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Another movoment is on foot for securiug a reopeniiig of the case of Gen. Fitz Jolm Porter. Mr. Gai-field has introdueed a resoluöoh in Congress looking in that direcfcion. A Hoax. The report telegraphed from New York, that we axo approachiag fcbe mui nt a rato which will send TlS plump into the great central orb in sometliing loss than a thousand Vears, is pronoimced bv astroñomers to be n, vile canard, gotten up for the purpose of croating a seu3ation. Tho liiooklyii Nastiness. The great TfltoB-Beecher scandal trial is the aB-absorbiiig theme in Brooklyn und New York. The CTOSS-examiimtion of " Mutual Friend" Moulton has failed to elicit auy iiiformiition other than what is already in the possession of the public. The efforts of tho counsel for the ckefonse to corner; worry or upset the witness ■ were not suecessful. Throughout the trying ordoal lie maintained his story without even a symptom of wcakeniug. An A')miiiolatinji Witncss. Mr. Schuyler R. Ingham evidently believes in the öld proverb which says thiit ' ' an honest conf ession is goo l f or tho Soul. " Though uiïablo to walk without the aid of crutches, beiug racked iu every jokit with acute rheumatism, Ir. Ingham journeyed all the way from Chicago to Washington, had himself bolstered up in bed, sent for the Pacific Mail Investigating Cominittee, and volunbirily confessed to them that he had pocketed $10,000 of tho corrupüon fund. AVhat an astonishiugly accommodating -vitness. The Eamons (Juartet. Tke four chief personages in the Beecher-Tilton .trial, as tlioy appeared in court, ato tiras deseribed : "Tilton, tall, dender, stern and melanoholy ; Beecher, ruddy, careleae, and as buoyant almost as the quickest-witted of the journalists ; Mrs. Beeelier, a more fitting counterpart for Tilton, fierce, liaughty, and selfcontrollcd ; and lastly, poor little Mrs. Tilton, ehrinking like a simple wildflower crushed by a stone. Of the four she was the least heroic, as her lmebaud was tho most notable." Imllun Pollcy. It is given out from Wasliington that the uew Board of Indian Commisgioners take a diiïerent view of the govemment neded for the Indinus, who are now in peaceful settlements, from that held by the old board. It is now recommeded that a regular Territorial govemment be inatitutod in the Indiana Territory. The plan embraces the usual Territorial scheme, a Governor appointed by the President, and a Legislature and member of Congress chosen by thejDeople. This has been the idea of the better representativos of the domesticated Indians for years. lïoss Tweed. The New York grand jury lias been malting a cali on that man Tweed. They found liim ciad in a sack coat of the misdemeanor quality, a coarse woolen fabric of reddish brown and white mixed. His trowsers, also woolen, wero of a slate color. His room was a small apartment, eight by ten, partitioned off from the hospital ward, and looking out on the East river. A enne-bottomed arm-chaii-, a bedstoad, a few booka and papers, and a steel engraving of the death of Cardinal Wolsey were the only fumiture and adornments óf his apartment. Too Sliarp This Time. Wliat with Hemy Ward Beecher's perplexing tronbles about liis mortgage foreolosure, and the suit against liim to recover pay for false teetli, and his little difficiúty vdth Theodore Tilton, a decent regard for his feelings should induce confidence operators to forego for the present any tricks which might harass hiin any further. But those fellows have no regard tot anybody. One of them Wed to pass a forged check on hirn the other dayto get money to bury his " poor dead mother," but Beecher has liad too much experieuce of late ui letters, signaturas, checis, and "blackmail," tobe done for in Üiat way, and the rogne was promptly turned over to a pólice offleer. Singular Fatality. A f atality tliat lias attended the pcople oonnected with the enterprise of the Public Library of Kentucky israthcrstartlÍDg. Gjv. Bramlette lost his vife, and son and ttien died himself. Charles Briggs, his associate, lost his wife. John Hardin, a recent, law partner of Gov. Bramlette, died. Casseday, editor of the Public Librai-y papor, lont his wife, and McCurty, Superintendent of the Library building, dso lost his wife. Harris, cnshier of the business office, died recently, and James Chambers, who succeeded him, had i deafth iii his family. There were threo other recent deaths in the families of those cormected with the library. Altogether eleven persons who were connectud in the library scheme have deportad this life or been bereaved by death sinco its inauguration. It is a very heavy mortaHty in the comparatively small tírele, and is pointed out as quite a singular fatality. The Counsel in thO Great Trial. A Xew York letter-writcr says that the loarnéd counsel who are " doing" the gfeat scandal before Chief Justice Neilson are marked men, intclleotually and physically. So it would seem, from the Pïii pictures given of them. Each has his own peculiar style, and a good deal of it. Evai-ts siiggests the sliado-wy Georgian, Alexandcr Hl Sti'pliciiH, mil would ïnake a good model for a hatchet ; Tracy ooks like a Hard-Shell Presbyterian, close-cropped fot a fisticuff encountcr with the Evü One ; Pryor, tall, swartliy, and straight-haired, is a man whose greatifütlier uiight have boen nurscd by Pooahontas ; Sheanaan, sharpandwirr ie just the person whom a panty of hmitera would set to watch a raccoon hole ; Ftdlerton has a bundled-up look, and his Ibü re too lösö to his clavicle to dis1 !,! a sliirt-collar to advantage, while Morris, the genus loei of the gi-oup, is what he is, and more too. They are all wiser in their generation than the children of light, but yon wouldn't select any of them to boss a picnic exciarsion.


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