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Painful Walking For A Wager

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The Spnngfield (Mass.) JftppubliCfin thinks tliat if there íb üiio occupation moro wiekedly foolish thim another, it is tliat of the professional walker, as showu ou the stage of Goodrich Hall, in l'itt.siield, last week. Waters; it snvs, ! ly dragged out his appaivntly UseleSs existence, during the la;_:t fait) or threo of his 10U honra' widk without rost, j ing his tired and wollen feet with auch difficiilty and müderation tliïit it seeraed to the bystanclers as if he wore pulling up u hunclrcd pounds with eoch elibrt. Üïu-ing the day, Saturday, lie frequently , becamo crazy, and once he lèqped the ropea on the edge of the Btage, and ! nished about the room as thongh his limbs waie au woil and jiliant as ever. ■ Ho was seized by one of liia trainers, j who was vory fearfnl that he wonld throw ; his aiikloa out of joint, and, being placed on the stage agiiin, he soon carne to his bcuhoh. He kept in good .spirits when rationa], but expressed himself as betng in great agony. The pain he endured in hi feet every time his weight oame upon them he deelared was worse I than the most violent tootlmehe. If the j most desperate criminal in otó prisona W0re obligod to porform this feat as a punishment it woiild stir the sympathics of every heart in the land, and it is a question whether a man ought be allowed to do it voluntarily. If it is trae, aa Waters said, that he was walking on a wageï of 500 mth a private citizen of Pittsfield, then the private citizen of rittstteld ia out of pocket, for the young man braved it out and iinished his 100 hoiu-s Saturday night at 11 o'clock, having been steadily on foot since Tuesday evening at 7, amid the cheers of the crowd gathored in the hall to witness the close of the performance. As soon as lie hwl finished he was treated in tlie usual way ; Veing taken to his room, he was thoroughly rubbed and put to bed near ft hot fire. After leeping iiftoen minutes, he wan iwakened by main force, rubbed again, and allowed to sl(ep half an hoiu". The piocess was continued, giving Mm a quarter of an hour more sleep each time until all danger was passed. He had not slept a minute during the previous four days and niglits. It was Henry Fielding who bcgan tho practico, now so comrnon, oí putting the marriagea and doatlis together m ne,wspapers. ïhis was in the Jacob te'" Journal, set up by Fielding in 1747, one number of which was iilustratcd bty a wbod-cut of Hogarth's. Fiolding evmi carried his liking for classiöcation so far as to have yet a tliird list, whioh contained the names of people who had come to Ufe again. It seems that Gen. Schenok's brochure on " Poker " was intended for private circulation only, and the distinguished author now wishes it had been much more private.


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