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Zachariah "comes Down."

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The Legislatura of the State of Michigan did a neat and tirst olass job on Thursday of last week : none other than serviug legal notice to " get " on Zachariah Chandlee, tor eighteen years United States Senator. The first voting was done on Tuesday, in the separate houses, CiiANDLEii receiving 63 votes (17 in the Senato and 40 in the House), 5 less than the requisito nuinber in the House. The other votes were soatttired, as follows : For Geo. V. N. Lothrop, 2 Henry Chamberlain, '4 Orlando M. Barnes, 1 . Webster Childs, 4 Augustus C. Baldwin, 4 Isaac P. Christiancy. 4 WilliamvA. Moore, j Charles E. Stuart, 2 Robert McClelland, 2 Alpheus Felch, i Thomas M. Cooley, I Austin Blair, i John J. Bagley, i Andrew W, Comstock, i John C. Blanchard, i At the hour of noon on Weduesday the Sonate and House met in joint convention to compare resulta, whon Lieut. Gov. Holt announced that the two bodies not having ngreed in a noinination there was no eleetion. A vote in joint oonvention was iinmediately ordered, and resulted as follows : For Zachariah Chandler, 64 Geo. V. N. Lothrop, 60 Isaac P. Christiancy, 5 J. Webster Childs, 3 Total, 132 ; necessary to a choice, 67. Chandler gained one, Mr. Gabfield of Kent, and hom he voted is told in another place. The joint convention then adjourned. Without recording the oaucusing and lobby ing and promising and beggingand bragging of the afternoon and evening and next morning, we proceed to do the " third heat " in convention of Thursday. Senate and House met in oonvention exactly at noon, the roll cali showing every member in his seat. The failure to elect on the preceding day being offieially announced, vote was orderod. It having been rumored since early inorning that a unión had been agreed upon between the Democrats and " bolting " Republicana, all was anxiety to know the truth of the rumor and the natne of the " coming man." The name of Senator Adair, Democrat, being first on the list, every eye was turned upon him, and as he rose to answer to hia name, the noise of a dropped pin could have been heard. The answer carne, Isaac P. Christiancy, and " scooped " could be read on the countenance of every Democrat. The roll cali went on, and as Democrat and " recusan t" Republican, each and all answerei Isaao P. Christiancy, the Republicana began to look like motherless colts, and as the last name was responded to, " beat " ran round the room from one to another. At the close of the cali the vote stood : For Christiancy, 68 " Chandler, 63 Bagley, 1 Before the Clerk oould announce the result to the preeiding officer, Harden, of Allegan, who had voted. for Baqley, ohanged to Christiancy, giving him t;9 - two " apares." And now camo filibuBtering on the part of the Republicans, with a view to save the day. Votes were changed from Chandler to this Republican, that Republican, andthe other, as "feelers," while missionaries were sent to the "obstinate" anti-CHANDLEU Republicans, begging them to changa their votes, break an election, and then name their own man for the morrow. But it was no go, that bird wouldu't fight, and Briqqs and Harden were alone "switohed off." The Rubicon was crossed, and there was no retreat. After a few minutes of intense exoitement, the reslt was offioially announced : For Christiancy, 67 " Chandler, 4 " Bagley, 7 " S. M. Cutcheon, " C. M. Croswell, 3 J, Webster Childs, 2 " Wm. B. Williams, 2 " Omar D. Conger, ' " Benton Hanchett, I " Wm. A. Howard, " Peter White, ' " Benj. F. Graves, I The ohair announced that " Isaac P. Christiancy, having received a majority of all the votes cast is declared eleoted"- up went hats and Gov. Holt's volos was drowned by the cheors. Brought to a realizing sense of the place and proprieties of the occasion, by the vigorous raps on the Speaker's table, there was silence for half a minute, and the ohair oonoluded, "United States Senator for the full term of six ycars from the fourth of March next." Then, more oheers, a general stampede, and the summary adjournment of the oonvention and the two houses. It is suffioient to say that the Democrats present were jubilant, and that a eioker, sadder, sorrier, madder set of men than the Chandler Republicana were never geen. The Republicana who stood out agftinst the caucus and voted for Judge CHKISTIANCY, were : Senator Jones, of Branch ; and Representativos PaRKER, of Genesaee ; Neff, of Wayne ; Robin6ON, of Branch ; Taylor, of Shiawassee; and Van Akkn, of Branch. Briggs, of Kent, was Childs man first and last. We oan safely say that the Democracy of the State aro satisfied with the day's work done by their representatives. On the evening of the 21st inst., (Thursday of laat week), the ex-Rev. ZACHA.RIAH Chandler, wrapped his mantle about him and laid not down to pleasant dreams, but took the through train for Washington, via Jonesville, Adrián, and Toledo, giving his "old neighbors in Detroit" the go-by, and forgetting to oall on his New York oonüdants to advise them of the result of his excursión to Lansing to have " fun with the boys." His language on going to Lansing was aomething like this: " Beat me, d- n 'em, let 'em try it on. Wih they would get up a little oppoüition, d- n 'em. Would like to have gome fun with 'em." And just so it was with those b'hoys who went to Oshkosb, They were fter fun, nd got it. TllK Ypsilanti Commercial - and it editor is PaTTISON- says: "A groat calainity has befallen the peoplo of Michigan. A pigniy has been placed in the seat of a giant His (CHANDLEK'S) dofeat will raise the rebel yell all through the late rebellious States. Southern patriota and the poor freednion will raourti the loss of a staunch and oourageous friend. A great and noble State is the viotini and not Senator Cuan dler," etc. And again : " All history shows that political Judases sooner or later receive their deservéd doom. The curse of Almighty God will follow these men (the seven Eepublicans who wouldn't vote for Chandler) to their graves, and unhonored they will fade away for ever from the memory of men. ' The memory of the wicked shall rot.' " And again Í " The democrats at Lansing exhibited the cutest political management ever seen in this country. The seven recreant were only a tail to their kite. A Democratie Senator from Michigan is the result." Which glimmer of sense at the last, leads us to overlook the preceding column of slobbering and insaae rant from which we have quoted detached sentences, and also to smilo at that square box-like coffin in which it has pleased our friend of the Commercial tobury " The Traitors." Well, we can only add, " No rogue e'er feit the halter draw," etc. The Grand Trunk and Great Western roads are now engaged in a fearful war against each other. This fight was brought about by the putting on of a fast passenger train by the Great Western to whioh the Grand Trunk objected, not being able to make the same time. Thereupon the Grand Trunk Eailroad reduced its fare from Detroit to Buffalo from $7 to $5. The Great Western followed suit. The Grand Trunk then made another reduction of $1, bringing the fare down to $4 from Detroit to Buffalo. On Monday as low a figure as $2.50 was accepted, most tickets, however, being sold at $3.50. The manner in which this outting from the regular fare, which is $7, affects Chicago and the lines out of Chicago is in this wise : If parties in Chicago want to go Buffalo, tickets from Chicago to Detroit can be bought for $8.10, and tickets bought from Detroit through to Buffalo at the cut rate, which, if it be $2.50, would make the entire cost only $ 10.(50, whereng the cost for a through tioket from Chicago is $14. Tho Lako Shore & Michigan Southern cannot stand this, and must soon tako part in the fight if this continúes. The Michigan Central and New York Central are endeavoring to make peace between the Grand Truuk and Great "Western, and can enforoe a settlement of the trouble if they choose by withdrawing their tickets from the two lines. The Republican press isnot a unit on tho meaning of Chandler's defeat. A portion - The Allegan Jowmal, Ypsilanti Commercial, Detroit Pot, etc - pronounce his defeat a Democratio victory, while others are equally confident that the Democrats sold out cheap, and that Cheistiancy is just as good a Kepublican as Chandler. Well,, we know that the Refublican leaders did not win ; that the man selected by the Eepublican caucus was handsomely laid out ; that the radical slate was smashed ; that Zack GhanDLEB will not senatorially slander his betters after the 4th of March ; and that his cries of " copperhead " and " traitor " and " blood " will be those of a private citizen. The serpent's head is scotohed : that's what we know. We can afford to wait for the harvest. " Suffioient unto the day is the evil thereof." To beat Chandler was enough for one day, and well may leading Republicans say, Republicans not suspected as being traitors, that " it was the best day's work done for Michigan in many a year." " Contrary to my owu eonvictious, but in response to a petition signed by 412 of my oonstituenta, and to the perBistent demanda of a lobby twice as largo, 1 vote for Zaciiariah Chandler." This is the way Representativo Garfield, of Kent County, voted in joiut oonvention on Wednesday of last week : a Representativa nominated and eleoted as an anti-CllANDLER man, who had refused to go into caucus, who had vowed never to vote for Chandler, and who, the day before, had voted for John J. Bagley. Let it be said in ex planation, however, that Mr. Garfield is an old and physically infirm man, thal he has had one stroke of paralysis, and that he had been hounded by the lobby from boarding house to boarding house, with a sort of " your vote or your life" argument) until exhausted nature could no longer endure the strain. The vote counted one but gave no moral strength, and the way of giving it made the Chandler howl with rage. WE SUGOE8T to the State Committee an early cali for a State Couvention, for the nomiuatiou of two candidatos for Judge of the Supreme Court and two candidatos for Regent. It has been in timated that a unión tioket will be proposed. Wo should not object to an agreement upon one Republican and one Democrat for each of the offices named. If the Republioans reject such a división let the Demooraoy nomínate four good men and elect them. The; can do it. The convention ought to bo held a Detroit or Jackson. Twenty-one Circuit Judges are also to be elected in April. A PI.AN is on foot at Lansing to divide this judioial circuit, by taking off Ingham and coupling it with LivingBton. The circuit is small euough now. What is wanted íb largor circuits and better judges, which oan only come through a constitutional aniendment and larger salaries. A bkief sketch of the lite and services of Judge CHRI8TIANCY will be found on the first page of the Ahgus. It will show eminent fitness for the new position assignedhim, and at least as muoh experienoa in publio affairs as ZacK ChaNHER had when fimt eleoted. IET ouii Ropublioan friends who ohuckle over the Democraoy going over to CHRISTÏANCY pause (iiid refloct. In 18()."i the Democracy.recognizing the integrity and congorvatism of Judge ChBISTIAHOY, ran no candidato against ] him ; in 1873 the Democracy went t ther in inanifeating their confidenco in him and made him their oandidate. This coufidenco has not been betrayod. , His decisious have proved him sound on the vital question of the day, the right of the State Legislaturas to legislate on alllocal affairs, and of State courts to construe local laws. He is tho opposite of Chandi.ER on these questions, and at one with the Democracy. As Ohandler couldn't be beatón with a Demoorat in fn.ll communion, the Democracy proved themselves uo Bourbons and accepted ChRISTIANCY. In the Tennessee Legislatura, on Tuesday, Andrew Johnson was elected the sucoessor of Pakson Brownlow in the Seuate of the United States. HU 3UCCC88 niay be considered a complete vindioation of his character and roputation against the slanders and atíuses heaped upon him while acting President Johnson has tho ability and vigor to make the Sonato Chamber a hot place for suoh Senators as Boutwell, Cameron, Morton, and their asaociates who sought to impeach and remove him beoause he loved tho Constitution he had aworn to proteot. - A Democratie friend guggests that his only regret over the defeat of Zack Chandler is, that he will not be in the Senate to have his "har rsised" by Andv. TnE Detroit Post says that Judge Graves, of the Supreme Court, will probably bo re-nominated by the Republicana, and that ex-Attorney-General Marston, Judge Beaman, Judge UpSON, and Hon. E. WlLLITS, are named as probable candidates for Judge Ciiristiancy's vacanoy. It also says that Ashley Pond, Esq., of Detroit, is talked of as one of the Democratie candidates. D. Darwin Huqhes, of Grand Rapids, is also named. We presume that neither gentleman is a party to being brought out. Iï MAY be a consolation to Chandler's frieuds to know that though bidden to " step down and out" of the Senate, he does not propose to retire to private Hfe. The Ypsilanti Commercial has already nominatod him for President in 1876 - the " Pooples' candidate" ! ! ! Aud for the two years intervening he is to be )rovided a place in the Cabinet. At east a frlend has assured us that ClIANDer Bays so, and Don Hendeuson, in a oininunicative mood, gives the same ssurance, and says : " I guess (hic) he oan ïave FiSHE'S place (hic), can't he ï" The Legislatura of Wisconsin commenced voting for Senator on Tuesday. 3arpenter is the Republican nominee, ut 18 Republicans don't " coine in." Ie is likely to be beaten. - No election has taken place in Minneota, and Ramsey, like Carpener, is on " the ragged edge of anxiety nd despair." A bad year for Republian Senators. - No election yet in West Virginia. -In New Jersey, ex-Gov. Randolph, ne of the ablest Demoorats in the State ïas been elected. Two hundred negroos are to be [aughtered, human rights are in danser, slavery is to be re-established, free peech will be prohibited, another rebelion is imminent, the Union is on the ve of explosión, Michigan is to be blot:ed out from the galaxy of the States, he star spangled banner is to be trailed n the dust, the eagle's wings clipped nd the Lord only knows what other alamities showered upon us ; and just ecause Ciiandler was not re-elected. Why did Piovidence permit the Demorats and their allies to do that thingV


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