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CAN T m BEAT ! rH K suhscrilx-r-5 would inform ihc Public, that tliey comiiiuu lo supply ilie tute ol 'icli" L. B. WALKER'S PATENT 'o IfiTgü imiiificrs pi rfieaí Jhicliiiii-s ilüit hnye cén 8old, :uu tl. e stendily incréasin dcin:uul lor leiii. is ihe best c:il nee of ibeii r'eiil valuó. ná ol tlicir cs:inuiii(Ui with fRÖsd wlio have bc onie liiiiii!:: r wjih t h c r níetita, Siinit Mncliinu isaiiíicrior Jo otbers 1 the luliiwiii" pr; r l : ii i ; : 1. As it cunilinips ilic llctiliner. SdBWfyt'i. nnd líojting Principies, t cleans ilu smui rain in the b'cat mannor, reiainin ajl,the fric ion of liie wlicnt, drill tJisc"hni%!hg thcTsrmit'íind Instas fnst ns fií'pnr.iiccM'ioin the uhr.Tii. 2. lt 'i&jsimplc n contlruciioii. aiifi s iln.nöfö lees liñljfe to bc'coinc (fcraógVd, d,nc2 os"ta less or ifiviir9. 3. It runí'-very ligfii, and speifccily scourc rom pre. 4. lt is es diirriblc as any ol1cr Macliiiu; in 15C 5. It cosis considcr.'ib'y J.r.bS ilnn oihcr lunl. 'J'ln se 'm;iniI:iH poiíi'lS )' ill li'c! ''li'-c flavo giv sn filis Madiinc i!ic prufi renro whli tlioss wlio mve ínii y Áiiionc n largo initnberof [ícntlenicii in ilic Millijjg Busiprjs wlio íuilu )e named; thc folio wing have us'cd tn'o Mochines, Ín'-I certiñed i-i ihcir oxcellcncy nnl superiority: II. . Uow.i;ii. l'oiniae. Mioli. M. V. Cü6k, iiocliesier, lo K. T?. ]")mom!i. Mnfon, do .M. F. Khink, Brniich, II. II. Ci'Mmock. Comstock, do Rcfc'reñccs ni'ay lso bc had lo .loii.s JiicoN, Aubiirn, .Mich. W. Iïu)v. do !o I). C. V'.SKI AND. II ck, (lo Jons PriU's, Monioe, do II. DoUS.MW, (lo (lo A. Hi ' n. Waiorloo, do G.:c. Ki:n!irii, M irsl):ill, do N. Mkm'MívaVJ Onklnnd, do All 'uders lor ;Mnclines will be promp:!y ntcrided to. Addrcsa i:, o. & A. CRITTÜNTOX. Ann Albor. (I,ower Town) Co. Mich. AuX. 21, 13-J.V ítC-lvFrkdkiuck w:tmoki:. htt cnstamN on hand, ( lic l.ugfsi stock in the West of Cracker y , China, Glassmire, Looking Glqsses, and Piales, Br anuía ÍVare Trv.v, Lamps and Wicking, Plalcd Ware, China Toys, 8fc, fio. His stock inclmles all t tic vuricties of Crockeiy and China, from the linest China Dinncr and 'IV-a Sctts to the most common and low prieel w.-iro - from the richest cut glass to tlic plaincst class ware. I'ritannia Cnstorsofever kind; Britannia Tca Setts, Coilco Pols, Ten Pots. Lamps. Candlesticks, &c. Soi.ak Laku Lamis of evcry description from the inost costly cut Pmlor Lamp to the cheapest Store lamp. All the nbovc articles are imported by himsolt dirccily from tlie tnanufacturers and will be sok at Wholesale, as low as at any Wholesale House, expenses from se;iboard added only. A liber.i: discount givon for cash. ]NIerchant8 nnd others are invited to cali and cxnmine the abovc articlis at the oíd stand, No. 125, Jefferson Avenue (Eldred's Block.) Detroit. 249-1 y . TEMPERANCE HOUSE. PIJ. R1PLKY would sny to his friends and the frienda of Tempert.nce, that he has taken the Temporáneo House, Jately kopt by Wm. G. Wheaton. whcre he would be glad to wait upon them. Hay and Oats and Stabbling to nccommodatc teams. Detroit, Jan.uary 1. 1S4G. 245tf Wood ! Wood ! ! A FEW ('ords of Woo! wout cd immadinüly in jiayment for the Sijjnal of. Liberty.; T0Ë il1[TEprecedhg iiyuto is givcn to represent ihe Insensible rcTspiration. lt is ihe grcsi rrt „iiitioi. for tU-impuiiiies ollhe boily. lt will ex noiicqd i!i;ii ;i iliidi floutly mist iasues ttonj noinis o ihc Búfíicc, wliu-li iridicnicá t.íint i.eüspurftJórt iltvrz uninicirupl.dly wlienwe rs . ni !h;i,i!i. Luí WW Iu u vp H! yick. J.i'i' I noi be su uincá wilhput ii. lus ilirown olí ni ,ii tfie l.lood nnd oÁcr jiíiWs ol ihc body. d li8p;8cs liv Üáa tóeJjDiJ ol nííriy olí tiio imllll(s uiihin ius. 'J'he Mood. Uy lilis meaJis t, !v woÁi itscfl púre. Tiie liingusge of oj fêièl "in Bíoód is ho Lif.-." Jt' u ever y cotnus imiiuic it inny bo irnced dirccily to (lio t!, .,f ilielnsciisüilel'crsptratipn. lmovcr %v qiiuêsariy intciiiM medicines to cjtcnrtfe U, as h ;y,:,$ piirificsiistOf by itsftwn I oU nud , ,„. :,,a tlirowH off ;.ll iho ofleiiing Iminors. () i.mi.'ii ihc ínseñéiblü Perspiristiüu. TJU8 wc , e ;ill tliat is nccc-snry W-neñ thc blood is int, or in(ectí(í. ís lo open ihc poros, and lt ic-vl lícínVpm'.uJI impnrity instantly. lisown ■ru antl vílnlíW ure sullicient, without onc j( ■le ol' tiuíücino. cxtcpi tu open ihc poren bpon esuifice. Th.iswc s..c ibe lolly oftakin,' so ( ni h iínérnql rerieics. All pr:icMÍ!ui)crs, luny,-er. (liuciilicir rfijrls lo restore the Inamisible íspiiaMon, .ni it to bc nol always the roper one. 'J'he Thoiiipj-oniüii, lor instunoe, earaa. ihe IJydpipnibist t,lnocds -s n wcilil-mlv g s. Ihe lioiüópnili e( ijctil? otft iiifmititóinmpj me llopailiist bleeds nnd doecs us with niercury.ntid . ic l)lusicring Quuck gorges ud wiili piils, p.Uis, " ■ To riso pomo idea ofihenmnunt of the Tnsen ]:le 1', lípiniiion, wo wilt state tliat iho loarned r 1 ewcnhock. nd the gieat Boerhaave, áscerined th.'.t fivo-eijjliiiisof nll wc rêceive jntó the ' 0 in ach. passcd off ly th.s menns. In otnei ui ds: ( wc cal and drink cight pounds per day, e cv; cuate iive pounds of it by il.c Insensible eij-pirüiion. i h 'J'liis is none oiher thon the used up pnrucles - f (e lilooil, :uid otber juicr giving place to tlie i -w and frcsli ones. To check th:s. iliei clore, ( ,,, 1(.(nii in (!ic MMíem íiv -ei;hilis óf nll' ilio iiult-nt iiuitttü ihül iiniure dumatids should leaviiè.pgdv. Aml cvtii wlicn ih:.s is the c;ise, ihe L -jö"d i:" f ao nctive a principio, mat it i lints t' osc pui licks to tho ski), where llicy ( u-m gpajta pimi'ltÜT ulcera, and oiliur s))!3. Öy a Buoubn irnnsilion Irotn ii -at iu c!d, the i ores are etojiped, the perspirnriófi ceases, and -.. ■ . .ri;ii)s at once lo iiselt". llcnco. I e ui ihis Huw olihe juiots. originatcí i iniiiiy cóirprn'inls. It :. liy tlift poros, hit ovcrwhdms ï.i.ikind w;d) caiiyhi:, c(,l(is. and oonsumpiions. i 'mc-(enihs of the world die frpin dibe.isos i UL'cd by u etoppage ol the Insensible PerspirnIt iá ciipiiy seen. thorcfore. liöw neceesnry ie ] k; Ho'wóf tljïs süojie liumor to tlië súrlace, to ; reserve hcalth. It cannot be 8'oppc-d; it i 01 bc even ciiecUrd, wiihuut i utiucinjí disuase. i Lot tn: iiík ïiov.', ceiy camlid miiid. whai i otusë SCCTO8 ihe most rchüónubld to púrsué, t i ison ihf pores, ader ilu-y are'elosed? AVoiild ou gjyc phvbiü totinsiop the por.eai Or svonld ou ii; .l qniüthiu would ilo this upon the atfh'cc, whfii; the cUi;i'w ncmally is? Would . otilüslir.connnonsuiise? And vet I kuow ol o [ihybiciiin wlio niakcs uny extornal applicaiion eileji it. The rea'son l agsigri is", that do ] inc wifhi:) tlirir kn"w!cdce. is cap:ble ot" doiny i t. L'ader these ciicunisianccs. l present tu ( ihysicians, and toall otherí, a preporaiion ihni , kis tiiia nöwer in ifs fnllcst ex'tcht. it is McAl. ] STFirS AU. Il KA UNO O1NTMFXT, ii tlie WORLD' S SALVE! It has power to cstorc per8pirotion on the Ceel, on the tiend, n ound oíd sores, upon tho chëst, in s!ior. upon mynartöl the body, wliether discased tliyhlly II v, oiclj'. it nower to cause all extertial sores,fns.ili'.iMmrs. tyn disuades, poisonous wounds. rge ilicir pitind muiter, und ihcn hco-s ihnn. Ii i's n rerntdy tliat swecps oír ihc wh-jie catalogue óft"bárniTcbu8 disociéis, nnd restores ihc ■ cuticle tó i's heal: hy fUnctions. 1; is n rërrjèdy i ha t fofbids the ti.'ccstity of so mniiy and deleterious drugs laken into ihe s(onioclr. Ij is a renicdy tliat neitiier sickens. glyea inconvciücncc. or is dangerons to the iniesines. Il preserves 'nnd dolends tho urliice fromálj dcrangement of its luticiions. while it kedps open tlte cluinu". Is fot tlic blórtd to void :i! itK m:puriiics and dispo'se of all is u.selcs jmrticles. The snifjire 3 me ontlet or five-ei.l)ihs of the luie hnrl ilsöd up matter within. It is pierced with rniüions ol opénirigs to relieve tl:c intestmes. Stop np thrso poreèj and dcatli knockfat your door. Il is rightlr termed AllUcnling. tor "diere is Bc'nrtcty a disonso. cxtcrnnl or internki. th:tit uill nol bèucfiti 1 Imve used it fot tho'ast ïóürtécn years. for all disenees of thr cliest, c-onsutnpnon. liver, nyoivins the utnroei dnngeT and responsibility. a'il I declare befo re Ii. ,, r, and nrm. tint riot in bfté single cñse !ku it fiülüd to hem i' . w hen the patiënt was vi:liin ihe reaeli of mortal means. 1 liave had nliysicians. lenrncd in tbc profesíion 1 llftye had ministers of the Gospel. Judcrfsnii thé Ben'ch. ATdèfnfen and Lawyeré. geil tleiv.en of the hïghèsrèrutlitioli :unl multiutdes oi the p'ior, use it in every variety of way, nnri thcre has been but onc voice, one united. universal voico. saying, {4McAlister. your üintir.ent b gooi!!" cqsstJMrTios. Tt can hardly be credited tbnt n salve can liave any clfcct npon the lungs. ieated ue they are uithiii the svstem. Rit we sny once for all, hiii this Ointinent will :c;.ch the atisfi quiekcr than any medicine that can bc given ihternnlly. Thus, it placed upon the chest. it penetrales direcily to tli3 Itmgs. sepárales the poisonous partirles tliat rre eonsuming them, and expcls i!eni Frbtö the systDin. " I nced not pav thnt it is curins persons ofsumpiion xn'iriii.illy. álthóugli we are told it is loolislmrss. I cnre not what is said, so long at 1 cáti cure sevcral thOitaand persons ycnrly. IlKATl ACHtf. This Salvo hnscared persons of the Ilcad Acluot 1Ü yiars standing, nnd who had it rcgularly evcry weck, so tlint voiTiiting ofièn took placo. Doaliuss mul Ear Ache are heljled witli the likc success. ns also Ague in the Face. cor,o vt'.r.T. Consumption. Liver córñpláiní, pnins in tlie chest or sido, falliría of the hair. oneor the other ulwaysaccomnnnies cold l'cct. It is a sure sign of disease in tho system to havo cold fect. 'l'he Salvo will restore the Insensible Pcrspiration nnd thus cure every ento. In Scrofula, Erysipehi3 and Salt Rheum, and othcMliseases of this nature, no internal remec'y has yct been discovered that is so good. The same may be said of Bronchitis, Quincy, Sore Throat, Piles, S)inal Disensos, Broken or Sore Brcast, &c. And ns for the Cliest DiseaRPs. sacii as Asthma, Pain. Opprcssion and the like, it islheniost wonderfnl antidote in the World. Fnr LivcrCcmplnint it is equally cfilcncious: for Burns it has not hasitseqml in tho AVorld; also, Excrc8ence8 of every kind, suchasWarts, Turnóte, Pimples. &c, it makes clean vork of íbera "H. SOTtF r.TFS. The inflnmmalion und disease always liesback of the ball of the oyc in the socket. Ilencc the virtue of any medicine must reach the scat of the inflamation or it will do little {jood. The , Salve, if rubhed on the temples, will penétrate , Jircctly into thesor.ket. The pores will bo , 3tl, a proper perspiration will becreated and the liseasc will soon pass ofTto the suriace. 'IMPI.KS O!ï THE FVCK, FKKCKI.KS, TAV, I I.1N1. SKIN, OROSS SÜRF.4CP.' lts first netten isto exoel all humor. Itwilli cciisu urüiiii tin uiw m-v ..w ..- j nier (hal mny be lodgcd undcr the skin and i qucmly breaking out lo the suríacc. lt thcn ils. When tlieie 8 nothing bul grossncss. or i!l repulsivo urfnicc, it bcgins to solicn nnd ften u-uil tlio skin bucomes as smootli nnd i'tli)" ua as. o childL'a. If throus a iVeehnessand JU' iishin-,' color upoii Ole wliitc. trahsparcnt "Ï n. that is peri'cctly anchamiflfg, Somc times Pr case of Frcckles it.wül liiM&wrt out thoso nt lniv( luin liíddcn an(! sccn butscldom. l'ur iti thc Salvo and a!l will soon disappear. 7 WOUMS. sj It'p-ircnta Unew Iiow fatil tríost meílíclneáVere { , cIii'kIk-u tnkfii invv;,rd!y, thty would hv elow g i resort lo thein. Especínlly "mercurial, lozenjj s." cnllcd "iiiedicaied lozenges," pitia, Are. fJ 'hotrnih i?; no oue Cm tel!, invarinbly, when n( orin.s jircsi-nt. Vw let mu suy to. paren ts, p íut tliis Salve wil! nlw iys lell if a cliild lias (. ■onns. It will d ivo every vestigc of ihcm uT ny. Tliis is n simple and síiIc curo. , There s.probaUly no mcdicjná on thefticcof w ie pardi ;it once so suic and so safe ín llic ex (f ulsion of wornts. ni It would be ctueK my wickcd, to ive interk; doulnlul medicines, so long as n harinliíss, pL :rnul one couid be had. u. TOlI.r.T. t, Uilmunli I lue said littienbout it ns a finir oraiivo, ye! I svü! síake it agninst ihe World! y ey mny bin? thoir Oiis far and ncar, and ,1, ie wili restóte idc liair two cases to tlieir onc. ge I1 foRKSf BORTIPICATJOKS. ULct.ltS, KTC. cíl riiat eome So:ts aro an utlet to ilie impuvir ■ of tlie syetem, is because tliey cnnnot pass ihroi' ii.ii i!ic u:i'u al channuls of [lie Iusensiu rer.'pir.itiüi). II' sucH sores nre healcd up, re mpuriíif.s -.nustiinve ionio other outlet. or it ti ,1 eiidiingerüíc. Tliis is the renson why t is P politie to use ilie connii.on. Salve of the day ti üiich cuses. Foi they liavs no power to upe p or nvonucs. loiei oll'tlii-s tncrbid matter, and ( c'.i-.-Liiiicnei's nre íilways fatal. Tliis Salve si 11 always prOvide Jur such cn;erencits. ir UISEASKS OF CHILDRE. How niany ihousiinds ore swcpt oíT by Rivin? a ci mi niodiiiucs, whon tlu ir young bodies n d tender frames are uriüble to bear up ugaiost n íiiiT Wbole a'inies nro tlius sent to tlieir - nvcd nierely from pouring into tlieir weak P niiacbs powerful drugs oud physics! It is to y cb lliñl Iho Aü-lleüling üinnv.eiu tenders so n fe, plensunt. und bnrmless a cure c 9 us Group: Cholic. Cholera Infnntdm, c 'orine, and all Slimmer CompltiintP. by whicb a mény childien díe, tho Qintment will reove so spcedily nnd sureiy, iba: a pbyaiciiui ill never be nctc.'td. Motlicrs! tliroubout I this lnnd. we now sileninly nnd sacrcdly dearo to you tliRt tbc Aü-líealiiiíí Ointment will ive your eliil'lien from an rarly riivo if you ill use it. We are not now actuated by tiie ast desire to nin; but knowingas we do tlmt ist bodies of ïnlants and cliildren die carly; liich is súiposed to bo inevitable and impossile to prevent, we hold up our wainina voice. nd declare in tho face oí llic whoie world, MIILÜUEN NEED JVOT DIE .MORE TrlÁÑ OTHF.RSÜ Rul il is Hom tbc want ef proper naurisr-mentJ 1 I I II I I I 1 I I IHV "Mil !' - I" nd ilie cniistntu drngffing they undcrgo wlnch nosvs Uiem down us i!e rank graas lulls bufore he se vi he. Mothers! we ropent ngain. anii if tncy wcrc lio láát woxls wo wcn; eve) IÖ micr, iind ot :oursc past the rcnch cf nll ini'jrcst. wo would ;:iy, use tlio Hcaüng Oimnicut lor sickneis imong childicn." lütrr.M xtim. ■ ft removes nhnost iininodinidy tne inflamaion nnd sweiling, when-the pain of coursc :ea=es. rrvxRs. Tn cases of'fevér, thu diTiculiy lies in thc Hiros !ifii)2 locked tip.eo that the heai and peripíration cnnnot pnt off; U i lie leusí nioisture ;ould be stnrled. iho crisis ia mestd ;ind ihc Innger over. 'i'.hc Al!-Hc;i!in Ünüinem will u afl ensegof Pevcra .-ilmosl insiantly uülock tluikin and uring fbrih thc jíerspirotión. KKMAI.K t!)W?!A!1 S. . Infiiiinnlion oí ilic kidneys, oi ilifi wimiiIi, nn! ís í.-illmí,' down, wfbkne8s,.a.n(l.irreiiln;üy; in iliort. :i!l tiloso difTiciiliios wíííóK aro fiequcnt viili íbiun íes. find n-ndy and iicrmnnent 1 1 liet". iV; Invu had aired ludies tell us thry ctild not ivo six monihs without it. Hut lo íbninlcs about obecome niothers. if used forsome wceks nntc cdrni (o their confiiunioiit. vèry few of trióse )nins nnd convtilsiops which aítnd thcm at thni )criod will be felt. Thisfaci ought to be luiown he wuild over. sc.viD Jir.vP. "Yc have oured cases ihat nclually dffird overyihing knovn,as woll as the ability oí íif'ocn or twenty doctors. One mnn told us lie hnd gpi ni f500 on iiis clnldren withotit nny beneíit, when u few boxc&of ihe Üintmeiii cuicd thcni. roK.vs. i Pcople need never be troublcd wih :hcm f they will uso it. Ás a FAMILY MF.DICIXE. no man can mensure iis valué; So long ng the stars roll along overthe llcavens - so long as mnn trmd iho')jü:t to all the infinnitii.s oí thc fích - bo long as disease nnd sickness is knbwn - just so lonwill this Ointment de used and esteerned. WÍkmi mnn ceases frora ofT the eartli, then thedemand wili ceasc, and not lili thon. 'J'o allay a'l apprchensione on account of its ingrediente; in posstssingsuch poworfiilpropcrties, we will state that it is composed of somc üi the most oommon and harmless herhs in cxisience There is uo inercury in it. ae can he poen froin thc fact that it does not injuro tho skin one pariicle. while it will pass tnrpugïi and physic the bowcls. JAM FS McALIST ER & CO. 1T8 South street. N. York. Solo proprictor of the above Medicine, to whotri all comnmnications must be addtessed (post pnid). PiiceVó cents and 50 cents. [CTCAUTION-XD As the AllHealing Ointment has heen grraty cotmterfeited, we have given ibis caution to :lio pubhe, that "no Ointment will be gcniiine iiulcss the names of James McAlisier, or James McAlisier & Co., are written with a pon upon every label." The label is a steel enirravinrr, witlt tbc figure of "Insensible Perspiration" on thc face. Now we hereby offer n rcward of $öC0, lo he paid on conviction. in any of the constjiuted courts bf tbc United States, of any jndividual cotmterfoitina öir nnmc nnd Ointment. MAYNAKD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholcsalo ArrMi'p; Smith & Tyrell, Clinton: Kctcluini &. Smiiii, Tccumscli: I). (-. Whitwood, Dextcr: IT. Bower, Manchesier; John Owcn & Co.. De'trdri; ETnrmail &, Cook, Brooklyn. Dce. 18, Iti45. 214- lyCLOTH! CLOTHÜ rpiIE subscribers will continuo to manufacX ture Fulleti Clotli, for ?7i cis. per yard, nnd white flannel for 2,) cents per yard; or tíiey will manufacture the wool lor halt the cloth it will makt:. Their Factory is 2j :ni!es West oí" Ann Arbor, on the i!uron River. Wool willnlso be reccivcd nt Scio. Whensent by Railroad it will be attended to in die same mnnner as u tne ownera wcre to come with it. Wool will bc manufactured in turn as it comes in as nearly as it enn be done with reference to the diflerent quaütiis of wool.. WOOL CAR DING, will bedone at Scio, by Thomas Hoskins. S. VV. FOSTER &CO. Scio, May 1, 1845. 210 DE]TISTRY. E. G. BURGER, Dentisl, HAS removed h is office to Crane &Jewett's Block, first room on the Second Floor, where bciny well preparcd to attend to every branch of his profession, would respectfully say to all who have not had those necessary organs, THE TEETII, properlv attended Ko, delay no longer, but cali upon him and experience the case mul dnrability of his operations. Ti:kms iccommodating and charges inno case unreasonMc. Ann Arbor, March 0. 1 845. 47-tf SABBATH SCHOOt. BOOKS for solo at FERRY'S BOOKSTORE. Doe 23, 2H-tfTry- -xry- J.ry yigam. LFTKR you hnve tried one thousand and on kinds of Pilis; then try Dr. Halateaii's Erisk Pilis I you wiil bc iully satisfied that tlicy are aj ïcii prefcrable to evcry oihcr kind os üió sin% ht m'l hat is preferable, (O bring futward and jmote a healthy growth in vegeiables tö that licli cinanntes from the moon. Thoy atejusl whnt is wanied in tliis country a pil! tliai opérales quick. thorough and easy, rryiiif; al! mpuiities tvith iliein; leaving thó mine!) :nd bowols loan and clear. Awny vith1 ur SLOW PILLS, that act SLOW- clconsè-,OW, und leave the systcni in a SLOW stato. lious matter and othcr impcdinicntscollect vcïapid in the systcm wheri once thcy begin te cumúlate - and will inercase ne fasi as Slow lis will rcmoTe the# It ia neecssary ilicrufore_ have a bribk opcration - thai will auoüse ali 11 oi.(.ns Mom tlieir torpitl state, give a nrw ipcius to tho blood and secretioris. Thcn foo 11 digest - the stomach gain strciigth - the sys rn Etrong - the skin cléar- ihe appétite good, id you are well - whon jour slow dosts woiilc ?cp yo lingering olong for moniha-and tlicir rhnps you will send for a Doctor, and what Hilado! He will pive you a powcrful da-Qrtic - one that will du yon sonic good. Novv be yniir own dociors, and twke Halstcd's1 egetable .Brisk Pilis, and gradúate thcni to uit ie pntient. To wenk palienis givc ttnall do,g_ol-o to children. Thcy are harmless and m bugiven 10 the most delicate - but ihcn they ve lile and nioticn to ihe system. ISÊASE is a slow niorbid oction; clociring p all the small vesseis - and calis aíoad ior a 'inedy tliat will arouse them into action befor ïoy becomo too weak to be kept in moiiori. - copie dio tbr the want of action - and fcaring ïcy shall obtain n hoalthy. natural action- ihey reicr takins; a slow medicine - ïhat they may octor slowly for ycars- and at lust die with c !,nv, linenng diseuse- the naiural tfTcct of takiLi slowl'ills. Awny then with this thcory.- rnattire wishes to pürify ihe aii. 8he calis upiiï hurry a thunder shower, and with it her lightings (air physic)4o purify, cler.nse. and give a ew motlon to the ntmosphere, and all is well. ho does not liphtcn eently the year round to iroduco thit molion. Then follow nature, when ■ou are out of healih - have a bad taste in your nouth - indigestión - coptiveness - fevor- colk .,ls - fcver and apiie- dyspepsia- pain in bacd ir ünibs - tukcri cold - or in fact out of order in ,ny w,iy - relieve yoursolf imniediately by takiny ie Brisk Pilis. Try ïhcm once and you wil{ se no othcr. 28 Pilis for 25 cenls. Sold wholcsale and retnil by J. Owen & Co., Detroit; C. Ebcrbach, S. P. Jcwctl, Lu'-d Sb icCollum, Ann Arbor. 237-Gm cir'L'xrrcic: iT Pini.nitF.V.i ND ihe suffcring which tlicy undcrgo from X "worms" ofien tcnd to a fatal tcrminntinu, hile ihc CAUSB is ncver éufpecte'd. Ollensive eath. picking ot tho nose, grinding the tcetli iring slcep, etoriing in sleep with frieht and reaming, troublcsomoeough, nnd feverishncss, 0 among sume of the Prominent Sinjtms of ic prese 09e of worms. A timely use of SIIERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES r'!ll immedialely remove all these unplea a-nt mptonis. nnd restore lo perfect healtli. Sistor ■nnliü9) Superior of thc Calhoiic Unlf Orphtm sylum fins'iíaded her testimony ín their fiwr; 1 ihe thousíinds which hnvc gone beforov Sba nica that iherc are over 100 chiidren in tho A,um. nnd 'lint they havo bcen in thc h;ibt :f sídí; 'Shcrman's Lozenges. nnd ehc lias alwnys uind them to lie attendud with tbc most !enel:nl efieitá. They hnvc been proved lo bo uslalble in over 400.000 ensep. CONSUJMPTION, nfluenza, Coughs, Colds, Whooping Congli, rightness of thc T.ungs or Chest may be cured. lifv. Darius Anthony wns very low !rom Conumpiion. Jonathan Hownrd, ihe celchrated e tri pérmico Iéctúrer, wasreducc.d 10 iho vergeof lie grave by raising l)lood. Rcv. Mr. Dunbar, f New Yoik, ihc'Rcv. Mr. De Forctt, Kvmiíeist ín ihe Wesicrn part of tliis state. Rcv. Setas'ian Streetcr, of Boston, ihe wifeof OrtiürniiB )ibblp. Esq. in Momavin. nnd hnndrecid oí 0I1rs. have been relieved and cured by a proper "Duerman 's cough lozengf.p, nd río medicine ha? ever been more effectunl n be relief oí diseases, or which enn be cconuncndcd wnh more cor.fiiencp. They ni y al! Helling or irritation, render thecough en■v, promoe e.vpcctoration, remove citise, and roduce thc most happy nnd lasting efíeets. ilEADACIIE. -i!]iitniion of the Ileart, Lowness of Spirits, Sea sickness. Dcspontlencv, Faintnees Cholic ípasms. Crnmps of thc Stqninch. Suinincr or JdwcI C()iiii!!)ints. olso nll tho distressing BJ'inpoins nrising frotn hce living, or a night of d8i; -ction nre quickly and entirely relieved by ising Sür.RMAiV'S CAMPIIOR LOZENGKS'. I'hey act speedily nnd relieve in a vory short paceof time, giviug tone nnd vigor to thc syscni. nul ciiüble u person U8Rg thein to undcrgo jreat mental or bodiiy.faiigue. RHEUMATÍSM, We;k I'nck, pain and weakncss in tbo Brcnst, Back. Limbs aiul other parts of the body aro eciily nnd eírectnnüy relieved by SHERM.WSTOOR MAN'S PLASTRit, wluch 5óstèbhly 13i cents, and is within the rcach of ill. Ho grcat has become tlie reput.uion of tbis irticle. th:it one niilüon will not begin to supply ihe nnnunl deminifl. It is ncknowledged to be ihe beet strengtbening Piaster in theworld. BEWARE OF IMPOSITION. Dr. Shcrmnn's Poor IMan's Piaster luis his nnme with directi.ins printed on the back of the Plnsler, nnd a ÏÏJTfac $imi'.cjj ot tho Doctcr's written name undcr thc directions. None othera aro Genuine, or to bc relied on. Dr Shermnn's Wnrenouse is No. I0G Nrssnu et. New York. V. S. & J. W. MAYNAKD, Agente for Ann Arbor. 24G im m 1 a vrri) v p 1 ut pidititJoscph Cinrk, Complainant vs. Peter McGivnev Deiendant. BY virtuc of a decretal order issuod oul of the Conrt of Chanccry, of the State ol Michigan, I 6hil! exposé to sale '.o the highest bidder, nt the Court House, in the villagc of Aiin Arhor, Wnehtenaw County, Michigan, on the 24th duy of Fsbruary next, at one o'clock in the nftornoon oi' (hal d;iy, the following describod premisos, to wit: ''The northeast quarter of Secnon thirty, township nuniber one soutli. cf Range thrce cast." GEO. DANFORTU Ma8terin Cliancery. Douor.Ass & Walker. Comp's Sol'rs. Dated Jannarv fith, 1845. 246- 7w Flax Secd ! npiIE subscriber wishes to buy n quantity of J. Flax Seed, forwhich he will pay the high est market pricc, in Goous or Cash, delivured at h8 Millat Mount Pleasant, Genessee County Michigan, five miles north ol Fentcmville. D. L. La TOURETTE. Dcc. 15, 1815. 243- 5nv TAKEN up bv the subscribct on or about the first of Novtinber last, a HE1FER, iiipposcd to be two years old, withbrindlesidcs, wlwto back and belly and some white on the lege nnd taiil. The owner is requested to pay charges and take her away. ? LEV1 JUNK. Bridgwatcr, Dec. 16, 1845. 243- Kw SHAWLS, Dress stufls of all kinds. Loco Veils, Cravats, Ribbon3, &c. &c. At the Manhattan Stokb, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25. 1S45. 244- 6m BROAD (JLOTHS, Cassimeres, Vcstings, Sotmetts, Gents. Cravats. &c. &.C. chcup' at the Manhattan Stork, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25, 1845. 244- Om FEATHERS and PAPER HANGINGS may be found at all times at the Mamiattaií Stork, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25, 1844. 244- Cm WANTEJD. TWO young men about 18 or 19 years of agc,as apprentices to the Saeh and Blind niaking business. Also, one JOURNEYMAN. at the abovc business. H. GREGORY Ann Arbor, Lower-Town, Dec. 4, 1845. 241 -