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The New lork Legitilature has by special aci lengthened the term of Jndgo Neilson's court, in order that the Tilton-Beecher trial niay bo eoncliided without ar. adjonrnment to another term. The town of Haverliill, N. H., ia agitated by a tragedy of extraonlmniy horror, which for shocking brutality and terrible wickedness is alraost without parallel. The viotfm waa Mr. Alma Emernon, a hiyhly reepeetable lady of the town, who had been married bnt a month. The explosión of a gun was heard in the houfie, and aome of the neighbors running in, thcy disrovered the headless body of Mrs. Emerson sitting in a ehair and a double-barrelcd shot-gun lying on the floor, tho muzzle pointing toward her. Almost tho entire head and neck were blown from tho body, all that remained being a amall portion of the lower jaw, which Innig upon her breaat. The head was almont wliolJy blown to atoma, and scattcred on the ceiling and walls of the room. The largeRt portion of the head found was a piece of skull bout thrco inches in length by two in widtb, which had paased íhrough a window, breaking a place of itri exact uize in the glass, and lodging in the door-yard. On the stove, ceiling, walls and floor wero scuttered blood, flesh and hair, foi-ming a Hcene ghastly and revolting to all who witnesèed it. The body reated in the chair a natural as in life. The feet were on the fender of the stove ; one hand held a piece of cloth, whilo the other grasped a needie and thread as if to take auother stitch in the work. An old man named Sawyer, who waa doing odd jobs for the family, was arrested on Bnspioion of having eommitted the f oul deed .... A recent flre at Hart ford, Conn., destroyed St. Patriek'a churcli, valued at $150,000. [THE WEST. Chicago papera announce the failure of the Cook Couuty National Bank, of which B. F. Allen is President. It is stated that depositors wül lose nothing. Special advices from the Southwest announco the end of the Indian war for the winter at least. Gen. Milea hae, during bis late campaign. administered a far more severe drubbing to the restless tribes on that fronticr than they ever received before, and has left tlieni in no condition for au early renewal of hostilities. One of tlie most disastrous and wide-spread storms in the West Hwept over Colorailo, part of Utah. and California, ou the 20th of January. There was loss of both life and property. Several costly railroad bridges were destroyed, and several towns submerged. A ndmber of terrible disasters caused by snow-slides, are reported in the mines of UtahIn the Big Cottonwood canon six men were overwhelmed and killed by a slide. At the town of Alta a large number of people were covered to a great depth by the snow, and many perisbed. In one demolished house was found the body of Mrs. Carey, sitting in a rocking ohair, witli an infant clasped in her arm. Ife&X them were the husband and a little girl. All had been suffocated by the snow. At another house was dug out one man alive ; another man, who had been sleeping bewide bim in bed, was dead. Still another dead body was found in the vieinity Keports from the Michigan fruit región represent that the prospecta for the coming season are very flattering, tlie recent cold snap not having injured tho buds. In some secüons of Illinois it is stated that considerable damage has been done to the peach trees. Accounts of the fioods in California conflrm the iirst reports of the Tast destruetion of property. One million dollars' worth of property waí mvept away in Marysville alone, while, the farmers in the rural district suff ered much loss in fencing and stock. Smith & Co.'s plow and cultivator works at Peoría, Hl., were deatroyed by fire Jan. 23 ; loss $150,000. About 200 men are thrown out of employment. The origin of the fire is unkiiown. The fina will rebuild at once. THE SOUTH. The Missouri State Priaon, at Jefferson City, was the scène of a formidable mutiny a few days ago. The convicta in the shoe shops, to the nuinber of 300, armed with knives, hammers and such weapons as they could lay hands on, were preparing to march forth to freedom. and would doublles have succeeded but tor the preseuce of large numbers of citizens, who responded to the first alarm. Armed with rifles and shot-guns, they surroimded the prisou, and the mutiueers perceiving the hopelessness of a struggle with tliem, Bubmittod quietly. The pretext for the mutiny was the alleged inrufficiency and bad quality of food. J. N. Vauohn, one of the Demócrata ejected from the Louisiana Hall of Representatives, hoa bronght suit against Sheridan, Emory and De Trobriand for $100,000 damages. It is stated that a scheme is on foot for the removal of the LoiÜBiaua capital froni New Orleans to Baton Kouge. The Conservative members of the Louisiana Í Legislatura have aaked the Congressional investigating committee "totakethe returns of 1871, together with all fair and relevant testimony, and upon such returns and evidenco declare what members of the Legislatura were elected." Congressmen Hoar, Wheeler, Frye aud Marshall, of the investigating committee. commenced the work of taking testimony at New Orleans on the 23d of January. Flokida legislators are a bad lot. The Sergeant-at-Arais was directed to arrest absentees, and while in the pursuit of his duty he was ñred upon by Senator Parlin, who, however, alleges he was flrst iired at by the Assistant Bérgeünti at-Arms. . . .In an affray at New Orleans. layt week, George Weeks, Assistant Secretary of State, was shot and killed by George Paris, Tax Assessor. Both wero colored men. A womau was the cause of the trouble. WASHINGTON. President Gkant bas sent a special message to Congress advocating the ajipropriations asked for by tho Chief of Ordinanco in order to the improvemeut of our sea-coast defonses. The Ordinance Bureau desires to make some experimenta with rille guns, paying therefor at the rate of $100 for each discharge ; also to change a number of smooth-bores iuto rilled camión. An Associated Press telegram from Washington says the President' message bas raised the question among members of Congress whether there was any probability of war with a foreign power, and whether the President had any knowledge Ieading him to such apprehenaion. Some members could see no ground for fear, while others thought some serious difüculty might ariHe between the United States and Spain, and it was therefore proper that our ports in the gulf should be prepared against suddeu assault from Spanish vohhcIs in the event of hostilities growing out of the Cuban question. Kichakd B. Ikwin was agfiin before the Ways and Means Committee of the House the other (lay, and accounted for $-682,000 of the Pacific Mail corruption fond. The list of recipiente of the fund is neurly tho same as that giveu by Abert. Schumaker rcceived $300,000 ; Wm. S. King, $125,000 ; and John W. Forney, $25,000. Irwin testilied that King and Whiting, who roceivcd jointly $225,000, were employed to take care of the Senate, and that they performed their work satisfaetorily. The compauy had previously expended í'35, 000 through ex-Postmaster-Gcneral Kandall to silenee the opposition iu the Senate, and Kanda'l reported tliat Senator Harían was to take care of gix votes, Schumakcr was to influence member.4 of tho IIouko, and all frequeutly compared notes. Soliumaker was again summoncd before the committee, but bis memory was sadly at fault, for he could remember iiothing about any money transactions other than ho had already tont i lied to. Secretauy Bbistow's plan for rusihg the revenue, as outlined in the Washington dipatohce, contemiilates an increaso of ton cents in tho whisky tax, the restoration of the tax on tea and coffee, and the revival of the 10 per cent. tariff duty on a large number of articles specifled by tho Prcsidentin bis annnal message. TheSenate liepublican caucus haa appointed the following committee upon Southern legislatura ; Morton, Scott, Pratt, MitohelJ, Boutwell, Hitehoock, Morrill (Iine), Pattenson, Bwe■m nd Ctoytwn Ex -Senator Hablan drnien Irwin'B rtaíement that lie, togetlier with Daniel Drew, conatituted tbc Methodist bear movement in Pacific Mail stock, and v.cro Ruenoed by tbe payment of 35,000 by Iiwin. . . .Thc Honre ('ommittce on Patenta liave conduded to report adversely upon the propotútion to extend tho Wheeler añil Wilson BOfríng machine pntcnt. It ís alleged that the cnomious sulwidy gnmted to the Northern Pacific Rnilroad Company waa obtained by corrnpt means, and that Hiitlicient dota have heen obtained to warrant an inveKtigation. which will be iiwtituted before the close of the present Bession of Congress . . . . Somo exeitement wan caused in Washington the other day by a lire btaakiag out in the Navy Depnrtment building. The lire wan confined to the upper utorj-, and many oí the official record wcro damaged The Senate Committee on Railroadn have decided to report adverHely on the Northern Taeinc liidlronil hill, and all others roferred to them propobing governnicnt aid or subnidy for raüroada, except tho Southern Taciñc Eailroad bill .... It íh thought that the result of the Pp.dlie Mail invcHtigation will he the rinding to a eertaintj that a great deal of money was paid to Congrensmeiij but that it will be impoHHÏble to prove it. FOOTICAl. The Democrats of the Missouri LegÍBlature havo chonc.ii (ícn. Francia M. Cockrill aH tho auccessor of Mr. Schurz in tho United Htates 8en:ite. The committeo sent to Littlo Rock to lnreetigate iVrkannafi affiiirfi have unanimouHly como to the conclusión that Brooks wa legally elcctcd Governor of that State, and amajority of the committee fitrther agroe as to the validity of the Garland governinent. Vice-President Wilson has written a letter on' the politica! situatiou to the Springlicld i ifcast) XepbbKcan, in which he disclaims the belief attrihuted to hira that the ltepuhliran party te dead. He insista it is not dead, nor ho])elOHsly defeated ; that the elementa of its original strengtfa, and proper management, wil] insuro its contimied success. He believes there should he a new policy toward tho South ; that the bad men in the party should bo ejected, and good men oüttside of it invited to enter. The Congressional committee sent to Vicksburg to investígate the cause of the troubles there have retumed to Washington. It is statcd that the Bepublican members of the committee have arrived at the conclumon that a White League exista in Missibtsippi, and is a vcry formidable organization ; that the white people instigated the riot which resultad iii the slaughter of o nmny ncgroes. Judge Wallace, Democrat, haa been elccted United State Senator from PemiHylvania. The Conneoticut Republicano have nominated for Governor Hon. James LJoyd Greene, Mayor of Norwich ; Lieutenant-Ciovenior, Charles L. English, of New Haven ; Socretary of State, Col. A. Penn, of Plymouth; Treasurer, O. D. Amold, of Menden; Comptroller, Geo.' 1!. B. Crawford, of Norwalk. Joseph E. McDonald bas been elected United States Senator by the Indiana Legislature by the following vote: McDonald, 78; Pratt, 11; Buchanan, 13; Thompson, 6; Curry, 3,; Holman, 1. Henhy L. Daweh haH been elected United States Senator by the Legislature of Massaehusetts. Tho vote was as follows : Dawes, 140 ; C. F. Adama, 98 ; Abbott, 10 ; H. L. Pierce, 1 ; E. B. Hoar, 9 ; N. P. Banks, 1 ; C. Devens, Jr., 10. Whole uumber of votes, 269 ; necessary to a choice, 135 Hon. Thomas F. Bayard haa been re-electod Unitod States Senator from Delaware. A Yashinoton dispatch states that the House Iiepublican eauoua committee has completed the work of '.viaing a policy with regard to the South, the geiicial features of which are : The indorsemeut of the President in his isiana action ; a maintcnauce of the Kellogg government and a denunciation of the Pemi insurrection the passago of a modiíied enforeement act ; and the creation of a Board of Commi3HÍonera to investígate all cases of outrage. with authority to report the evidence to the United States cora-ts for proaecution. The Michigan Legialature han olected Hon. Iaaac P. Chrintiancy, at present Chief Justiee of the Supreme Conrt of the State, to Bucceed Mr. Chandlcr in the United States Senate. A. S. Paddock, formerly Territorial Oovernor of Nebraska, has been elected to Bucceed Mr. Tipton in the United States Senate. ■ B. G. Caulfield, Democrat, has been elected to the House of Representativos, to íill the vacaney in the First Illinois District, caused by the death of Hon. J". B. Rice. As the newly elected member has but sis weeks to serve, there was but little or no opposition. GEJÍKRAL. A mee oceurred near Bouchervillo, Can., a few ! days since, destroying a farmhouse oceupied by Pierre Dulude. His wife and eight children perished iu the ílameB. Dulude wa seriouHly burned in lús efforts to save the fanüly, and is , not expected to live. His wife and children j were litcrally burned to ashes, and only fragI ments of the bodies were foiind. Tho eldest child was 13 years oíd, and the youngeat a baby. FOKKIGN. On account of the flagrant outragoa on rail way traius and employés, the Spanish government has determined tliat every armed Carlist found in the vicinity of any railroad shall be 1 shot TheBritish steamor Berar, fromOdessa, j for Cardiff, is supposed to have gone down with all on board - tweuty in number .... Montenegro, a small independent country of European Turkey, embracing a population of 150,000, has got her dander up, and is resolved to go to war with the powerful Turks It is reported from Spain tliat the Republican and Carlist leudara j are plotting together with a view of aniting their forces against King Alfonso. Anotuek revolution in South America - this time in Uruguay. The goverument has been overthrown by the rebels, and Pedro Vauela, President of tho Senate, has been made Provisional President of the Republic During the recent debate in the French Assembly a Btrong monarcliical element was developed. The Republic waa roundly denounced by more than ouo member. Russia, Austria aud Germany I have agreed to recognize Alfonso as King of Spain. Rdssia and Austria back plucky little Montenegro in her quarrel with Turkey. The diapatches from acrosa the water are full of ominoua newa. Complications aie growing more tangled every day, and it is evident tliat Europe lies in the shadowof a great war A j party of Sisters of Charity, recently expellod ; from Mexico, have arrived at Havana, en route, to France King Alfonso has issued a proclamation to the adherents of Don Garlos, in which he promises amnesty, freedom and proaperity to all who will lay down theh" arms and comply with his tenns.


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