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The little three-year-old heir to the throno of Cliina is pronounced 110 longer heir, but Emperor of tlie vast domaia. Keoiprocity. Tho Canadian Eeciprocity treaty ia liopelessly dead. Tho Unitod States has rejected it by on almost unauimous vote. A fíreat Witness. Frank Moulton will go down in history as the great American witness. A keener, warier, moro imperturbable, moro thorougkly self-possessed man never sat in. front of a jury. Et Tu, MaiilP. The Constitutional Commission of tho Maine Legislatiire has def(ated, by a vote of six to two, the proposition to amond the Constitution so tliat women may be electora, nnder the same regulations and restrictions as men. 'i hal $5,000 Baak. Much ado has recently been made in tke netrspapers about a roward of S5,000 being offered for a book purporting to give a minute liistory of the scandalous passages of the life of George IV., of England. It now transpires tliat the ■whole tliing is a hngo hoax, gotton up for the purpose of advortising a sensational work wliich a New York publisher bas in press. Verily tliis is an age of humbugs. Neilson the Jast. A New York letter-writer says thut Judge Neilson's rulings are the delight of all impartial men, but thoy don't always make the interested parties happy. Wheu he decides a point in favor of tho defense, the prosecution looks as if it doubted his belief in the immortality of the soul ; and when he rules in favor of the prosecution, the defense rolls up ita eyes as if to say, " Of what comfort to such a Judge can the hope of a resurrection be?" Betting on the Result. The New York gamblers are busy selling pools on the resulta of the Beecher trial. " On Saturdny night of last week," says the Oraphic, "$50 were given for the first choice that the jury would disagree ; $25 that there would be a verdict ; $2 that the verdict woiild be in favor of Tilton, and 1 that it would be in favor of the defeudant. It is tlius apparent that the garnblera consider Mr. Beecher's chance of obtaining a verdict exceedingly small. " Snakes ly 3Tail. Very queer articlea sonietimes pass through the mails. For instanco we reiul that there was received the other day at the Dead Letter Offlco in Washington a I paokage containing one-half dozeu siiakes, two of them dead and the remainder alivo. ; One of them was a copperhead five fee ; long. The reptiles were iaclosed in a j tin box, perforated with holes, and were addressed to Grerniany, but had been stopped at New York on account of over weight, the postage which had been paid on them not being rafficient to secure Üieir tranamission to the point to which J they were addressed. A Premium on Stnuggling, Itmay not be genoi-ally knoWD that the most reputable business houses of New I York city pat a premium on smuggung, and buy and sell goods which they know have been smuggled. Yet such, it sooms, is the fact. In the trial of a case in the United States Court in that city, the oüier day, it was sworn that H. B. Claflin & Co., tho heavy dry goods house, had bought smuggled süks, knowing them to be such, and had sold them. A Tribune reporter, who applied to Mr. H. B. Olaflin for an explanation, was told that the report was trae, and that, on the idvice of a reverme offieial, he had bought gooda, knowing them to be smugjled. He stated, furthor, that all large dry gooda houses had to do the same, j and named houses wliich so smuggled goods. Aecording to Mr. Claflin, tlie sük trade is largely in smuggled goods. S!x Millions lïurned. The Secretary of the Treasury, in response to a demand of Congress, has furnished a statement of the amount of money consumed in the car recently buxned between Washington and Biiltimore. It is as follows : Registered bonds, $308,300; national bank notos, 8289,030; United States notes, $248,706; fractional currency, $14,058; incomplete notes, $10,000; coin certificates, $3,000,000. These are numbered from 15,501 to 15,800. There were also incomplete coin certiücates of $5,000 each, whieh were numbered from 12,501 to 13,000, and which amounted to $2, .WO, 000. The total amount destroycd is tlms soen to be over 6,000,000. The question, of course, arises, will the Treasury still continue to make contracta vith express ! companies, and allow them to carry j mous sums of money in their iron boxep, which are utterly incapable of withstandinft heat. Appropriatloiis for Public Buildings. The House Oommittee on Appropriations has finally agreed to report the following appropriations in the Sundry Civil bilí for public buildings at the places named: Charleston, $151,101; Chicago, $750,000; Cincinnati, 000,000; Covington, $25,000; Evansville, $50,000; Fall Biver, $50,000; Hartford, 100,000; Parkersburg, 818,000; Philadelphia, $750,000; Port Huron, $25,000; Raleigh, $50,000; Rock Mand, $20,000; San Francisco, $60,710; St, Louis, $70,000; Washington, $25,000 State, War, and Navy Department building, $700,000; jail, District of Colombia, $185,549; in various parts of the "United States, $250,000; furniture, $200,000; fuel, etc, $300,000; heating, $200,000; vaiilts, etc., $100,000; lithograpbing, etc, $6,732; custodians of buildings, etc, $100,000. Total, $5,416,092.


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