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The one question now most frequenüy asked Í8, "Will Chandler be re-elected ?" Not being a prophet we cannot definitely answer, but must content ourBelf with brieüy stating the position. A strong lobby, United States Marshals, Pension Agents, Postmaaters, Chaplains, etc, appeared at Lansing simultaneously with the niembers, and Chandler himself to hold high court. By procesa of drumming, beseeohing, promising, pressing, a cali, signed by 59 members - 17 Senators and 42 Represen tati ves - was issued, in accordance with which a caucus was held on Thursday evening of last week. The caucus was held, the roll-call showing but 57 members present two signers being absent. A ballot was had, without preliminary aplurging, and stood : Chandler, 63 ; J. W. Childs, 3 ; Judge Campbell, 1 ; and Gov. BAGLEY, 1. A motion was made and put, by a standing vote, to make tho nomination unanimous, and one, Mr. Bailey, of Shiawassee, alone voted no. Chandler was then sent for and made a very tauie speech, dodging Louisiana and all other issues, but promised more if eleoted. Speeches were also made by a number of gentlemen, who advocated the election of Chandler becauae of his experience and war record. They saw trouble ahead and wanted Ciiandler to faoe the storm. And so the matter stands to-day. The twelve Eepublicans who didn't sign and didn't cauous yet stand out, and private advices say that they will stand out until the end. On the other hand, Chandler's friends claim that they will " oome in" or the most of them, and that if they do not, he will get Democratie votes enough to put hiin through. This phase of the queation ia disoussed in another article. The Demócrata had not, at our latest advices, agreed upou their man. They should do so before Tuesday next, the day fixed by law for the election. The Democracy of the State deinand united and determined action : the election of a Democrat, if posaible ; of a Demoorat, oompetent and able, who will be a credit to the party and the State, and no Democrat must strike hands with the Chandler men to defeat the will of the party. If time develops that the 12 disaenting Kepublicans will not vote for a Democrat, then the Democratie inembers will owe to the party, the State, the nation, and to oonstitutional liberty, to aid by their votes in seouring the election of a Conservativo Eepublican, a Republicaa who will not vote to fasten military rule upon the States. The election is to take place on Tuesday next - the two branches of the Legislature voting separately. Ia the Senate Chandlbr will have 17 votes, a majority ; in the House, probably 42 - with 51 necessary to nomínate. These figures indícate that the election must take place in joint convention, in which - being full - 67 votes will be necessary to elect them. No Democrat should be sick or absent on that day, and no Democrat who would transmit a name to posterity untarnished, should record a vote for Chandler. It will be a disgrace to the Democracy of Michigan and the nation if Democratie members are found recreant to their duty in this hour of trial. It 18 THE arrogant boast of the agents and whippers-in of Senator Chandler, that that gentleman will be re-elected by Democratie votes if Republican members refuse him their sufifrages; or in other words that he will get two Democratie votes for every Eepublican vote withheld from him. If there ia a single Demoorat in Senate or House, a single inember elected as a Democrat, who is inolined to lend a vote to save Zack Chandlek'8 political neck, we care not for what special or private reasons, we refer him to the infamous " banditti" diepatch of Gen. Sheridan, to the approving dispatch of Secretary Belknap, to the sustaining speeches of radical Congressmen, to the well-known views of Chandler himself, - over thirsting for " blood," - and ask them if they can do this thing. Any Democrat voting foréCHANDLER will be assuredly and justly politically d - d, and the brand of Caín will not be washed off by the waters of the dark and turbid stream dividing this world from the next. The record made by Senator Chandler, and so glowingly piotured and approved by the after cauous speeches of his friends, is not one that entitles him to a single Democratie vote, and no man with the least claim to Democratie blood in his veins, will give him one, and becorae responsible for the vote he will give in favor of maintaining the Grant-SheriDAN grasp upon the throat of Louisiana, only to be relaxed when summoned to another capital. Are not those Demócrata in the " lobby" who proclaim that they " prefer Ciiandleb to any other Republican" thin ekinned and of the milk-and-wuter kind ? In this crisis any other Republican is to be preferred to Chandleb, and a Democrat who does not so see it is of narrow views or has something obstructing his visión. Which is it ? His experience and his war record are two argumenta used in favor of the reelection of Senator ChandlER. It is true that a new man will lack his experience, but if that is a serious objection will the office be deolared vacant when Chandler dies, or his administrator delegated to succeed him ? As to his " war record," peace is what the country wants now, and a new man without a " war record" to swear by or the smell of blood to make him frantic, will be more likely to serve hia country in a way to promote peace and prosperity. Charlie Boss was kidnapped in Philadelphia, and several murders have been recently committed in that goodly city. Where is President Grant, and why don't be send a military detachment to proteot the peace-loving people af that " trooly loil" city ? Is murder, or rapiñe, or robbery, to be tolerated everywhere exoept in New Orleans ?


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