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- The Webster Public will be held this evening in University Hall. - Prof. Cockor will delivor the discourse at University Hall next Sunday afternoou. - ïho classes at the University are reviewiní, propanitory to the semi-unuual ezaminatlOUS. - Prof. D'Ooge is receiving the proof sheets of his " Demosthenes." It is to be elegantly printed. - The Senior classes in the Law and Medical Departmonts are undergoing their daily examinatious. - Tne Junior Hop comes off on the eveninp; of Fel), óth at Armory Hall. Tho tickets of iuvitation are very tasty. - - A large adience was present at University Hall to hear Bev. Dr. Eddy of Detroit, who delivered an able sermón Sunday eveniiu. - The Seniora, of tho University, are putting in a good deal ot time this week in sitting ior pictures Mr. Bandall, the class photographer, has leased temporarily the gallery of Miss Speochley, on Main St. - The lectures of Dr. Ford on physiology bef ore the Junior class of the Literary Department, which are now drawing to a close, are well attended both by the class and others uot members of the University. - Henry Holt & Co., of New York, announce that Prof. Adams' "Democracy and Monarchy in France" has gono into a second edition, and has been thoronghly revised. This speaks well for a book so lately published - President Angelí announced in chapel on Wednesday morning the death of John E. Timothy, oí Lockport, N. Y. - a member of the Sophomore class. He lelt college a few weeks since on account of ill-health, and died on Monday last. His disease was consumption. - No action was taken by the Faculty on Monday evening in legard to the seniors' petition for the abolition of Cotnraencement speeches. The professors consider this quite an important matter, and hesitate to act hefore knowing the feeling of the people tliroughout the State. - The subject for debate Friday evening last before the Webster Society was, " Resolved that it was right for England to return to a Monarchy in 1660, Messrs. Uit and Smith f Dr the affirmative and Orosby and McVicker for the negative. An oration was delivered by L. D. Monigan, who chose for his theme, u Pocahontas." A large audience was present. - Tuesday afternoon a " rush " occurred between the junior and senior law classes in the Law Library, which reaulted in the deraolishing of a nuiuber of chairs, and the general overtumiug and promiscuously huddling togethor of Btudents, books, &c., in ono complete maas. Tho juuiors also inipriaoned the [senior class in the locture room, for refusipg to admit them to the customary quiz, and kept them locked up for a codsiderable time. - Last Friclay moming, while the Law class was waiting for Prof. Wells, Robt. Howard chanced to come into the room, and being received with prolouged cheers, arose and said, " Gentlemen, I first define law as being a commaud which we laay obey or let alone. One reason that lawyers are called upon to settle diiüculties between others, is because they are devoid of that common sense which every rational ereature should in a measure possess."


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