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Anti-slavery Petitions

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Personully, we ileeei no interest in them. ftiany years nave pasced since we eigned any anti-sluvery petitions. We shall never sign anothcr, till Congress becornc a decent as3embl_v. We would ns 6OOH think of proslrating ourselves at the foot of ihe grand Turk, as presenting an slnvery pelition to tbat body. We vote - and had we not that right, would prefer exercising a very difTercnt right from that ofpraying. - Cin. Herald. A ihief oiie night entered the chomber o a poor man, and commenced a vigoions search. The man bcing awakened by the uoisc, vcry cooly occosted the Impudent thief ae fbllows: - 'My friend, what do you expect to find nere in the nignt, whcre 1 cannol find anything at daylight?'