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The following transfers oí real estáte hflve been recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Washtenaw County during the past week : John Kennedy to Margaret Kennedy, lote No. 386, 389, 390, in Norria and Crane"'a addition to Ypsilanti ; aleo lots 49 and 50, in Lanes Western addition in Ypsilanti, also lots 59, and part of lots 13, 14, and 15, in Lanes addition, also lot 319, in Showerman and Comptons additiou to Ypsilanti, also ten acres on Sec. 5 ot Ypsilanti. $5,000.00 John George Wackenhut to J. G. Jeddle, 20 acres on Sec. 31, Aun Arbor town. $,025.95. John Armstrong to Henry Seitz, 42 acres on Sec. fire ani six, in the township of York. $2,600. John A. Xichols to Abram Kettle, lot and store on Broadway, Fifth ward, Aun Arbor. $5,000. Jerry Sullivan to Michael D. and Timothy E. Sullivan, 240 acres on Sec. 14, in Lyudon. $8,000. Peter M Bogers to William Munch, Iota No. 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, and 89, village of Kawson ville. $1,000. John B. Schaible to John Schaihle, a parcel of land on Sec. 36, township of Lodi. $1,500. Heirs of Harvey Itosier to John J. McAllister, (quit claim), w. ht. of sw. qu., and the se. qu. ot the aw. qu. of Sec. 18, Lodi. $100. Amanda E. Woodward to Solomon H. Ustrauder, four acres on Factory street, Ypsilanti. $800. Adahne L. LeBaron to Chas. S. LeBaron, (quit claim), 160 acres Sec. 7, in York. $1,600. William Cross to Laura Osterhout, lot on Summit street, between lauds owned by Frank W. Fairmau and H. E. Town, city of Ypsilanti. $300. Chas. Hall to Henry S. Thomas, lot 436, Norris' addition to city ot Ypsilanti. $300. Chas. K. Bennett to Nelson S. Hallock, lot No. 3, and part of lot 14, Land Compauy's additiou to city of Ann Arbor. $4,000. E. O. Smith and Geo. S. Wheeler to Thos. Markham, lot 3, block 1, in the village of Salem. $45. E. O. Smith and Geo. S. Wheeler to Hiram C. Benton, lot 12, block 1, in the village of Salem. $40. Dora Miller to August Trackenbrod, lot and building, northeast corner of Huron and Congress streets, Ypsilanti. $4,000. Ida Josephine Orersmith to Thomas Logan, (quit claim) 40 acres on Sec. 13, Manchester. 1. Jennett H. Walworth to Elijah Walworth, (quit claim), 80 acres on sectiou 23, Manchester. $800. Wm. H. Potter, et al, to Silas Thrasher, (quit claim), a parcel of land adjoining the Peninsular Mills, Dexter. $550.