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Kstato of Veit Zeeb. TATf. OV MTf'iUrtAX. rontity of Wnshtenaw, as. At. ti iKdsion of the Frolmte Court tot tl ie ouuty oi Wuhtenaw. holden at the Probute Otftae, iu the city oi Ann Arbor, on Mondny, tht elcventta day of Janunry, iuthe yeer ont: tnousand sihï Uundred nd wventy four. Prew ut, N'mli W. ihover, Judira ol Probate. 1b the matter of fcho cwtateof vt Zeeij, cU'cpksed. Williiim April Adm luist tur cif kí-1 wtatt;, comen into coui( and reprusentfl tluti ík itov pre pared to rondur hia tlnal accouni h sucïi AdnmiiHtrutor. Thereupon t liordered, lh1 Wydntïin, tbe tmith dny ut Febuiiry next, íi ten ■ ■ ck u thtforenoon, be aMUpd for examini g ;tnd üllcwing such account, una tlmt the h n ;il Ihw of sata deceiiBed, and all ot her persons mtere tod m said estáte, ure required to ttppear it a Hesíon of said oonri , thon to bc bolden ai the Probate Office, In tóe city of Ann Arbnr, 111 sid OOUUty, und ihov cauw, it uiy thora );. why the aaid account ihonld nul be all -wwi : Anti it i tmthcv ordered ii bsu A.dministratof give nutic to the penoni int;rented in oid estáte, t the pendenoy ofattld oocouot, Hud the heuiua tliereof, bycanvina Roopyoi thifl ozder to be pubüshed in the Mioitigam Argw, a newipapez printed and circulutrnl in il oounty, three suooeaiive meki pnvioni t nía day oi henrTitraeeopy.) NOAH W. OHEEVBH, 1513-wS Jndite oi Piobute Estáte of Richard Flannery. OTATE OF MICHIUAN, County of Wnshtenaw, 0 sa. At k sBHsion of the Probate Court for the eoimty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate office in the oity of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the twen lieth day of January, in the yesr one thoiiHand t eight hundred and seventy ftve. ' 1 I'reient, Noah W. C'huerer, Judgeot Prubiits 1 In the matter of the eetate of Richard l'lannery, decpawd. On readlng and fillng the petitfon, duly verifled, i of Mary Fhumerv, pniying Eha1 an Adminbitrator ' niny ! appointed hi the of -:ii't deBOsed. Thereupon lt is ordenrcl, that Monday, the i ütteenth day of Febnuiry next, at ten o'clock in the foreooon, be asamued tor the lif;uinu' ot a:iid petitkm, and that the heil :it law of said "deceased and all other persona interested in said estáte, are required to appcar at n aension ol Haid court, then to be holden at the Probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and ahow cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner shoulu not be granted: And il is further ordered that said petitioner give Dotioe to the persons interented in suid estáte, of the iwndency of eaid petition, and the hearing thereof, by eausing a copy of thia order to be publishedinth Südityav Argin, a newspaper printed and circulated in said county, three suecessive weeks previous to ?aid day of hearing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVKR, 1514 Judge of Probate. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the coudition of a oertain mortgage executed by Frtderirk Kirn and Christina Kirn, of the city of Ann Arbor, eounty of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, to Leonard Vaughn and Martha Vaughn, of the same place, on the ftrat day of November one thousand eight hunded and sixty-mne, and recoided in the office of the Register of Deeds for the county of Washte na , aloresaid, on the 4th day of November, A D. 186ÍÍ, at '.'.}. o'clock p, M., ot said day, in Liber 43, of mortgages". on page 4, and there is now claimed to be due upon Haid mortgage and bond acaonipanyiug the same, the suni of one rhousand and seveaty-two dollars and seventyeight cents, alao an attorney fee of thirty-öve dollars, should any proeeedings be taken to foreclose the same ; and no proceedinKa in law or equity huving been had to recover suid sum of money or any part thereof. Now, therefore notice is hereby given, that by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained, I shall eü at public auction to the highest bidder, on the seventeenth day of April next, at 2 o'clock r. M of said day, at the tront door of the Court House in the city of Aun Arbor, oounty aforesaid, (that bemn the place of holding the Circuit Court for said countyl, all that oertain pieot or parcel of land, situuted in the city of Ann Arbor, county of Waahtcnaw and State oí Michigan, aforesaid, known, Uomuied and described a follows. to wit : Being lot uumber six, (6) block numbei iour [4), aouth, range number two, (2) west, accordlng to a plut of Willjam S Maynard'ft addiü the city of Ann Arbor, county of Washtenaw, aforesaip. Dat'd, .Innuaiy 2Sd, 1876. LKONARD VATJQHN, MAKTHA VAUGHX, John N. Ooit, Mortgagees. Attoruey lor Mortgiipees. 1ÍM Murtgage iSalu. DËFAVLT having been made in the conditions of a certain mortgago (whereby the power of sale m said mortgage han beconie operative) executed by llerchant H. öoodnch, of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, Michigan, to Ëlizabetli Sinith, of Plymouth, Wnyne county. Michigan, which mortgage is dated the seventh day of September, A. D. 1872, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, of Washtenaw county, on the aeventh daj of September, A. 1). 187.2, at eleven o'clock a. m. of s;ml day, in liber 46 ot' mortgages, on page 348, whieh said mortgnpe was duly assigned by said Elizaheth Brnith to Leonard Vaughn, by deed of assipnment, dated February twentieth, 1874, which assignment was duly recorded in the othceotsiúd Register of. Deeds, on the tourth day of January, A. 1S75, at 8 20 o'clock . M. of said day, in liber 4 of assignments of mortgagea, on page 477, and was by the Baid Leonaro. Vaughn duly assigned to Jerusho 1' Xoblo, by deed of assignment, dnted February twenty-feventh, 1874, which assignment was duly recorded in the office of said Register rif Deeds. on the fourth day of Jnnuary 1 875, at S};, o'clock a. m. of said day, in liber 4 of assiijnment" ot mortgage!, on page 478, and there being claimed to be dutí and unpaid on snid mortgage, and the uote aecompHnying the same, at the dute of this notice, the sum of six hundred and twenty-three dollars and ftftynine cents [$828.59), tojrether with thirty dollars in ■said mortgage, stipulated and agreed to be paid, is an attorney's or solicitor's fee, in case proceedingrs should be taken to foreclose said mortgage, and no proceedingt at law or in equity having been inHtituted to recover the same or nny part thereof: Notice is therefore, hereby given, that on Monday, the twelfth day of April. A. D. 1875, at ten o'clock in the orenoon of said day, at the aouth door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, (that heing the place lor holding the Circuit Court for said county of Washtenawjl shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the premisos described in said mortgafre or so much thereof as Hhall be necessary to satisfy said amount, with interest, coat and expenses allowed by law, which said premiees al-e described in said mortgage as follows, to-wit : All of lots numbered thlrteen and fourtcen 03 and 14;. in block number three (3) nurth of Huron streel, in range numbei four f4) of the original plat of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw oounty, Michigan. Dated January 4, lS7f. JERCSHA P. NOBLE, Tbacy W. Root, Assignee of Mortgage. Att'y for Assignee. Mortgage Sale. DEFATJLT havingbeen made in the conditione of a certain mortgage f whereby th&power of sale in said mortgage has become operative) executed by John Hartman and Cathrin Hartman, of Saline, Washtenaw county, Michigan, to John Lowry, Jr., of the same place, which mortgage is dated the twenty-third day of January, A. D. 1868, and rerorded in the office of the Register of Di eds of Wahtnaw county, on the third daj of April, A D. 1868, at 12 o'clook M. of said day, in liber 3S) of mortgages, on page Sü, which said mortgage wa duly assigned by said John Lowry, Jr. to Mary E. Poster by deed of assignment, dated Maroh thirteenth, 186U, which assigument was duly recorded in the office of said Register of Deeds, on said thirteenth [18J day of Maren, at C! p. M. of said day, in Uber two of aseignments of mortgageaon page 134, and there being olaiined to be uue and unpaid on Haid mortgage and the note accompanying the sanie at the date of thit notice the sum of five thousand seven hundred and flfteen dollars and aevcuteen cents ($5,715.17) and there being also claimod as becoming duc hereal'ter on said mortgitgu aud noto the sum of thirty six hundred dollars ($3,600) and interest also an attorney's fee of flfty dollars as provided for in said mortgape, and no proceedinga at law or in equity haviBg been iustituted to recover the 1 same or any part thereof: Notice is therefore hereby given, that on Saturday, thetwenty-seventh day of Barch, A. D. 1876, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of aaid day, at the south door of the Oonrt Home in the city ot Ann Arbor (that being the place for holding the Circuit Court for Boid oounty of Washtenaw) I shall sell at public auction, to the higheat bidder, the premises described in said mortgage, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy said amount, with interost, costa and expenses allowed by law, whioh said premises are desoribed in Baid mortgage as follows, towit: Allthoae tractsor parcela of land situated in the township of Saline, Washteuaw county, and State of Michigan, known and described as follows, to wit : The southeaat quarter of section nineteen (19), and the sonthweöt quarter of the uorth east quarter of aection nineteen (19), and the soutbeiixt quarter of the northwest quarter of sec tion nineteen (191, and the southwest quarter of 1 the BOutbeast quarter of aection eichteen (18). township four (4) south of range flve (5) east ; also ten (10) acres of land off the Boutheast quarter of the southeast quarter of section thirteen (13) in town4,a"Uth ranee four east, bounded a follows: 10 acres off from the south side of the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section thirteen (18), town four south range four eust, being thirty roda north and south, and eighty rods east and west, all of said description oontain ing two hundred and ninety (230) acres of land more or leas. Dated December 31, 1874. MARY E. FOSTER, D. Cbamer, Asaignee of Mortgage. Att'y for Assignee 16U Couimissionei's Xotice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washteuaw, sa. The undersigned having been appointed by the Probate Court for sa d County, Commitwion era to receive examine and adjust all Claims an demands of all persons agiust the estáte of Richard Flannery, late of said county deceaBed, hereby gire notice that six months from dnte are nllowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present tncir claims against the estáte of anid deceased, and that they will meet at the office of tbe Oounty Clerk, in the city of Ann Arbor, in aaid County, on Saturday, the tenth day of April, and on Saturday, the tenth day of July next at ten o'olook A. M.,of ench of said days, to receive, examine and adiust said claims. lü PETE K TUITE, (, LITKECOYLE. i' omDated January llth, A. D. 1876 Attachnient Notice. THE CIRCUIT COURT for the County of Washtenaw. Willium W. Wine undCharles H. Worden w. Mary R. Stringham. Notice is hereby iriven that on the thlrd day of December, A. D. 1874, a writ of attachment was duly isBued out of the Circuit Court for the County ol' Wabhlenuw, at the suit ol' William ".Wines and Charles H. Worden the above named plaintiös, agitinnt the lands, tenementa, goods uud chattels, moneys aud etfec of Mary K. Striughaui, the dijeudiint uliove oauied, for tLe sum of buudrod nud three dollars and eihty-flve cents, which raid writ was returiiablu on the üttli d.iy ui Jnnuary, A. P. 1878. l'.it"l thii-fitb dny of Jnnuary, A. 1). 1875. lol'i D. CUAMKR, Atfy lor PlainttTl AFULL LINE Sfwiiiti Maeüine iN'ct'ill.- WINES & WOBDEN'S. ISOltf Judicial Xotice. W HEKBAS lo i'.K".ctimn, ' urt in il ■ ferenl enunlir Coi Ihi . ■■ 1874 anilis--; :. K..urlh.l.i.i.;, Cira ,Ia5 t,i [C' '"!- Fehruarj I aid I' -I, lor "ih "S" Wa hti no, luí ■,. ytav 1R7S, ..1 (all ,,„JXJ ' h,,b thppmvWnusoltuuSttttuic.mwlo.bS, " ,,1 hereus, II ap - tu me tn t m;c4sÍÍf ' thf IraiiKii'lic.u f li-gal buaint-w. tlial -.v ," ruary fnn nboiiM uut l IohI : Cherefo tt oritereá in pursaaucftoi the Catate tn sn,.i, h Cmirt wlll Ím Iii ld al the Courl Home" b couuty, lu Rommence on Tuesdaj , the twentv rr"' 23 day of Kcbruary, 1875, al 10 t.'clotk 'iñ "1 fórenlion oí Aid day: Aml t la íurthrr upfl !!Ü Hun ;i pc-iii iury ii.ilrnv.n for said pecUl teV punmaní f the WatiHo In Biich can mad," 'lr provlded, uid that rf'u jury he sununoncd to ! pear al Buch tenn, ou Mooday, the fint " Mnirli, 7.'., al I ..',l,..k A. M. el iüldj,,. " '." i:, lurtli. t ordered that order be iifwi „,," olfic oTthe (Lik ot naid Court, amj tliat ■" Clerk á copy of the amelo be publiahedi each til two woekly Dwspaperü i'iit.Ushtxi 'I' ihr clty fl' Aun Arlior, vi,.: TU Péninrkíar tv ,fr ana Vomita Firitanl :nid 77te Mv-hitm a " "'" foral Ii-mI three uueuwwivc weoka, the iirt t,ffi' eatiuii t) lo ni 1-hí tliiit daya previotu ii & -:d(l -':: d:i of Febnurr aezt. ' ' Dated January 2, 1875. 151S A. 1). CBANE, cíp uh i,,,, Sheriff's Bale. BY VIKTl'E Ofoae wrifc oí execution Ibrmi n of and undei the neal of the üimuit i'ourt f the Couniy at Wtiahteuuw, to me directed andrf livered, have on thiw 2ütb day ft January. a í 1S7 ü, levitíd upon :ill the liyht, tille ml intens James H. Hicks and Hiram P. 'uuddtm, in and t' the following decribed rel ewtittt ituated in thU county ot WHshtenaw, State of Michigan towii The equal, uadividetl ane-faaif pnrl oí all t'hat e tain pioee, or parcel ot' land. aituated in tlw of Dxter, is the county of Washtenaw und Sta" aforevaidi known, boundêd and described ast IOWB to wit : Bezinning on A. street, at the e ner ot lots fotir and tive, in block one, and runninj theuce ou the line of said Iota four and five, üiX!l aeven feet ; thenee parallel with A. street, tW.' twofeet; thence puraliel with the line of Iota ft and tive, twenty-eight feet ; thenee in a Btraiw,! line aero lot and six, to a point on A. jtroet on lot Hix, scvt-rity feet trom the coraei oí Ion and six ; thenee f rom uch -ont alongthela of A street to the place of begin ninp, which abova dMMitaed propCTtj l shail expose íor sale at public auctlon to the hdghMt bulder, at the south door of the Court Houae in the city of Anu Albor on L 6th day ot Miiieh, A. D. lö".r, at ten o'elock A of saidday. Dated, January SlOth. lftTñ. M. FLEMTXO.Sherit. Sheriff Sale. BY VIltTirE of onc execution iaaued out of and underthe seat of the Circuit Court, íor th? county of Washtenaw, to me directed, and benrr . date the eighth dy of Ortober, 1874, wherein L H Fillmore in plaintiff . and Jefl Warner and Pet( Mont(omery are defendunta, aud for the want o' guoda'and chattela to levy upon. ï have this dar levied upon 11 the rii?ht, title and interest of YV defendant, U-t %'aruer, haa in and to the folloving leiii etnte, towit: All that parcel of lani bouniled north by qnarter line, west by city, aouth by Od des road and Scott, eaat by Scctt (indg. tion line, section twenty-eight, contniningtwectv. eight aeren ; alao the northweat cornt-r of weaton'ehalf of soutliwest one-fourth of Hection twemyneven, r.ontalninsr twelve acres, mfrp or kuated in the town of Ann Arbor, WashtenuT County, Michigan, which I shail exposé for Balt to the hiffhesi bidder, as tlie law directa, at the uth door of' the Court House in the city of Ann Arto on Saturdny, the sixth day of March, A. Ï).K at eleven o'oiork in the forenoon. Dated December 'i, 1874. M. FLEMING, Sheriff. 1511 ThohasJ. Uobkinb, Dep'y Sheriff Sherififs Sale. BY VIRTUK oí ono executiun wsued out of mi undev the seal of the (lireuil Court for the hm. ty of Washtenaw, to me directed, and bearingdate (september twenty-secnd, 18T4, wherein JobnClaocj i plaiutitf and Challes Holder is defenáant, and fm t.he want of jroods and chattelb to levy upon, Iharethi; day levied upou-all the nght, title and intettitofiht ílefontlunt RDOT6 named, ia nnd totho foHowingm] fBlate, to wit: Lot nuinbur teu (10) jn block thm (:í) north of üurnnatmït, iu range two (2), according to the Decordeel plat of the city of Aun Arbor, Michigan, which 1 h( all exp(.)se for sale to the trigl est bidder, as the luw directa, at the south door ot the Court Houwe in aaid city of Ann Arboi, on Stiturday, the Bixtb day of February, A. D. 18'6, ut j eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Dted, December 16, 1S74. f. FLEMING, Sheriff. 1509 By Wm. H. MoIntïrk, Dep'y Sheriff. SherifFa Snte BV VIRTUK oi oue execution issued out of anc I under the seal of the Cireuit Court for the pouatï of Washtenaw, State of Michigau, to me dirwttu. wherein John Ólancy in pbiiniiti and Put riek bS and Eliüa Kelly are defendants, and for the wutui goqda and chattelB, 1 bave this day eized and lm upon all the right, title and interest of Patrieluud Eliza Kelly aforesaid, in and to the toilowisfï deBcribed property, to wit, : The east half of the tonür eaat quarter of section thirty ; bIm the northrtri quarter of the southeact quarter of section tweatjniue, all in township uumber one south Oi six eaat, Washtenaw county, Btate of Michiga:, which above desertbed property I shall exposé fflt sale at public auction, as the law directa, to tinhighest bidder, at the south duor of tbfl House in the city of Ann Arbor, on Mond&y, tb flfteenth day of February ntxt, A. D. ]f74, at ten o'clock a. M. of said day. Dated, Jannary 1, 1874. M. FLEMING, Sheriff, 1511 By Wm. H. McIntyre. Dep'y tjhtiij Estáte of Kader, Minors. STATE OF MICHIGAX.countyof AVuhtmtw,-!. At a sesaion of the Probate Court tbr tht coiaAy oï Waahtenaw, holden nt the Probate Office in the rit t of Anu Arbor, on Monnay, tbe thirtieth itny ot Scvember. in the yeai one thousand eight hiimlred vU seventy-four. Present, Noah W. Cheevor, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte oí Anna MaryGrow, Catherine Kader, Caroline Kader, Lmmn 8, E der, and Godiiey H Kader, minors On readirur and filinp the petition, duly miiled, pi John O. Groas, guardián, prayinjí that he may licensed to aell certain roal estáte bclouinp: to said minors. Thereupon it is ordered. that Tuesdny, the ninth dar of Februury next, at ten o'eloirk in the forenoot.W assig-ned for the hearing of said petition, and that fe next of kin of said minors, and all other pemim iutereatd in said estáte, are required to appw ) at a session of said Couit, tlipn to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, añd show cause, if any there be, why the prayei of the petitioner ahould not be granted: And it is further ordered, that said ptitioner in notie to the persons interested in s:iid éstate, of the pendency of Baid petitiou, and the heariu thereof, by eausing a copy of this order to be I lished in the Michigan Argus, a newspaper pnnted and pireulated in said County, four sueeeMive we previous to said day of hearing. (Atruecopy.) NOAH "W. THBEVEli, DOFT READ THIS! That evfr rdmMe dt-fler, WM. WAGNE3 has injatore h full atock of Ready-llif F ALL AND WINTER CLOTHING Which xust and was, be sotöjdt PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMKS Also faD stock of ClothB, to be CUT AND MADE TO ORDER Stylo and Work wurranted to iiiit. Also a Full Line of Furnishing G' CALL and O. WM. WAGNER, 21 South Main St. Ann Arbor. 14 MÖRB lEW T'BASTNDÖÖFFiU! LOWER PRICES ! LOWEB PWCBSl Don'tfnilto visitthe Oabh ORorr.nY Hor " ot Bdward Diiffy, diu-in.' the next thuty '" nd examine his Teas and CorrEES of the latest imiwrtations, which will b o111 AT NEW YORK PBICBS' Sukhi's, Syrupa, and Spices, toRether with ' line ut General GÏooerte, very low lor C,ah. -" huwiina for the nxt Thirty Dny in BOOTS & SHOES Indi.i Uubber aud wool lined Good, togf'1'" jL a full line of Gentlemen' FurnisbiaR "nd"or'i' nood. lMee oall and e.xatinn-: uod nd P" anti I will onaure Siitisfactiou. It py ïor everybodr to trilde ai tW CASH (iRï Huil EDWARD DÜFFÏ. Myurd Blook, Ooi. Min "JJ'jfiA.


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