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Au exchange tells the following : Old Jolin Berry liked to teil a big story. One eveniug, sitting in the village inn, he said he once drove a horse sevonty-two miles in one day on the ioe, whfiu the ice was so thin that the wator spirted up through the holes cut in it by the horse's hoofs. One of the by-standera reinarked that seventy-two miles was a pretty good drive for one day. " Yes," said Únele Bill, " but it was a long day in June." The Jackson Patriot says : We have one that equals it, we thiuk. Mauy of our readers will remember a queer old fellow that hung around Ann Arbor years ago, known to every one siinply as OldPerry. Perry liked to teil stories.and used to relate souie startling stories - startling beoause of thoir disregard of the unities and probabilities. One evening he was moved to let off the following : "Years ago when I was living down in York State, 1 was noeing coru, one innster hot day, in June. It was so hot I had to knook off and lie down under gome trees. While I was there a little deer carne out of the woods and came iuto the field. I got up and ' shooed' it away. It went like it was lauie and I 'lowed I'd chase it and see if I couldn't oatoh it. It went jumping over walls and fenoes and me just on to it. Finally it jumped over a wall and when I followed it I landed in a snow bank up to my neok and the pesky deer got off." Old Perry had oo-operators every way worthy of him in the story telling line. There was one old fellow, a oarpenter named Steve B., and his partner, Sol A. Sol never used to talk much, but would swear to the truth of any or all of Stevo's stories. One night some of the boys got to talking about timber witstanding decay. Old Steve was roused up and said : " 1 was up on White's farm yesterday and they was building a new fenoe and takin' up som old locui' posts. Them pOBts was just'fi as good's new and they hav' beem thoro in the ground a liundred years." " A hundrod years ! Wby, Unció Steve, how do you kuuw wln.n they was put thi:re V" "Wliy. I saw 'oui put thure. Didn't we Bol r"1 " Yes! Wo clid," quistly rcuuirked Oíd Sol.


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