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Love And Lucre

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Miss Boss ia thirty-ono years old, and , livoR in Chicago. Either of these facto is snfficient in tho minds of some cvil-disposed persons to debar any wish for further acquaintance. But Miss Ross Una not lived long enough in that city of palacea and dena to havo her maiden I piu-ity taiutod, and Ninon de l'Kuolos , was far older thau thirty-ono when sho brought princos to hor ïeet by tlio Rpell of her strenge beauty. Miss Bobs formerly basked in the ripeniug suns of tho Pacific coast. Thore Bhe met Fancher. Fancher was a man. Ho was a man of good figure, a good eye, and a good $300,000. Ho at once won the young aiïeetions of Miss Roas, and the lady had every reason to bolieve that she had completo sway over the lovo of Fanciier. They decided to bind thom solvea Btill more closely together by the holy ties of wedlock. Fanchor Baid lovingly to Ross: " Robs, como feaat with me ; come to tho great city of Chicago, and you shall be my wif e, and I shall bo your husband forover ; and we shall live in a bro-n-ntone, and have silv(r, and servants, and hornea, and perfi'ft happiness." Coiiiiiling Ross ! Blio should have ktiown better than to trust a man, especially Fancher, a gay old ceivor. 'JL'lioy carne to Clucago. Puncher refused to marry tlio too trasty diunsel, and sho applied bulm to her wouuded affections by instituting a auit for breach of promiso. The suit has been in the Chicago courts for nionths, and iuially, after innumerable quips, and quirks, and veidicts, and appeals, and new trials enough to disooiu-ago any heart but that of an orjihan of thirty-one, a tinal decisión was reached a few days ago, which j qtuxea Puncher to pay lioss ten thousand dollars. Both parties are to be congratulated - Pancher that he escaped matrimony so cheaply, Ross that aho got what she really doeen'od, in view of that trip f rom the Paciflc coaat to Clúcago. -


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