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The Best Counterfeit Bill Ever Made

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Ono of tlie secret service officers of the United States Trcimury Department recently discovered that a ñve hundred dollar United States Treamny note liad been in circulation in Maine, about : which there was a doubt as to itri genuinei ness. The noto was found at one of tbe banks in that State, who had stopped its oirculation, although the casliier wus himbqU in doubt as to whether it was a counterfeit or otherwise, it haring been ex! amined at the bank by a gentleman who is engaged in teaching the art of detecting counterfeit money, and pronounced by him a genuino bilí. It was .sent to this city and has been examined by the eilief operative of the Boston district of the secret división and by an expert at the sub-treasury, wlio both have pronounced it a counterfeit. For the benefit of that portion of the public who havemany tive hundred Inlls, we have made an inquiry at the New gland office of the secret service in tliis city, and Mr. Kent informa us that the diflerence between a genuine S00 United States Treaaury noto and the coimterfeit is that on the gonuine the buttons on the coat of John Quincy Adam3 are pexfectly round, whilo on the countei-feit they have an irregular, or more of an octagonal form ; on the genuine the small toes of the femalo figure of Justice are full and natural, while on the counterfeit the small toes are very small, and the little ono very obscure. He aay3 there are comparatively few of these notes in circulation or even in existence, and that probably no counterfeit, not oxcepting tlie 5s of the Traders' National Bank oï Chicago, has ever been issued which is


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