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Feb. 12. Si.vate. - A number of petitions were presented and referred. A long debate sprung up on ftpropositiön to refer to a select committee so tttuch of the revisión as refers to the collection and return of taxes, the object is to make all taxes, resident and non-resident, payable in the town and county where they were assessed - the matter was so referred. Apternoon. - Therfternoon was conlumed in commitiee of the whole on the rovision. House. - A number of petitions were presented and referred. The House then went into committee of the whole on the revisión, andconsidored chap. 31, of weights and mensures ; chap. 32, of bilis of exchange and promissory notes ; chap. 33, of limited partnerships ; chap. 34, of money, of account and of the interest of money and on judgments, verdicts, &c.Title 7 having been reported back with amendmcnts, a long debate ensued on the question to strike out the provisión allowing 10 per cent. interest on money upon special contracts, which was oegatived AftEftNöon.- The afternoon was occupied in committee of the whole on the revisión.February 13. BBNAf a.The Senate went ihto comwiUee of the whole on the general order, Mr. Green in the chair, and consklered various bilis and joint resolutions, among which wns the bill relating to certain moneys stolen from the Treasurer of Shiawassee county, which was debated at some length, and reported back wilh emendments, which were laid on the table. Afternoon. - The Senatetook up the report of the committee of the whole, and after disposing of tlie various bilis and joint resolutions, reported back A bill for the relief of Emeline A. Weaver was read a third time and passed. The joint resolutions relativo to$1812 stolen from the Treasurer of Shiawassee county, was debated at length, the quesïion involveJ being whether the State or the county should lose the amount until eollected from the Treasurer, the money boing deducted by the state from tho funds of the county. House. - Mr. Edmunds ofiered the following: Resolved, That as it appears from reports of the commissioner of interna] improvements, $19,976 in 1844, and $26,217 in 1845 was expended for the conatruction of cars, being only $680, less than the value of cars on hand per inventory of last report. The commissioner if directed to report the number and value of carionhand at the commencement of 1844, the expenses for repair of cars since that time, and if the value at the commencement of 1844 exceed tho balance of $680, to account for thedeficiency, which was adopted. The House went into committee of the whole on tille 9 of the revisión, and coneidered chapter 37 of the support of poor persons by their relations, chapter 38 of thé support of poor persons by counties, chapter 89 of disorderly persons, chapter 40 of racingof animáis, chapter 41 of tavern and other licensed houses, chapter 42 of the maintenance of illegitimnte children, chapter 43 of the observance of the first day of the week and the prevention and pünishment of immorality, chapter 44 of the law of the road and tho regulation of public carrioges, chapter 45 of the firing of woods and prairies, chapter 46 of timber and lumber floating on waters and carried upon adjoining lands. Tho committee rose and reported progress. Title 8 of the revisión was read a third time by its title. Afternoon - The House went into Commiltee of the whole on the apportionment bill, Mr. Edmunds in the chair. The questiön being on the adoption of the substitute for the lst section, offered by Mr. Walker. The Speaker offered a subsfitute for the first section, fixingthe ratia at 5,000 and giving to each organiáed tíounty having a moiety of the ratio á member of such moiety - making the whoïe humoer of Represenlatives 66, which was finally adopted and reported back to the House The substitute was concurred in, yeas 45 nays 5. On niotion of Mr. Walker, the bill was recommitted with instructions to make the 2d section, relating to Senators cor respond.Mr. Edmunds moved to instruct that the counties having morethun one metnber shall be divided into as many dtriets as the county is entitled to members, which was lost. The House went into committee of the whole on the revisión. Title 9 chapter 40 - Of timber and lumber floating upon waters or carriec upon adjoining lands. Chapter 47 - Of lost goods and stray beasts. Chapter 48 - Of fíre departments in citie8and villages.Chnpter 49 - Of certain municipal regulations of pólice. Chapter 50 - Of unauthorized banking and certain notes or evidences of debt issued by banks. Chapter 51 - Of the destruclion óf wolves and other noxious animáis. On motion of Walker the committee ' rose and reported back title 9 wilh sundry ïmendments several of vvhich were conjurred in and the title was ordered to a third reading. Feb. 14, 1846. Senate. - Mr. Videto oflered a , lution for the printing of 400 extra copies of the report of the committee on lance, on the subject of tho sale of the i ail roads, which was agreed to. Mr. Hale, upon leave, from the I ïiittee on incorporations, reported a bilí o amend the charter of the city of ' roit, which was twice read and ordered f o be printed. Feb. 14,1846. (' House. - A message wasreceived from E he Senate relntive to amendmentson i les one and two of the revisión, which t vere disposed of, except on one t nent between the two houses, on which V he House insisted, and appointed a v nittee of conference. Title 9 of the revisión relating to the , nternal pólice of the state was read a hird time by its title. The House went intocommitteo of the a hole on title 10 of the revisión and 6 idered r Chapter 52 - Of religious societies. t Chapler 53 - Of libraries and lyceums, t Chapter 54 - Of buryinggrounds. c The committee rose, reported progress nd obtained leave to sit again. t On rnötion the House adjourned to , Ionday moming. February, 16, 1846. ? Mr. Howell from the committee on ublic lands, reported a bilí toNremove ■ lie State Land Office from Marshall, in Jalhoun county, to Grand Rapids, in ' [ent county, which was twice read and c rdered to be printed. ( Mr. Howell from the committee on t ublic lands, made a written report on t lie subject of the mineral lands of tho upier Península, and denying the right of , he government to lease the mineral ands in this state, without the consent of he Legislature. The report was accomlanied by a bilí 'dectaratory of the ' erest of the State of Michigan in mines ind minerals," and a joint resolution I ,tive to the leasing of mineral lands, i vhich were twice read and ordered to be trinted. , Mr. Fenton moved that 1000 extra t es of the report be printed, which was , ;greed to. Mr. Hale, from the minority of the ( lance committee made a written report n tqe sub eet of a sale of the rail roads, ( vhich was read and ordered to be d. The report was necompanied by a i ill for the incorporation of the jan railroad company. Mr. Fenton, from the commiüee" to vhom was referred a resolution of ( tructions to enquire into the expediency , )f so amending that portion of the revison relative to toxes, as to leave to Couny Treasurers all duties now performed ' y the Auditor General relative to I urns and sales of lands for delinquent ' axes - nlsoto enquire as the expedincy f sale being made by townships, made a v ritten report in favor of the first part f the proposition, and against the expeliency of sales being made by townships, md the report was luid on the table and ( rdered to be printed. i House. - Mr. Noble, from Judiciary rommittee, reported chapter 55, title 10, ( ,vhich was referred to committee of the ] ivhole. Also title 11 - Of public instruction xnd primary schools, with sundry atnendnents. Mr. Noble said, since the committee net, some amendments had been suggest2d which were entitled to consideralion ; ie would therefore propose that the title be referred to committee on education to make such amendments as to them may ippear judicious. So referred. Mr. Walker, from select committee reported chapter 20, tisle 5, with amendments, which were ordered to be printed. The bill to provide for the erection of county buildings in Livingston county was read a third time and passed. The House went into committee of the whole on the revisión, and considered Title 6 - Of highways, bridges and ferries. Chap.V2 - Of the oflicers having the care and superintendence of highways nnd bridges, and their general powers and duties. Chap. 23- Of the persons liable to work on highways and making assessments therefor. Chap. 24 - Of the duties of overscers in regard to the performance of labor on highways, and of the performance of such labor and of commutation therefor, and the application of moneys by the commissioners.