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WashinoTon, Feb. 10.- The followiftg ia a Bummary of the prosent condition and prospecta of the public business : Congross closea te session threo week.- from to-morrow. A comparison of the nnmber of the bilis introduced - Bome 6,000 - with tiie nutuber passed at the first seaaion, and which will probably pass at this session, will be found to be the moat remarkable for any Congres in the history of the government. Since the reansembling. Jan.. 5, but three important acts - the Civil Itights bill, the Financie bill, and the Little Tariff act have passcd either house. This delay bas not been the fault of the regular or the special committees. Of the appropriation bilis two have linally paased, one is in conference, and nine rernain to be acted upou. These must be acted upon or an extra session will be neceysary. A large number of billa raaat ail. As to the Ci'vïl liight measure, each house has passed a Beparate bill. The variance between them may possibly leal to the defeat of both. The Louisiana queation is in great doubt. Tlie special Houbc committee will return this ! week, but want of time may negativo concluaioiiB. The proposed reconstruction of ArkanI sa.s is dlrcady soitled by the adverse report made by the speciül committ'eo to tho Hqnse on Sattnday, notwitliHtanding the Treaidenfs mea sage. The transportation questionwillcertainiv fail, except in the way of appropnations to continue surveys. The Hennepin l'anal scbeine, wliich is regarded most favorably, laeked strength in the House on Saturday. The Texas V aciüc and Northern Pacific bilis, the Choctaiy duim, the., cotton-ta-x refund, tho patent chine oxten-ñou, reportod on adversely ; the ! Bayfield and St. Croix project, and all of the adcUtional bounty bilis, will all fall through. Col. Torn Bcott's frienda claim that they will be able to put tiie Texas Pacitic bill on au appropriation bill as an araeudmeut. Two States are appryiug tor admission - New Mexico and - and probably the latter ill succeod. lioth of these bilis have paaaed tho House, and now He on the Senato calendar. A ncw líevenue bill, now in the conreo of preparation by the Way and Means Committee, is one of the i new bilis that will not fail. The government i calis for nearly f 40,000,000 of additional revenue, and Congress will provide for it. This ; will dcfeat all the measures ponding for the repeal of the stamp tax on oheeks, matehes, etc. The private calendar in the Senate has receivod quite a liberal treatment, but in the I IIouho very few private billa have passed. and hundreds Uluet fail.


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