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The extreme cold weather that commencea week before last occaaioued loss of limb often, and in some instancoa of lit'e. In tlus city a colored man, whose name we have not learned, hecamü ho chilled in the road near the western limits of the city, that he oould prooeed no farther, and feil to the ground. In this situation he lay until despairing of help he began to cry "murder!" with all the strength remaining in him. His cries brought assistance when it was found that his logs and arms were useless, and one side of his head frozen faat to the grouud. He was thawed loose with warm water, and got into a house, whence he was subsequently sent to the County House, with the probable loss of one eye and one ear. -Sentinel. A number of gentlemen from the East visited the city this week for the purpose of iiegotiating for the Woolen Mills, located neai the Central depot, which have been idle for some time. If an arrangement can be made, they propose to put on a lare torce of experienced workmen, aud will manufacture nabias, jackets, and woolen goods. The report of the First National Bank shows: total resources, $311,11186; loans and discouuts, $161,908 60; the amount of deposita, $144,934 69. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Perkins celebrated their crystal weddiug at their residence en the 15th. Mar.y valuable presenta were received. The Grangere held a county convention at Batchelder's Hall Wednosday, which was largely attendod. MANCHESTER. The Enterprise says : Among those who sat in the "caboose" when the freight engine jumped the rails at Norvell Tuesday evening, was a bridegroom, He told his troubles to the train hoya who, sympathized with him, one at a timo, until 4 a. M. Tho bride, the minister, and frienda aimixil themselves uutil nearly 5 a. M., when the happy couple were married. The .train was but seven miles away, atill he had paid his fare, the nlght was beautiful, and he juat as loave set up the first night as not. The statement of the Sonthern Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co. shows : members, 131 ; number added during the year, 14 ; total amount of risks, 1331,360; amount of risks added during the year, $29,750; total resources, 892 92 ; total income, $44 55 ; expenditure6, $53 55. The company have had no loases during the year. A grand ball will be giveu by the Germán Working Men's Aid Society, at Kirchgessner's Hall, on Tuesday, February Otli. A new Bowling Alloy will be oponed in this villago u a few days. DKXTKB. The Dextei Hand is now fully roorgawzed under the loadership of W. I. Keal, and the new instrumeuts have been received. The following are the members of the band : W. I. Keal, J. Peatt, E. E. Appleton, J. H. Murdock, C. S. Chamberlain, Fred. Nichols, Deforest Litchfield, Thos. Chamberlain. The two drummers have not yet been choeen. The instruments cost $350. - Leader. The meeting of the Woman's Temperance Association of Washtenaw County. to be held ín this village, has been postponed uutil Wednesday and Thursday, February 12th and 13th. on account of the meeting of the State Associatiou on the days proviously announced for its sessiona. SAMNK. Henry Liesomer, while engaged in cutting wood with an ax, on Saturday last, accidental. ly cut his right foot- nearly severing the toea. The wound received proper attention, and is now doing as well as could be uxpected. The Baptist Churoh and Society's "Oíd Folks' Concert" and Oyster Supper, last week, resulted in a proflt of forty-tive dollars.


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