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Another Early Solt Ier Gonc. Mrs. Lucy F. Sears did at the reside nee of her won, Solomon F. Beurs, in Korthfield townsbip, January 23. 1875, aged 85 years and 11 months. The subject of this notice was born iii the town of Ashfield, Massachusetts, February 22, 1789. She carne to Michigan with her husband and faraily in June, 1827. There amid the toils and privations of pioneer life, she ralsed and religiously educated her family, - teaching the first and great com mand ment - "Supreme tove to God" ; and also the second, which is like unto it, - "JSqual love to their fellow men." she, herself. having consecrated all to God. She was the last one of the original ten wlio first united in organizing the first Presbyterian Church of Webster. Always in lier place in the church,- a pleasant amile and kind word of eheer Jor every one. The center of attraetion at heme, and commanding theloveand respect of all her neighbors and the Christian regard of all the members of the Church of which síiewaa a communicant. In herceath her children aud grand-children have sustained an irreparable loss, the ueighliorhood oaen an invaluable counsellor and friend, and the Church one of its brightest and most exemplary ornaments, The funeral sermón was pronounced by Rev. Mr. McFarlaml, hev pastor, to a large and aympathysing audience. Com t-r - Insurance. As reports liave been circulated which were cal_ culated to mislead the public mind as to the soundnesaof the Agricultura!. Ins. Co., ofWatertown N. Y., and learning that Commissioner Row of this State had been to Watertown by the invitation of the Coinpany, to investígate their standing and noponsibiltty ; I wrote to Commissioner Row for the result of nis investigation, and by the request of quite a number, who liold policies in the Compauy. I have thought best to give his answer publicly, which eertainly must give confidence to anyone seeking insurance, as but very few Corapanle could stand the test of üavlng the reinsurance reserve computed by months, and ninke the official, showing that the Abricultural does. I would here say that the Coinpany have been doing business tweuty-two yeara. Insures nothing but private resldences and farra property, and can thereby give low ratea with certain securitv. Agnnt ol Agrlcultural Ins. Co., Ann ArborMich. Statk of Michigan, Insurance Birkau, ) Lansing, Dec.23, 17 1. ƒ H. W. Hand, Ann Arbor.- Dear Kir, 1 have youv favor of lSth inst., asking for the remilt of my recent examination of the Agricultural In. Co. of N. Y. In reply I give you the figures : Asscts admitted, Sl,OO4,ofiC is ünpaid loases, Í47,8: 8 Ke-lusurancc reserve comnuted pro rata by montht 7.15,295 73 Capital 200,000 00 Total HabllltleB ineluding capital, $983,131 1G Surplus over liablllties. 20,934 97 Surplus as regurds policyholdera 220,934 97 Asset not adraltted, 34,890 57 sAML. U. ROW, Comoilssloner of Ins.


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