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The Niskayune Shakeress

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It wan a gentlc Shakeresa, Just in froui Niskayune, Fivo mileB beyond the turnpUte goto, One pleasant af tcruoon. Aloft upon the wagon box, Kh Hat in virgin state ; ïhc spirit movPd me to draw near And hold with her dubato. I askod of hor the prico of eggs ; She raitícd her eyes, and then - " If brother Jense werc but hcre " - Then she looked down again. She raiBed her eyes once more, at longth, 11 You soeni a modent youth " - II Too mueh so for my good," I said ; " My gruateat fuult, in trutli."' " Oh aay not bcs" she inado reply, " The fault becomea thee well ; The htiart Üiat harbora such a fault Ia virtue's citadel. 11 Oh, heed," Boid fth.e, " tho earnest cali Tlmt comes to suci ae tho And be a bright aud ahining ligttt, In our ccniinunity." Before my eyes a visión paüsed ; I Btood as in a swoon. And Raw myKelf in Shakex garb, At peaceful Niukayuue. My hair cut ehort upon my brow, In long, btraight lockü brhind ; A broad-briimiifd hut upon my hoad, And nothing on my mind. I saw the barn-llke meeting house - It was the Sabbatk-day- A exowd from Albany and Troy, But I had come to Btay. I saw myeelf upon the floor, A leader in tho dance ; First on the hetl, then on tho toe, I aaw niyuelf advance. Theai brotlier Jeswo spoke awhile, And when h ro-ached the cloae I pang an edifying strain - I aang it through my noee. Tho visión pasaed, and thero I stood Once moro upon Broadwny. " Wilt goV" inqviired tho HhakerBS ; " Wilt go V I faltered, " Nay !' A teardrop trickled down my check, And feil upon my hand ; A sudden hopo nhot through my soul ; Almost I wan unmanned. II But thou wilt go with me V' I cried ; " Fair virgin - let us bo In holy bondö, by nolemn ritos, Our oun eoininunity." 11 My Ufe, my fortune, all I hav I tender now to you ; , I live in a tliree-atory house, And I am well-to-do. li Wilt go with me ?- you hetutato ? A brown-Htone front, you know- Down came Rhe from the wagon-box And answered me, " I go."


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