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Township Election

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Id ñc wer-ks fropi to-flny ihe EIcctors of f-ach luwn wil! taset tn clioose Towii officere. Liberly nen éhould e prepnred Tor tfmt occasion ivilh licketrt Cor cnndidates of proper quaülicaiiou-, o be presented ibr Ihe sutfrages of thr-ir ffllow ci'izcn.-'. L;t not tiic present )uii;ii-al fii.uliy of ilie olher parlies .eizo upon w.iiin. No letter limo lian the presen for the nugrcsi of onr principies wiH ever orrivo. It lms orcurre! to ns tlint il vvould be dettimbie io have n ïnrclmir of tlie Ubeity men of cicli town helH prcviouVly to tho tówh elcclion. in innny towus no antifclaWry ïtuxC ii) lias Leen hflrl durintr Hic win'.rr; ai!i it would be uani'u] to Liberiy men to get tcigcther ii)(l ovrr llift prospecte jC thoir cnuse, nnd iIcvióc menns for Kprf ndipg ihe great a:nisluvery nut hs llirmio h thcir respectivo viciuiii s. Tho Dcniiiiütioiiij coiild be made ut ihe close of tlic nifctiijy . IIow does tji ja stiggrBtion meet the miiuis uf uur friends? Lel Liberty thit-k of it, nnd those who are in favor nssiune the rpsponib! lity, nr.d givc public not ice of ihe time nnd place, and secure n generol nltendance. Formal speeches on the occasion would be out of place. Something musí be d?ñe besides makin set speeches. Raliier let the meeting whelher attended by few or many, toko the fihnpe of on enqniry meeting. Let the posilion of our cause be considered and the courseof aclion which will secure itd triumphant success in the respective towns. VVere we present in cach place, we would likc to ask every Liberty man to answer this oue (uestion, Whydncs nol each of vour ncighbors vote the Liberiy tickel? The answer to this would bc exceedingly instrticlive. Tliere are reasons why they do not; and these reaeons must bc removrd. Think of it, frinnds. Perhaps Soturday lhe2Ist of March would bo n euiltiblu timo to huid such a meeting. It coud be appointcd in the af'ernoon or even ing, es deemed best.