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"" vTHE WOMAN'S TEM? ERANCE ALLIANCE of Vaahtoniiw Coitnty, Michigan. The Woman's Temperanee Allianee of Washtenaw County wül hold its aeeond regular meeting at Dcxter, Tliursday and Fridajr, Feb: Jlth and 12th, at tbc M. E, Cburch, eoumencing Rt 10:30 a. M. Thursday. Each Union is carnestly reiirated to send delegates, and it is hoped that cvery town in the county will be represented. Those desiring entertainment will please send their ñames as early as practicable to Mr. B. B. Williams, Dexter. As the work we wish to do is God's work, lttui come toget her with an earncl desire to know and do His will. MES. C. O. CLARK, Bec. See'y. Ann Arbor, Jan. 26, 1875. Centaur Linlmeiits ■ Have cured more woudertul cases _ of rheumatism, aches, pains, swelljbyJT inflfíi, írost-bites, enked breasts, JL j burns, acalda, aalt-rheum, &cM upon ? -VlS tne numftn frame, and strains, ■"" spavin, gftlU, &c, uopn unimalfl, in (DÍTrfíI one year, than all other pretended remedieB have since tne world began. ('ortifleates of remarkable cures accompany each bottle, and will be sent gratis to any one. Thcre in no pain which these Liniments will not relieve, no welling thev will not subdue orlameness they will not cure. Thii ia strong language, but it ia true. No family or stook-owner ean afford to be without Centaur Liniments. White W rapper for family use ; the Yellow Wrapper for animáis. Prioe, R0 ets. ; largc bottles, 11.00. J. B. Rose & Oo. 53 Broadway, New York. _ Caatoria ia more than a substituto for Castor Oil. It is the onlv safe artiele in existence which ia oertain to regúlate the bowels, oure wind-colic and produce natural sleep. It is pleasant to take. No more sleepless raother or crying babies. I'rice 36 ets. per bottle. . 1481 yl ui i- ii At Home Affain. Dr. North having conluded to nell or rent his country Beat, has again taken up the practico of Dentistry, and opened rooms over Johnson' Hat store, where he will btpleasedto meethisold friendo who may need his professional skill. Heia prepared to inaert teeth on rubber base, celluloid, gold or ailver, as may be desired. Teeth fllled with pure gold, and by other approved priuciples. DR. OEO. W. NOETH. Ann Arbor ,iDecember, 1874. lölOmS


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