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Scripture On The Grasshoppers

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The plague of graashoppers thnt overran the far West lost fall seems to havo been foretold in the buok of Joel, in the tollotring words: A firo devonreth bbforo them. aud nttr tbem a flamo burneth ; tho land i a l-íí Edeu before them, anl batód üiam a do ato wil.lerneB ; yea. a nottiing shaU escape Öiem, Tlie appenraneo of t!em m an horHes, and a horecmeu aiinll thov run. LiliO tlie noiso of eluuiota on tho topa 01 monitato Bhall tl.ey leap j liko the no,,e o a ñame of lire ckvomoth the btubble ; art a atroné íioople ;' in battle array. lieforo their facs the people shall b Muoh pained all feee? ïuül ,Uicr hliickno. rheï Bhall ran liko mighty men ; U.oy &Jj rumb tho wall like men of war, and they nhall mardi every ono on hia woy, and they shall not break iieirrank. , ,, And I will reetoro to tou the years that t!e locuBt hath eaten, tlie eanker worm, and tho Caterpillar, and the palmer worm, my great army waich I sent among you.


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