time into eternity, and thus. by the :wik ipensation of an inscruiable Providence, hchas)m of youthful strength. But f the distrcss elations can be alleviated by an earthly conition, some portion of U perhaps may be ded froiu the reflection thnt he was esteemed and 5ved by all his colleagucs and acquaintanco?. n conclusión, the conunittce bcg leavc to offer following rcsolutions : . .y; '■ . lesolved, Thnt the Studcnts of this bniverjily re lenrned wilh deep emotion of the death of nry D. Goodrich, a member of the Senior I Resolved, That we tender to the relaüves of decensed the expressions of our sympathy on p s event, and as a teatimony of our respect lor - memory of the deceased we will wcar crape on the left arm for thirtv dayü. Resolved, That we will Utend in n body, the nrnil of the deceased on Thunday next ;it 10 .1 lock in the forenoon. . N. WEST, Chairman.