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Tlie went her hae been moderate Tor sometime past. The snow feil last night severa! indios (Jeep. Thcro is no alteration in the Wheat market. Buyers are indisposed to poy more thnn 75 centa. We notice by our BufTMo ond New York papers tftal nolhing is doing in those markets. The sales of Cteeh Pork have about closed in this village. We find that tbere hae been a decline in the principal Hog mnrket of the west. A Cincinnati paper of Fcb Sd has the following: The su Ie of Hoge yesterday wcre, 70 liead at $3 60, av. wt. 200 lns- 85 do nt $3 S6aS 60, av. 200 Ib3. The market was dull throughoiit the week, with few sale?, nnd cloaing on Saturdny with a 6ale of 120 head, av. wt. 235 Ibs, at $3 62. Sble on Monday of 1C0 head, av. 240 Ibs, at $SJ. - Some iiHjuiries are mnking among Farmers as to the probable price of Wool in the spring. Il is vet early to form an opinión on specifie data: but all the indicationd now exmtinggo toshowthal it will not be any higher than last ycar, if as high. There is a considerable portion of the clip of last year on hand : and the increose in, the amount of Wool raised, especially in the Weat, outstrips the increase in the population. Be6ides,the buyers throughout the entire west lost on the purchase tbey made iaet year ; and if tho proverb be true that "abuint child dreads the fire," it may be safely imimed Ihat they will be more cautious about paying high prices the coming scason. Wool is dull here at prices ranging from Í8 to 25 centtf.