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A TTCÍU AT, BTATEMKNT For the y eivr ruling Oeceniber Slst, A. I). 187+, of the cnnrtition anrl Hffitira of tha GKRMAN KARMBR8' PIRE IN8. CO , [.ooatecl ;n thc Township oí Scio, oig:.nized undor the laws'oi the State oí Michigim, and doing busi nawi in tbc County oí Wanlitcnaw, in saiil Stilte. SIMON F. HIRTH, Prusideut. IVm. F. RUSH, Socielwry. MKMHKKKHII'S. Number of members Dee'n ber 31st, ot' pruvious year. (i-M Nuinber of membcis added during the prewut jchv, 84 Total, "os Dtduot nuiaber of membwi wlt.hdrawn during the year, 50 Number of membeñ uow belunging to i'om[mny. 658 RXSXS. Amount of property at risk December Sist of previoua year, $1,7-1,317 oei Amount of riek added during present ycar, 244,375 00 Total, 11,975,752 00 Deduct risks canceled, withdrawn or terminated, $113,330 00 Net amount now at risk byCompany, l,Sfi2,422 00 bk8ouki:ks. Amount of premium or deposi i notes now iu torce, I 1,000 00 Amount of cash premiums (or assessments) actually on hand, 269 06 Amount of outstanding assessments not canceled, none. Nature and amount of all other resource, viz : none. Total resource, $1,269 06 LIABILITIE8. 1. Claims for losses due and payable, $ 27 00 2. Claims for losses not matured, none3. Claims for losses reaiated, none 4. Nature and amountof all other claims, viz: none Total liabilities, $ 00 INCOME. Amount of premium on deposit notes taken during tbs year, $47 2S Amount of cash premiums received during the year, none. Amount colleoted on assessments which were levied duriug the present year, i,esi9 Amount collected tbis year on Htt' ments which were levied in prior yoara, nono. Amount received from membership or policy fee, 235 i 5 Amount reoeived from percentage on increaed or decreased ihsurance, none. Incoiae from all oiher sources, viz ; none. Total income for tho year, -1, It41 72 EXPENDITUBES. Amount paid for loases during the year (of which none occurred iu prior yearB), $1,237 28 Amount of salary and fees paid to ofncers and directors as per items in Schedule A, 270 37 Amount of all other expenditures during the year, as per yphedule B, 108 86 Total expenditures during year, $1,607 51 SCHEDULE A HAMF. OF OFFICER OB DinF.OTO TO WHOM PAID. Amount. President, Jacob Raab, 47 37 Secretary, Wm, F. Buss, 58 0 Treasurer, A. L. Feldkamp, 48 00 Direotor, 8. F. Hirth, . 26 00 " J. Schenk, :',0 1)0 " J. Jedele, ló 00 Vice President, Vm. Aprill; 3 00 Agent, Daniel Heininger, Ui 00 " J.Keppler, 9 00 Total schedule A, $J76 37 SCHEDULE J!. ITEMS Oí' "ALI.0THEK ITPEB8ES." Amount. Printing bill, $ 10 90 Wm. F. Buss, for services, 2 00 For the use of a behool houwe for holding meetings, 5 Oo C. Krapf , for services, 5 Oo J. Keppler, collecting fees, i 27 J. Raab, " " 17 S S. F. Hirth, " " 11 4Í Daniel Heininger, collecting fees, 2 14 J. Jedele, " ' 15 47 A. li. Feldkamp, " " 14 75 Folioy blank, 19 00 Total schedule B, $103 S6 MISCELLAHEOÜS QÜE8TIONS. 1. How many assessments have been made dnring the year ! Ans. Cne. 2. What is the amount of all the asgessments made during the yeai I Ans. $1,659 19. 3. What is the rate per cent. of such assessments on the property insured ? Ans. 1-10 per cent. 4. What is the rate per cent. oi such assessment on the premium or deposit notea I Ans. No per oent. ;'). What amount was re-assessed for assessments that were not paid Í Ans. None. 6 What amount of losses are allowedto accumulate before an assessment is levied ? Ans. None. 7. Does the Company, in making n nsaessment, provide therein for any surplus fuud over the actual losses accrued ? If so. how much? Ans. When an assessment is uecessai-y, it i inade at a certain percentage, and the surplus, if any, ie kept for future use. 8' What proportion of the actual los sustained by a policy-holder doe the Company pay ! Ans. The f uil loss covered by policy. STATE OF MICHIGAN, j COUNTY OF WaBHIENAW, ( Simon P. Hirth, President, and William F. Buss, Secretary of said Company, do, and each tor himself doth deposc and say, that they have read the foregoing statement, and know the contents thereof, and that they have good reason to believe, and do believe, said statement to be true SIMON F. HIRTH, President. Wm. F. BUSS, Secretary. Sworn and subscribed before me, at the villagi1 of Dexter, in said State and County, this 12th day of January, A. D. 1875. GEO. C. PAGE, .Tustiee of the Peace, Washtenaw Couoty, Mich. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the eonditions of a certain mortgage (whereby the power therein contained to aell has become operative) executed by Louis R. Buchoz, of the city of Ann Arbor, in the State of Michigan, to the undersigned Gtoorge S. Brush and Elniina R. Brush, as mortgagees, dated the twenty-eighth day of November, A. l. eiihteci) huudred and seventy, and reerdea on the twt-lfth day of December, 180, at. eleven o'clock a. afc, in iiie ornee oi iuk u:gisw;r ii jaipus, lor me couiicy of Washtenaw, in the State of Michigan, in liber 41 of mortgages, on page 685, upon whïch mortgage ' there is claimed to be due at the date of tfcis notice the suiu of two Üiousand and two dollars and fifty cents, and no suit or proceedings at law or in chancery haring been iiistituted to recover any part thereof: Notice ia there fore, hereby given, thaton Saturday, the twenty-fowrth day of April, A. D. 1875, at ten o'clock in tiioforeuoon, weshall sell al public auction, to the highest bidder, (sale to take place at the uouth door of the Gou rt House in the city of Ann Arhr, in said county, said Court House being th lace of holding the Circuit Court for unid of Washtenaw), the deKcribed in such mortgage, (or .so much thereof as shall be necesaary to satisfy tlie auiount due on such mortgage, and h-gal Costa and charges of such sale, togetner with an attomey fee of thirty dollars convenanted for therein), that is to say the i following piece or parcel of land situated in the ' city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, viz.: Being on that part of tot number four, in block uumber three north, in range ix east, that lies east of Detroit street viz: Beginning on the east side of Detroit street where it crosses the south side of North street ; thencc east aloug North .street ninety-iiine links ; thenee south parallel to the east side of said lot four, twOi'baiiiM ; theuce west parallel to North street 3trvcnty-two iind three-fourths ünks; thence nurth fifty-five degrees west one chain and tbfcrtyfour and one-half links to Detroit street; íúfience north -ast along the tast side of Detroit street. one chain and fifty-one links to the place of bezinning. Ann Arbor.'Mich January 28, 1875. GEOBGE S. BRVSII, ) ELMINA E. BRUSH,;ïtfortSaSeeSZ. P. Klov Att'y for Mortgagees. 1515 DÜ'Fyöür money WH E RE IT WILLDO THE MOST aOODA. A. TERRY HAS A FULL STOOK OF HATS AND CAPS IN THE LATEST STYLUS. QUALITY ANI PRICES TO DE F Y COMPETITIOW A.LSO, A FUIX 1ASK OF Gents' Fiiinishing (iooIs. t" Oall hefort jyttrehatiug. 1 ñ kttth Main ütreet. =J HOUSE FOK SAÏJÉT A Eoax ud Lot, situnted on Mosley treet, one lot from South Main straet. The huuae ia new and lin been Dewly paintad ; oontain 9 rooms, a. gooduellar, wellotwator, and cintora. The lot i enolosed by a picket fence, and ia Bet with maplesr eversreetm, and Iruit tree. WU1 be sold at a vety low pn iw3 g VINNiNaTO}f .


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